Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 244 Emergency

The trip to the mountain has passed a lot, and even the sale of fire sickle was snatched by Yu Zhang, in fact, Yang Heng gave it to her. .

This thing is simple, as long as a stonemason and a carpenter can form a fire sickle workshop with a minimum configuration, someone will ask, blacksmith, blacksmith does not need a blacksmith here, fire sickle only needs to get goods from Yang Heng, she only You need to make a shape of the flint, and it will become a bamboo tube, but Yu Zhang did not follow such a simple procedure, but added a few more steps, which is what Yang Heng said is good-looking. bag.

Seeing this bag, Yang Heng wanted to have the urge to invent cigarettes. But think again, this thing is not in Datang. If you want to make cigarettes, you must first conquer the ocean and go to the American continent to introduce it. Yang Heng was frustrated, and he also wanted to conquer the ocean, but now, hasn't he got to that date?

"Xuewen, you are here to relax and throw everything to the husband. Now it is time for you to come forward. These old husbands, but the old husband is angry." The old Li Gang rushed in angrily, and a pair of teachers pleaded guilty This is a slapstick. What is there in the academy that makes Old Li Gang so angry, and who is the old man he scolds?

"What's wrong, Master Li." For a long time, the old Li Gang did not like Yang Heng to call him Professor Li, but instead liked Yang Heng to call him Master Li. He said that it felt a little close.

"You go and see, I can't manage this." This old Li Gang turned out to be mysterious, so I'll go and see. There is something big that you can't handle.

I want to ask where Yang Heng is now. He is at the Princess Mansion. This Yuzhang is going to open a shop. Naturally, he wants some people from the Princess Mansion in Changle, and even some people come from the palace. Trained here in Changle. Compared to Yang Heng, this place knows more about some things in the palace. Yu Zhang will one day go to the palace first. At that time, the old people of these palaces will not commit anything. Taboo, so Yang Hengcai was invited to Princess House to explain some of the knowledge about opening a shop. Originally, Yang Heng wanted to arrange a housekeeper, but Yu Zhang was not happy, so he had to come by himself.

"This is, what are you doing?" When Yang Heng returned to his home, before he reached the main entrance, he found a lot of people around him. "I have seen Yang Shanchang, please take our children in your house. Study in the academy. ”People with sharp eyes first recognized Yang Henglai and began to ask,“ What is Yang Shanchang, he is Yang Shanchang, ah Yang Shanchang, you also accept my child, look at me His child is so spirited, he will memorize thousands of words, come on, give me a thousand words to listen to Yang Shanchang. "" Yang Shanshan, Yang Shanchang, my son will memorize thousands of words, Would you like him to recite it too? "" Chair Yang Shan, please accept me, and I will kneel down for you. "... This mess, no wonder the old Li Gang escaped, and didn't even come back with Yang Heng However, this is not the case. Something in Yang Heng's mind is not very good.

"Well, everyone let Jean, let Jean, we haven't officially enrolled in the academy, everyone has dispersed, they have dispersed." "Mr. Yang Shan, you will not lie to us, but what did you say There is no such thing as saying, no matter what kind of person you have to recruit, but do n’t stop recruiting at that time. "Why, when did I say such a thing, Austria, it seems to have said it, or keep it Some artisans have said that because there are many constructions, some artisans are recruited from the outside, and they are passed on to them. "Okay, okay, everyone goes back. You see, my college. Under construction, here is my Zhuangzi. There can be so many people in it. When the academy is completed, your children must receive it. "Well, in such a sentence, so many people have been recruited. And it seems that this is still near Chang'an. If all of the country comes, what should I do? Yang Heng is a little worried. It may come from all over the country, but not all people, but some people with financial resources. Only people can come without financial resources How they come, the road will not starve to death is still a problem then.

After Yang Heng repeatedly promised, they even wrote down their names so that they would slowly disperse. Naturally, remembering the names does not require Yang Heng to remember them by himself. The two followers behind him wrote down.

"Oh, what a relief, but this suffocates the old Li Gang." Suddenly, Yang Heng saw the embarrassment in the eyes of the gatekeeper. Why, do you still need to break into the Longtan Tiger's Cave at home? They forgot, flash.

"Ha ha, ha ha, Xian nephew, you are finally back. You can see what kind of broken tea in your house is drinking the old man's mouth. You have to compensate the old man." Well, I still can't run. This old fairy is here. No wonder the old Li Gang would scold the old husband.

There ’s no way. Go inside. Why can't you just run? But your own arm caught this old goblin. "I told you kid, don't you take us like that sour man I threw here and ran, and if you ran, I would call the horse to beat someone. "The old fairy also knew that he couldn't catch Yang Heng, but he could threaten Yang Heng, if he really let him shout, The person in front has not completely left here, and his reputation will soon spread. At that time, if you want to recruit students, you may not be able to recruit them. You must know that in this era, reputation is very important, especially now that the old fairy is wearing , An ordinary person's dress, if he shouts, people who walk in front will not consider it, he will fight such an old man, then their children, although there is a great Confucian here as a professor, but his life is better than with Great Confucianism is even more important to learn. The wise choice is not to study well.

"Okay, okay, old general, I won't run, can you let go?" "No, you have to promise the old man, I will let go of the old man's stupid boy, or I will let you go Will shout. Well, it's been decided, it's not impossible to accept your son, are you like this?

"Yang Xiaozi is back." "Xuewen is back." When Yang Hengyi entered the house, he was stunned by the sight in front of him. At this time, not only the generals, but also the civilian officials also came a lot, and they were all They each came with a child, just like Cheng Fairy, who came with his eldest son, Cheng Huaimer.

Who is this, Wei Chibaolin, aunt, everyone else brought their eldest son, and why did Yuchi bring the second son? As a result, Yang Heng made a mistake. Wei Chibaolin turned out to be Wei Chigong's eldest son. He also has a son named Bao Qing, still young, and Wei Chibaolin is the same age as Cheng Huailiang, so he was mixed with Cheng Huailiang and other goods, and Wei Chi was so happy that he did not object to his association with these people. However, this time Wei Chi was more than just Bao Lin brought it, and Bao Qing also brought it. It was a black little fart child who just happened to be able to enter the ordinary class.

Of these, Yang Heng knows that they did n’t come from Yang Heng, but from the words of Li Er, as well as those from the old Li Gang, Yuan Tianzhang, and Sun Sizhen. It can be said that these three people have already been regarded as Datang. The top figures in the industry are not waiting now.

"I said to you elders, Professor Li has told you not, now we have not recruited students. We must know that the construction of our academy has not yet been completed!" Yang Heng said with a bit of sorrow, he really left these children behind. But now there is really no place, even the accommodation can not be resolved, how to keep these children. There are others, such as Cheng Huaimer, who have official bodies. What are you doing here?

"How can there be no enrollment to the outside world? You have even established a brand. If you don't establish a brand for external admissions, or you smashed that brand, we will leave without disturbing you." Said, why, you are driving me to the road of death. Although this brand is carved by artisans, the inscription on it is Li Er. Just sculpted, there is no reason to dare to smash it. I will not die At this time, Yang Heng also understood the embarrassment of Li Gang, and it is estimated that they embarrassed Li Gang even more.

"Okay, okay, I can leave them, but they need to live here, but I don't have a place for them to live here, you just take care of it, remember, when they stay, they do n’t get approval. It is impossible to go home, I will report this to your Majesty. "

Yang Heng kicked the ball back again to see what you would do. (To be continued.)