Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 247 Tent College

What is unexpected is that after these old foxes were so troubled, most of them did not achieve their goals, but they provided Yang Heng with a way of thinking and even provided a lot of tools to come out, that is, the tent college was completed. .

The tent academy is just for the children to check in early, even the teachers can check in early, even they do n’t need to live in the tent, as long as they teach here, what Yang Heng did n’t think is, from Li Gang to the other below The teachers are willing to stay in the tent with the children. Their expectation is to watch the academy be completed, and then they can say that this academy was built as they watched. Old Li Gang did not fall into the cliché. He even cared more about the reputation. The elders of the academy, and the ideas of Sun Daochang and Yuan Daochang were to choose their own heirs, and it was even more impossible to leave the academy.

However, Sun Daochang is not fixed in this place. He has a fixed medical clinic in the village outside. He is usually handed over to a few doctors who have been recruited. Once there is any incurable disease or the sick, It was indicated that Sun Daochang should be treated, and the others were treated by these doctors. Maybe someone will say whether these doctors will ruin Sun Simiao's reputation.

No, if they open a clinic by themselves, maybe they will do some incredible things, so they do n’t know how to prescribe and prescribe medicines, but following Sun Siyi, they are too late to be happy, and dare to prescribe medicines indiscriminately. Yes, even if they have some unclear diseases, they will not be cured, and they have to arrange for someone to go to Sun Simiao to treat them. It is just that they can learn some ways to follow.

And Sun Simiao, who is definitely a conscientious doctor, will not say that he has reservations. Who can learn in this world is not yet able to make fewer sick people, which is his greatest wish. Unfortunately, whether it is Several doctors, or the few drug boys he chose, are not particularly smart people. It is difficult to make progress and develop in medicine. From here, we can see that Chinese medicine is the most difficult to learn. This is also from here. Yang Heng is a little skeptical about how this traditional Chinese medicine came from, that is to say, the most scientific explanation is that Chinese medicine is summarized in people's long-term lives. Instead, Yang Heng believes that Not scientific.

Whenever a famous doctor in history is mentioned, he will say that he learned the experience of his predecessor before he became famous, but the experience of this predecessor is so easy to learn, and who is the earliest predecessor, he Where does your experience come from? Do n’t say what you learned by word of mouth or read books. You must know that ancient books are made of bamboo slips. How many bamboo slips do you need to read to read a divine doctor? Also, you can read only bamboo slips. Do n’t break the word. If the word is not broken, you can analyze the disease clearly. It ’s difficult. Therefore, in Yang Heng ’s mind, the ancients mentioned in the Yellow Emperor ’s Internal Classics should not be so-called. The ancient people of Huaxia, but another ethnic group, have taught Chinese medicine to them, and these theologians who have appeared in history have inextricable relationships with these people, otherwise they would not learn so fast. It will not be possible to study some ancient medical things now, and we will call traditional Chinese medicine a witch doctor. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine relies mainly on suspicion and placebo to cure diseases. This is A question Yang Heng would like to find out a little from what Sun Simiao's body.

However, this is all the future. Yang Heng still needs to make arrangements for the students. For the children in the previous family, it is very simple. They will learn according to their respective classes. But these new generations, Yang Heng needs to find out about them, but this thing does not need Yang Heng to do it by himself. The first step is to put them in the enlightenment class. The teacher of the enlightenment class will choose the children who need enlightenment to stay. Those who do not need enlightenment are transferred to ordinary classes. This is better than giving them exams. At least it allows teachers to fully understand their studies and truly understand their situation. If judged by the exam, then It is very one-sided. Perhaps the children of the Enlightenment happened to have problems with children in the elementary class. Could it be impossible to throw them back from the elementary class to the Enlightenment class? That would hit the children's positive surnames, but coming from the Enlightenment class is like Like playing games and playing monsters, each time you finish a monster, you will improve and the children will always be in the excitement of learning, and they will even cheer for the next level.

For the courses in the current academy, it is naturally Confucianism. The name of the academy itself is linked to Confucianism. If it is not Confucianism-based, this academy should not be run, not to mention that students' parents do not agree. That is, Li Er will not agree. In fact, this is why he arranged Li Gang to come here.

Yang Heng wants to do private affairs, so good, you have done the main thing, and naturally there is no one to give advice. There are also mathematics, medicine, and even things like fate, which are also some formal studies. With the addition of these courses, naturally no one came to oppose it.

Other knowledge is not to be taught, but there are things that no one learns. Some people learn temporarily, but these are the children of Yang Heng's family and the children of his family's family. This is his The order can do it, but there are several talents out there. Yang Heng is not very optimistic about them. Therefore, Yang Heng does not want to specify what they learn. Instead, Yang Heng focuses on these second generations. They don't need any imperial examinations to become officials. Some people even have official bodies now, so Confucianism is not very attractive to them.

Well, as long as they are guided, they may go astray. Even Yang Heng does not need them to completely give up Confucianism. As long as they spend so little time every day to learn something else, such as studying the grid, What chemistry has been studied? As long as these are a little attractive to them, maybe they will be totally obsessed with it, without the need for Yang Heng to make efforts to transform Li Er. Besides, can Li Er be transformed by Yang Heng, can he Listen to Yang Heng's words to change the throne to a constitutional monarchy. Naturally, you shouldn't think about it. Besides, as long as you respect life, it doesn't matter what kind of system it is.

These are the last words. Now the primary goal is to build the tent academy first, and at this time, the artisans have begun to enter the construction site, so the first group of students who moved bricks also appeared.

"Xiao Langjun, are you saying this is okay, all of them are children, and they are also the children of the officials' house. We dare not direct them." Some artisans began to drum in their hearts. When did they meet so many officials? The children, especially the bricks under their own hands.

"You can rest assured that someone here is in charge. You do not need to direct. Every day you just need to tell the team leader what you need to accomplish today. However, don't be afraid to affect the progress."

Yang Heng didn't want the students to deal with these craftsmen by themselves, otherwise they could move bricks. The craftsmen had already done it for them, but it would be different to explain to the teachers who led the team. These teachers would complete Yang well Heng gave them the task.

So from then on, the students started a hard day. At this time, there are still students who want to leave. It is naturally impossible. Since you are staying, then do n’t go. If you go, then Bullying, Yang Heng was pressed down by such a big hat. They would not dare to leave even if they wanted to go. They could only cry in the quilt. But what is there to cry about? They just have too many children. Just moving so many bricks is tired of them, and Yang Heng has not given them a quantity, that is, they can move a brick one morning or not on the construction site, as long as you have a thick skin It becomes, can be authentic Confucianism **, can they thicken their skins, if they have skins, then move on, get sick, become successful, as long as they pass the level of Sun Daochang.

Generally speaking, the students in this era are much better than those in Yang Heng ’s previous life. They still need face. However, what Yang Heng fears most is to debate and learn with them. You must know that for ancient Chinese, this is Yang Heng's weakness, he still needs to make up classes with Li Gang now. (To be continued.)