Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 205 Printing (3)

It is true that some people object to the imprint, but it is convenient and practical. Yang Heng made full use of the convenient surname of the imprint, and printed a lot of exercise notes for some of the students in the imperial examination system. The result turned out to be a big sale for the students. But it took advantage. You must know that some things were sorted out by Li Gang. The natural effect is just now. .

However, this so-called student is naturally not a student in Yang Heng's academy, because his academy has officially opened less than a few months, and no one has reached the level of the imperial examination. They have achieved it and are not willing to take it. They expect it. They are officials, and they have the ambition to participate in the imperial examinations, but they have not reached the level of being able to impose the imperial examinations. Although this era does not place particular emphasis on achievements, but on people's connections, their face is still required.

Even the students in the academy, they are also very happy to use the mimeographed lecture notes. Why, they can have a lot of time to exchange knowledge with the teacher, as well as exchange knowledge with their classmates, that is, calligraphy, can also calm down. I concentrated on writing, and even they used the paper that Yang Heng provided to them. I felt that whether writing or painting on this paper was good, it was a little poor, and it also made the paper embarrassing. Mo concealed some shortcomings for them. This mainly depends on the goodness of Mo and paper. As a result, even Yang Heng's home and even Princess Mansion all came to ask for paper all day. That Luoyang paper is expensive, but that's it. .

What Yang Heng was doing at this time, he was not content with the status quo, but began to study the real printing. Does it mean that there is no printing at this time? It is not because Yang Heng has seen some Buddhist scriptures or anything in the market. Also, this time when I asked the students for books, there were some clearly printed books. Even if the ink used is not too qualified, the ink may be faint or thick, some handwriting may not be clear, and some handwriting may be a pool of ink. It is estimated that the parents of these students asked them to fool Yang Heng, but Yang Heng Not angry, if these books are left behind, they may be worth more than the real thing, but this is the important evidence for research or even to prove the existence of printing, because each volume of books will have Li Gangcha's notes , And his gossip.

What is Li Gang ’s seal? The Beishan idlers are engraved on it. What is Beishan? The place of Yang Hengjian College is called Beishan because it is a small hill with a local name that is not well known. They are all called Beishan here, so Li Gang carved his idle chapters as Beishan idlers. At this time, Confucian masters, doctors, and teachers and other literati like to carve some of their own idle chapters, useful woodcuts. There are bamboo carvings, but also jade carvings, and some of them are carved with strange stones. There is no way. Since the paper was used, some of the ancestors' bamboo simplifications were not used, and they were changed to carved seals. In particular, these gossips are engraved in reverse fonts, which shows their efforts more, especially some particularly complicated fonts.

Yang Heng is no exception. He carved God-given idlers. This is hard to understand. But when someone asked him, he just smiled and said nothing. How to say, is it to memorize? Am I a person?

Now that there is printing, but Yang Heng can see from the paper that these are some engraving printing things, even the engraving is not very good. In this case, start with the engraving. This Yang Heng is very familiar. In his previous life, some books were made in engraved print for antiques. They were all arranged in vertical rows, starting from right to left. The vertical and vertical rows are divided, then you should do it like this, so that the layout looks much better, and even looks a bit refreshing, although there is no punctuation at this time, it is difficult Ca n’t live with Yang Heng, as long as there are no spaces, it ’s a bit early to invent punctuation at this time, and it ’s better to use punctuation first for students.

The engraving printing is the second-generation product of Yang Heng here, but these products are naturally not for the use of the students, but the high-end products for sale to the outside world, and even the good stuff for gifts, which are the students of the second generation. Everyone will also send a book, not for them to learn, but for them to display, neat fonts, neatly bound books, and books that are neatly left-turned pages, holding high-end It ’s very, especially when the students are on vacation, three or five students, one for each, pretend in their hands, shake their heads, and sometimes feel that this is more forceful than folding fans.

Naturally, Yang Hengyin's books were not intended for students to pretend to use them, but only this method can sell them well, and those poor students had to pretend that they were holding imprinted books, if no one had seen them, Also holding a book, isn't it? These oil-printed books are much thicker than these engraved books, because there is so much content in it, the oil-printed print is small, and there are many natural things. Poor students, then the content is quite a lot, even the original text, with interpretation, and some arguments are engraved inside.

As for the engraved books, most of them are original books, and there are very few contents, that is, there are things such as interpretations, which are printed in one booklet, so that Yang Heng's income will increase even more. Yang Heng's principle of buying and selling is to take care of the high-end and low-end, and the mid-end customers, they have to buy mimeographs, but also pretend to buy engraving.

This kind of thing will naturally attract some literati's resentment, but what about it, anyway, it is because fans are no longer popular on the streets of Chang'an, but an open book by popular people, and sometimes even shake their heads, so The fans who bought and bought Yang Heng's fans were unlucky. They did n’t buy many folding fans made of good satin and good wood. Those who bought the folding fans were forced to buy books. Now, there are some who really use a fan. There are no celebrity calligraphy and painting on it. How can I take it out? But how to write and draw on this satin surface? Although it is strong, Yang Heng once again took advantage. I bought a lot of folding fans made of good wood and satin at a low price. As long as the embroidery woman embroidered some landscape paintings, it was a good collectible, but he will not do it in the near future. Collect them first, and shoot the plagiarizers to death. Then you play with a traverser. If you do n’t play to death, it is called a traverser. To be honest, Yang Heng doesn't oppose their improvement, but opposes their plagiarism. This plagiarism is the most levelless thing, and it will also lower the IQ of the entire nation. You say that you eat behind people all day Fart, still complacent, I will soon surpass each other, and there is one step to catch up, but when it is about to catch up, others do not do it, you still follow plagiarism, the result is not a step away, but instead In two steps, you won't make a turn. If you can't catch up, it will prove that you have worked hard and even cultivated a new road.

And the value of Yang Heng's research engraving is like this. I can imitate you, but by no means simple imitation, but to make some improvements to make this technology catch fire. When you start to go to the trough, either continue to improve, or Just discard it and create something newer.

However, for Yang Heng, this is still plagiarism, but in the eyes of the world, he is not plagiarism. Who knows that he is a traverser. In their eyes, Yang Heng is a leader of the trend. In this way, there may be many people who learn from him Or the family. You need to know that at this time the family is fully capable of paying for people to make something new, but it requires a change of mind. Yang Heng can't help but feel complacent for his decision.

But Yang Heng was wrong. Some families are not studying him, but are thinking about how to deal with Yang Heng, because Yang Heng has blocked their way, especially the advent of mimeograph technology, which has made some mud legs have With the opportunity to learn, how can they be happy? (To be continued.)