Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 252 College Monthly Report (2)

"Go, verify if it's something that came out of that kid. It seems that I didn't give him a terrible thing, he didn't know it was gathered." Li Er said angrily.

"Your Majesty, you read it wrong. This is not from the Academy of Luma. You can see that it looks like Yang's College Monthly Report at first glance, but if you look closely, it's Yang's Academy Monthly Report. Obviously, this is confusing audiovisual, so Xiao thinks that this has nothing to do with the horse. It seems that the horse is still prescient, and the paper, wax paper, and ink from his workshop have been reported in advance, and even the minister has inquired that none of his items are external. **, even if you use it yourself, there is a very strict hierarchy, and the paper he ** also has a fixed customer, and even each customer's paper has its own mark on it, his strictness is not less than His Majesty's Give some of your supplies. "

Li Erhui often gives the ministers something, but some of these things are exclusive to the court, so even the minister cannot have it, but if Li Er gives it, then he will keep a record of what he has given. If this The courtier died, and even most things will be recovered. Naturally, it will be passed down, but it can only be used instead of being used. It is the minister who is blessed, and it is only taken out on important occasions. , Showing his favor, this is what it looks like.

"Well, okay, but you have to check it. This is a relief for the kid." Li Er has calmed down slowly. To be honest, when he first saw this monthly report, he didn't. Looking at the header carefully, especially the handwriting is too small, he was too lazy to read the header, and now I think of it, this monthly report is really different from what I usually see, because this seems much more vague, and Yang Heng ’s academy came out It ’s quite clear. There is absolutely no unreadable handwriting on every page of paper, even if there is no typo, there is naturally a typo, but in ancient times, the typo was not real. Do n’t write words, but for taboos, you will add one side to the other, or use homophones instead. This is where Yang Heng ca n’t adapt to now. This is why it ’s a monthly report, not something It ’s a kind of newspaper. A monthly report comes out. It takes at least four people ’s hands before it is finalized. Then the wax paper is engraved. The first one is also checked by these four people. Formal mimeograph, such as If there is a typo, then this wax paper will be discarded and re-engraved again. At this moment, the wax paper is made by some teachers, even some students who have a good handwriting. This is not just a wax paper. There is also calligraphy, which is definitely hard pen calligraphy. At first these people have adapted to it for a long time, and then slowly come up with a writing rule for hard pen calligraphy. Old Li Gang is also involved, and things that can stay famous in history are old. Li Gang naturally will not let go. This is also a common disadvantage of the great Confucianists of this era. Reputation is even more important than life.

I can not only enjoy the content, but also a new style of calligraphy when I read the monthly report from Yang Heng's college. No wonder there was a weird feeling just now. Fortunately, fortunately, this man is good. By the way, there is a good queen. Why, the queen didn't come out. "Your Majesty, what kind of fire were you just firing, can you talk to Chen Ye?" Said Cao ** Cao ** arrived, when Li Er thought of the grandson, the grandson came, but she was always watching Li Er's As soon as Li Er has something, she will do everything possible to solve it.

"Ha, nothing, nothing, I was wrong." Li Erzheng regretted his recklessness. If he was under the minister, maybe he would maintain his face, but in front of his grandson, no face was needed. Because sometimes he still needs the eldest son to give him aftercare.

"This is not Xuewen's College Monthly Report. How can you say that your Majesty is so unsuccessful, Your Majesty, you must send someone to arrest Xuewen, at least you must convict him of a guilty conscience, and then distribute Go out for three thousand miles. By the way, we must match his entire family and pick up our daughter. We will find another son-in-law for her. "" Guanyin, don't say it, don't say it "I was wrong, I was wrong." Li Er even let the grandson say that his face was red and red. This is what he thought just now, but now the grandson has said it, it is really very panic.

"I said Erlang, this tabloid, yes, what Yu Zhang said was a tabloid. Obviously, it is a crude product. You think that it will be done by the study, especially the previous study has arranged for someone to say this. I have even sinned. I want to say that this is not a sin, but it is a place for internal student communication in his academy. He should be congratulated by His Majesty. Xuewen this academy will definitely cultivate a lot for His Majesty. The talented person came out, and this crudely made tabloid is obviously revengeful to His Majesty. This is his purpose. He seems that this must be for the study of texts. We must know that the texts are in many places. It's blocking the eyes of some people. "

In the secret movements, it was not only Li Er who noticed it, but also the eldest grandson who noticed it clearly. Li Er managed the dynasty fairly well, and some people could not touch the fish in muddy water. Naturally, they would be unhappy, and their The biggest enemy is not Li Er, but Yang Heng. You must know that whatever Yang Heng does, he will be hooked with the royal family. This obviously makes Li Er's rule more stable. In fact, this is not in their interests. of.

"Your Majesty, the minister has already verified that the paper inside contains ink, even fonts, and has nothing to do with the horse, even to say that it has nothing to do with the Yang family, this paper is a fake horse in the market * The kind of paper used for drawing can be more sloppy than that kind of paper. Even the formula of the ink is not good. There is a great odor, but it is not a kind of fragrance in the ink produced by the Yang family. When they picked up their monthly report, first of all people said that they smell the fragrance of the ink first, then read the newspaper, and then the typeface. It seems that people who engraved wax paper are not familiar with how wax paper is carved, it seems that it is not used yet. It was engraved with a stylus, but it took a lot of effort, and it would cause some damage on the wax paper, which was clearly seen on the paper. "

Who is this guy behind Li Er and understands everything, but how can he not appear in front of him? His analysis is really eloquent, even Yang Henglai's analysis is nothing more than that.

"Who is Brother Heng? It's too hateful. Isn't this ruining our reputation? Otherwise, go to the Imperial City and explain to your Majesty." "Yeah, yeah, brother-in-law, or explain to your father Let's do it, or I will ask my mother to come out, and I will definitely drag the people behind. "

"Oh, don't worry, your eyes are clear, he will handle this matter, we are still as usual, but after this incident, I think of one thing, that is, our monthly report needs to be expanded Now, "" Brother Heng, how to expand? "The little mother was anxious when she heard it, and left her worry just now.

"How to expand and separate the current content above. A professional version is called the Journal of Yang's College. It is the understanding and research of some ancient books by some professors and teachers, and the research of some students. There is still some contention. You should arrange it, make a few columns for what I said, and release it from time to time. There is another version called the monthly report. The monthly report is to report some outside information. Report truthfully. You ca n’t comment, you ca n’t add oil and vinegar, and then there must be a section on it. Let ’s call Le Yile. Write some jokes and miscellaneous poems in this place, as usual, one in January. ”

Yang Heng now wants to publish newspapers, but he is still unfamiliar with the training of some editors, and the teachers who participate in the monthly newspapers of the college are also some students who are interested in it. Complicated newspapers, then continue to publish the small newspapers inside the academy, and Yang Heng also needs to invent the movable type printing, otherwise the newspapers are not national, and the entire Changan issue, which is also beyond the scope of mimeograph . (To be continued.)