Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 253 Type Printing

Yang Heng didn't notice that the danger was coming towards him slowly. He was still studying his printing. Maybe he saw a lot of things like cottage in the last life, but some of them are not strange. But this Is it really a cottage?

The printing of movable type is easy to say, but it is difficult to make. First of all, what Heng Yang needs to solve is how to make a movable type. Is it directly melted and poured into a font, or is it necessary to make a lead block and sculpt the characters?

Who invented the movable type in history? Yang Heng was thinking hard, Shen Kuo, right, as if he was the one who wrote Mengxi's pen-and-talk, who was that, ah yes it was Bi Sheng, what did Bi Sheng invent? The movable type comes. For the plasticine, you must first engrav the plasticine, then burn it in the fire, and then you do n’t know, but Yang Heng knows that this type of plasticine type printing has not passed down. This is the reason why the West and the stick are rushing to invent this technology. It seems that the stick has developed metal movable type printing. Naturally, this is not completed by their reading ability. It was invented on the basis of Bi Sheng's clay movable type. It is the lead type in the west, which should also be invented from Bi Sheng's mud type, and this matter can only mean that the Huaxia people are talented, but talented people are not necessarily reused. Even their inventions cannot be given much attention. If they are valued, as long as they think further, both metal type and lead type will be invented. Natural type also Metal type, it may still differ with the type of metal. .

With so many thoughts, the movable type of natural clay does not need to be researched, so leave a mystery for future generations to study and verify why the most advanced lead type movable type printing first appeared instead of coming in order. , Or wood type, then metal type, and then lead type.

But what do these ideas have to do with the production of movable type? Naturally, they are still the same. If you encounter difficulties, let it go. Go to the craftsman. Yang Heng explained the idea of ​​movable type to a few craftsmen and went to do his own work. However, the craftsmen do not think that Yang Heng is using them, but are grateful to Yang Heng.

"Xiaolangjun, thank you, thank you, you gave us such a great opportunity, it is very easy in your hands, but you still give it to us, how can we thank you Or, we'll give you a living shrine in your home. "" Don't, don't, don't you, I don't want you to be cursed. "Yang Heng ran away in shock," Xiao Langjun this is 咋Then, why are you so polite, and why is the shrine a curse? "

In fact, Yang Heng himself misunderstood. Shengci is just a place where people are grateful and admired, that is, people live to worship the ancestral temple. You must know that many officials want people to ask Lishengci to ask for it. At this time, and the Lisheng Temple is banned in the Tang Dynasty, but the Lisheng Temple is still allowed by the people.

Why did Yang Heng go? He wanted to hide away, but he still did n’t hide it. The previous thing was n’t finished. Although Li Er knew that things were n’t done by Yang Heng, he still arranged to call Yang Heng. Passed.

"Xuewen, how do you explain this?" Li Er said with a serious face. Yang Heng felt a little puzzled at this time. Didn't Li Er investigate it clearly? Is this an obvious thing? It ’s not surprising that the monthly report is ready to sell.

No, it ’s weird. This thing is a very weird thing. In Datang, if you really need a cottage, there is no need to even imitate people ’s names. Yang Heng ’s name is Shuyuan Monthly. He can be called Chang'an Yue. It seems more atmospheric, isn't it?

And even the above content Yang Heng did not feel any ban, but it is just an old topic to discuss whether governing the country by text or governing the country by martial arts.

Tang Jian was the first to put it forward. His opinion was "The Han ancestors won it immediately, and they didn't rule it immediately." As his opinion, that is, he supports the rule of civilization, even if the doctor Wei Zheng also advised Li Shimin. A four-character strategy of "偃武修文" was proposed to support Wenzhi.

However, many courtiers headed by Prime Minister Xiao Kun and Deputy Prime Minister Feng Deyi have written to express their opposition to them. They believe that to fight the world depends on force, and to govern the world also rely on force. Seeking Shiyi. In other words, it is considered inadequate.

These are all outdated topics, and even after two debates, Li Er's response was "there is no difference between governing the country and curing the disease. The patient feels healed and must be protected. If he violates it, he will die. .The same is true of governing the country, and the world is a little safer, and it is necessary to be cautious. "That is to say, he temporarily chose Wei Zheng's Xiu Wu Xiuwen, and even later concluded that" the chaos is based on martial law, the defense is written by the text, the use of culture and military, each with At that time. "In fact, he still had the idea of ​​using external soldiers in his mind, but looking at the mountains and rivers in front of him, he still felt that it was good to rest first. This was actually a wise choice, otherwise he would follow suit. .

But why did someone raise this controversy at this time? Is it Yang Yang ’s hand to express his wish? Naturally Yang Heng thinks so.

"This is not done by the minister. Your majesty should be clear. Besides, is there nothing written on it? It is just discussing that the court should be governed by martial arts. Although it was proposed at this time a bit early, but the minister believes that it is very Soon we should use external troops. Should we let the four neighbors surrender, instead of listening to their flattery, but also give them some valuable items, even some of the technology we have developed for many years, the result is to make them stronger instead. Hit us. "Yang Heng did not see Li Er's face, but talked to himself, and even some of the content in this tabloid should be.

"You, you, you, let me say what's good with you? Is that the kind of person you are now, and how harmonious is it now? What kind of harmony do you give to outsiders, even the artisans? What a good determination, you, you, I ca n’t tell you, you go back and think about it. ”Li Er defeated Yang Heng ’s political wisdom. How could there be such a political idiot son-in-law, usually Where is his cleverness, but why do his girls like this kid?

"Then, Your Majesty, the court resigned." Yang Hengcheng stepped back in fear and horror. In fact, he also pretended to be it, and it was naturally pretended to be Li Er. If Li Er was mad, this history would not change Anyone, who knows how Li Chengqian will be in power, maybe he will become an enemy with him, then he will have to drag his family around and start a business overseas, and then he will have nothing to do with his leisure.

"Xiaolangjun, Xiaolangjun, it's done, and the typeface has become." This is the first good news that Yang Heng got back, but these craftsmen are so smart that they can't study things themselves, but they succeed in researching.

In fact, it is very simple. First, make a mud fan, and then engrav the word on it. After engraving, put the word in a small box, and immediately pour lead water, so a lead type is made, and As for Yang Heng, he not only discarded the mud type, but he also discarded the mud fan. That is naturally impossible to think of, and sometimes it can be said that experience has killed people.

"But Xiaolangjun, there is just one problem," and when Yang Hengzheng was happy, another problem came out. "What's the problem?" "Xiaolangjun, this type of word is too soft. It will flatten out with such hard work." "This, okay, you can study what kind of metal you put together with lead to be able to Is it easy to melt to the required hardness? "

Well, Xiao Langjun is so clever. This ancestral shrine still needs to be set up, but it needs to be set up at home, otherwise Xiaolangjun will be unhappy. The so-called artisans are naturally a group of obsessed people. Usually there may be no support and no financial support. That is why no idea can be realized, and they always have such difficulties, but in the eyes of Yang Heng This is not difficult, as long as you just click a sentence. But for a craftsman, this sentence may even test for years or even decades or hundreds of years. (To be continued.)