Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 245 The old fox is the old fox

Yang Heng thought that he had just sent these people away, but what he did n’t know was that the road was one foot high and the magic one foot tall. You must know that these people are all old foxes. In terms of technology, they are not as good as Yang Heng. Playing tricks, it was ten Yang Heng who could not keep up with one of them. .

"Xiaolangjun, you can go back and take a look. They are here again." A family member hurriedly came. "What, they're here again, go, come back with me and see."

"Xiaolangjun, Xiaolangjun, they did not go home, but went to the mountain." "What, on the mountain, there is nothing on the mountain?" Despite all this, Yang Heng hurried to the place of the academy went.

When Yang Heng entered the gate, his nose was crooked, but he had n’t waited for him to respond. "Sister-in-law, this king is polite, hey, you are so disrespectful to this king, that you have only come here for such a long time, this place There was n’t even a place to sit, King Wang left, and Jiu Ji we left. ”Li Tai said in a whisper, even shaking a folding fan from Yang Heng ’s house in his hands, a look of contempt. And Li Zhi followed him naturally, "Yeah, yeah, brother-in-law, you are too disappointed to the king, go, go." "Li Zhi, what are you talking about?" Xiao Niang shouted in the back. Why did the young lady come? After Yang Heng left in a hurry, Yu Zhang was seen, so Yu Zhang took the young lady and ran after him, all riding, Yang Heng found them, but They didn't care, they followed. As soon as the young lady arrived with Yu Zhang, she saw Li Zhi studying Li Tai.

"Ah, madam, daughter-in-law, no, I didn't do anything, I was just joking with my brother-in-law, brother-in-law, you say yes." Then, he squeezed his eyes at Yang Heng, it seems that he wants to make Yang Heng lie. I don't know what happened, Li Zhi was just looking at his mother and she was scared. She even wanted to marry her back. They asked Li Er many times, and they were all confused by Li Er's age.

But what happened this time, how could Li Tai and Li Zhi come here? "My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, do n’t be angry, do n’t be angry, Ben Wang, ah, I ’m just joking with my brother-in-law, brother. It ’s not the fourth brother. I ’m going to talk about him. Let's learn from my brother-in-law, why are you this attitude? "He turned and said to Li Taiyi rightly.

For the sake of his daughter-in-law, he sold Li Tai in a flash, and even sold his grandson, so that Yang Heng knew that it was arranged by the grandson. Yang Heng understood why Li Tai came here, and only the grandson This is the arrangement, but Li Er will not arrange it this way. In his eyes, Li Tai is the best son. Li Tai has already had many official positions, and he has never been an official. Look at him. Title, and various official positions, you know how much Li Er likes Li Tai, how can such a perfect son be willing to let him out.

And the grandson is different. This is a clever person. She has realized Yang Heng's extraordinaryness. There is no excuse for Li Tai to follow Yang Heng to learn. Now that she has such an opportunity, how can she do it without inserting one? She knew that she could insert a hand in her brother's affairs, but she could not do anything with her son, so she had to love her son, and she had to find a teacher for her son and let her son learn more. Things, she did not expect that her second son would take the throne with the eldest son, nor did she think that even the third son would intervene, even her elder brother also participated in it, and also supported a son and suppressed a son. .

Although she didn't know, she was still worried. This is why she threw the two sons to Yang Heng. If possible, she would like to throw the eldest son to Yang Heng, but this is It's impossible, because the eldest son is a prince, can she assign the prince casually.

But what she didn't think of was that Li Tai looked down on Yang Heng. If the grandson died, maybe Li Tai would draw Yang Heng, but now the grandson is still alive. Li Tai has not yet thought of emperor, even if there is an idea, What will be apparent is that Yang Heng's status in Li Tai's eyes is too low, and sometimes he complains about his father, why should he marry his own sister to such a low-ranking person as Yang Heng.

And Li Zhi, at this time, has shown his swaying surname. It is no wonder that his grandson Wuji wants to support Li Zhi's superiority, so that he can control it, isn't he? But he thought wrong. Li Zhi had special trust in the Queen Follow the obsession, this is the tragedy of Changsun Wuji, but now with the participation of Yang Heng, maybe Changsun Wuji ’s fate will be much better, at least the young lady ’s last name is very gentle, and Yang Heng will not watch With the empress bullying his mother, as long as the eldest grandson is not too aggressive, his son will be much better, naturally this will be the future.

"You, you, really a bitch cannot teach." Li Tai folded his fan. Pointing at Li Zhi, he even snored. "Hi, in the corridor." After speaking, Li Tai threw his sleeves, then led a group of eunuch guards and went out.

I wo n’t say here why Li Zhi is obsessed with entangled maids, but just say why Yang Heng crooked his nose. It turned out that these ministers had set up tents inside, and each had two or three tents. A tent lives with their son, and one or two tents live with people, and pots, pans, pots and other things. So you didn't let us live here. There is no room to live, so set up a tent here. Well, anyway, this place has a lot of space, and you can even live in one place. It ’s a clever way, but why are you thinking about coming early, and the others have n’t come back anymore? They already believe in Yang Heng If so, wait for Yang Heng to openly recruit students.

It wasn't until a long time later that Yang Heng knew that they came from the reputation of Tianzi students, but they asked about Li Er, but they were holding the post of honorary dean. Although they did n’t know what the honorary dean was, they knew the dean. It is one of the professors of this academy, so when you enter this academy, they will automatically be classified as Tianzi students, even if they brought their eldest son. You must know that the eldest son is the heir to their title, as long as they hang the Tianzi students Such a brand, then in the future they will guarantee the wealth of at least three generations, really good plan.

"You, okay, I will leave you, but there is a condition that all parents and the subordinates will leave me. You can go out to see the rules of the hospital. There is no family or subordinates allowed to enter. Yes, that ’s how I forgive you, but now you can go. I ’m not going to take it as an example. It ’s under my control if you can enter my door. If anyone ca n’t stand it, then I will leave. ”Yang Heng wanted to get angry. Yes, but suddenly my head turned and I remembered that you have a thousand tricks, but I have certain rules. Fortunately, I have the foresight and carved the courtyard rules on the stone first, otherwise I really do n’t know how to do it this time.

"Let ’s go, let ’s follow the kid ’s rules," and this old goblin, can't you show up a little? Hula, all the parents left with their subordinates, but they did n’t clean up the extra tent. They really did n’t lack this thing. They mainly wanted to see Yang Heng ’s joke and see what Yang Heng did. Is n’t it forbidden to enter, I see how you can clean up.

But they just forgot, what did you come to do, but you came to send your son to school, you are all gone, you and your son are here, is it necessary for Yang Heng to clean up in person?

"Okay, your parents are all gone, you should be out too, all of them, facing me in a horizontal line, and the slow ones go back."

However, this did not stop these boys. Someone who has trained with Yang Heng naturally knows what a horizontal team is, and reminds everyone that they will soon stand up. Naturally, the queue is not so overall, but for this, Yang Heng naturally will not pick up problems because they have not practiced.

"Well, yes, you also know to remind each other, so listen to me, all of them, go and evacuate your respective tent. Remember to evacuate, and I will arrange a new place for you to set up a tent."

Well, you guys want to see my joke, then I'll toss you all right. (To be continued.)