Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 249 Printing (2)

Imprint technology, in Yang Heng's previous life, was the most commonly used method for printing small batches of printing materials that was most widely used by school agencies before the advent of printers. .

Its composition is very simple. Wax paper, stylus, steel plate, and ink and ink rollers constitute a simple printing system. A class or an organization unit is used to print materials, and test papers are the best. The printing method, and this printing method is often ignored by many passers-by, and Yang Heng also ignored this kind of thing before, but when he remembered it, he immediately started to make it.

The difficulty of this printing system is the ink configuration. Once the ink configuration is successful, students can enjoy the blessing, especially those poor children who cannot afford advanced learning materials, and even can't find the copied sample books. However, with these mimeographed materials, their learning ability will be greatly strengthened. Li Er is also blessed. Some ordinary orders and even the dibao can be issued by mimeographed methods, so that he will Lu Luo, who saved a lot of scribes, and even Yang Heng will get rich with it. The imprint, naturally, will not be very large, and the words will be small. In the future, his magnifying glass will be sold, and the teachers are also blessed. When the question is asked, there will be no wrong things happening. For each test, as long as a few wax papers are engraved and the paper is printed out, the test can be carried out. It is simple and clear.

While researching mimeograph, Yang Heng let the paper craftsmen start to develop paper for mimeograph. Originally his paper workshop was used to make toilet paper, but now he not only needs to make toilet paper, but also print paper. Imprinting is just a transitional process. Although this imprinting technology may last for a long time, he still has to develop movable type printing, which is the regular printing of a large number of publications.

The movable type printing is said to have been developed by the later Song Dynasty, but in Yang Heng's previous life, some sticks even said that the movable type printing was invented by them, but now it is impossible, Yang Heng not only leaves evidence but also assists Li Secondly, the ancestors of the sticks were eliminated directly, and even the men of the stick nations were decided to be taken out as slaves, so that they would not be allowed to plant. There is no such thing as grabbing the Dragon Boat Festival. It doesn't matter what it is. This is not disgusting. So Yang Heng decided to make this country never appear in the world.

"Xiao Langjun, here, we encountered a problem, that this ink was coated on wax paper, because the ink was not applied evenly, there was a pool of ink on the paper below. It is very suitable, and we have used a lot of methods and have not come up with a suitable method. We have changed a lot of manufacturing methods for wax paper, and many formulas have been developed for the paper below. There are many formulas for ink, but we ca n’t succeed. , So come and ask for sin. "

"Why do you apply ink? Let me take a look at it. Why can't such a simple thing be made? This book has received a lot, but the technique of mimeographing has been unsuccessful."

Yang Heng followed the craftsman a little bit angrily to the development site of the mimeograph. When he looked at it, his nose was crooked again. "That's how you guys apply ink. Didn't I tell you to use rollers before?" He found that these artisans even brushed ink on wax paper with a brush, and even returned ink. Use a brush to paint on it, so even if it is successfully developed, how fast can it not only waste manpower, but also waste material resources?

"But Xiaolangjun, we do n’t know what a roller is. We thought you were talking about brushes. You see, the brushes we made with wolf are definitely more effective than the rollers you said. You see How absorbing this ink is, and this ink, as long as you soak the brush in it and scoop it up, this ink will never drip down. This ink, it is used for writing.

"Come on, come on, don't say it, you people, each person is fined a month's salary. This is a punishment for your disobedience. If you don't understand, you should come to me and see how many things you have delayed. Go, find The housekeeper wants a piece of cotton. Do you know the cotton cloth? I do n’t know. Then you just need to ask the housekeeper. Come on, I'll wait here. "

When people left, Yang Heng visited here. He found that there were several kinds of ink on the shelf, and a few stacks of paper, and each kind of paper was different, especially a few stacks of wax paper on one side. There are still a few stylus pens, but this stylus pen is the same as Yang Hengxiang's. He made a few strokes on the wax paper and found that the wax paper was well made. I tried one by one, "Well, these are the three, ink wax paper, and paper are the perfect match." Why did Yang Heng say so, the ink was dipped in his fingers, and then the excess ink drops were thrown away. So, it ’s the same as the ink pads of later generations, and then press on the paper through the wax paper. There is wax paper with a poor ink name. No, there is no wax paper. It is not necessary to paint, and the bottom paper has ink. Do n’t. Perhaps writing is the best. Spreading a little to make the handwriting look more beautiful. This is worse than the half-life Xuan Xie ink that Yang Heng knew in his previous life. It is more ink than the familiar Xuan Xie ink. A piece of paper between half-life and cooked life However, this paper can not shelf-stable is also a problem, but what are the days of rice paper, this also is not the first to make it, or forget, and left it left the road.

But this paper ca n’t be used in small print. Write it down first, and then let students write and draw. This paper is not good, it is a bit brittle. Although it ’s not inky, it ’s too brittle. After the hand, it may soon break down. It has no value. Fortunately, fortunately, there is a kind of paper that can be used. Not only is it not brittle, it is also not ink-washing. It is the best for mimeographing, even small print It is also the best. Why not write it clearly if you don't know it.

"Xiaolangjun, cotton cloth is brought here, but the housekeeper also brought me a needlework lady. Do you need her here?" "Well, the housekeeper did a good job. I forgot to tell you in front and went outside to call Here comes the carpenter. "

The roller is very easy to make, but it also needs several types of work to cooperate. Not only the carpenter, but also the blacksmith, and the needleworker are needed. The blacksmith needs to make a sub-shaped iron rod. The carpenter's job is simple. A short wooden stick with a hole in the middle becomes, and the needleworker sews a double-layer cotton cover that can be tightly placed on the stick, and a stack of cotton is sewn up, and then placed in the ink, the roller As long as you roll around this layer of cotton cloth, you will get the ink that is not faint or thick, so that the first sheet will not be smeared. After printing a few sheets, the ink will be completely lost, and it will not be said to have. It's a bit weak. After getting familiar with it for a while, many people will be able to make this mimeograph.

"What's the use of this? The handwriting is neither good nor clear. You have done this for so long." Yeah, Yang Heng didn't get praise, but let Li Gang spit it out.

"I said, Master Li, do you think that if we print some of these books and distribute them to students, they will look better when they have a manual in class. Otherwise, when the teacher writes in front, some Students write slowly, so they have to copy others after class, but they will have delays in learning? It will even affect the teacher's class. "

Because of the use of blackboards and chalks, teachers will copy the text first during class. If one page is not copied, it will be erased and copied. This not only delays the teacher's time, but also delays the students' Time, even writing, did not practice anything, but it still had an impact on writing. Why? This is to pursue the speed of transcription, and naturally, you will not seriously write.

"Then try it, but I reserve my objection." Well, Li Gang actually learned some of Yang Heng's mantras, because once Yang Heng had conflicts with these people, he didn't know who was right and who was wrong. At that time, I just came up with such a sentence, and I reserve my objection. (To be continued.)