Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 254 Kindergarten

"Yeah, comfortable. It's rare to rest at home for a while, but unfortunately, I just can't eat Sister Lian's cooking!" Yang Heng said to a reclining chair in the living room. .

Indeed, Yang Heng ’s wish is to sleep until he wakes up naturally, counting the money to the hand cramps, but unfortunately, he ca n’t help it, although it is said that counting the money to the hand cramps has been done, and even said that counting the money to the hand cramps, this is a Very low-level ideals. What money do you count? You can still get cramps if you count gold. If you get cramps with copper plates, you can't even qualify for upstarts. You must know that the average middle-class family in Datang can reach the number of copper plates. Counting hand cramps, naturally this middle family is not something ordinary people can own.

It ’s extravagant to go to bed and wake up naturally, no matter in previous life or in this life, Yang Heng did n’t say that he was sleeping peacefully. In the previous life, he had to be busy in order to survive. He woke up every day before dawn, and went to sleep at night with dogs. I can only fall asleep when I'm on, but in this life, although I can sleep earlier at night, but how can I fall asleep when there is a princess next to you who is like a flowery jade waiting for herself.

In fact, this matter does not blame Changle. Although her heart is very sweet, it is a good thing that Lang Jun does not destroy himself for his own health. But look at the sisters, but they all have children. What about their bodies? Naturally, there are still some grievances in your heart. You just do n’t destroy it. It ’s okay to come to sleep with your slave ’s family in the evening, but it ’s not good. Changle is a bit spring-thinking. If Yang Hengqing is lucky, he will bring Changle to his home. After leaving Chang'an City, if you left her in Princess House or Chang'an City, under the influence of her sisters and sisters, this would be even more resentful. It can be seen that Yang Heng has some antiques in this matter. Already.

"Husband, I'm going to eat soon. I have a surprise." "Yeah, Heng brother, but there is a big surprise." "What are you talking about, how can I not understand." Yu Zhang This is a wild bird, Naturally do not know what these three are talking about.

"I don't know what you are talking about, anyway, I like to eat Alian's meals, brother-in-law, would you please give me Alian, I can't do without Alian's food now." Yu Zhang ran to Yang Heng said coquettishly, even holding one arm of Yang Heng.

Yang Heng's body froze immediately. "Oh, my auntie has grown a little peach. Ah, that's wrong.

"Yuzhang, what's hanging on your neck?" "Fire sickle, look, brother-in-law, pretty or not, I made it specially for me by the craftsman, and it's a specially selected flint and fire sickle with many sparks." The steel fire is also the most sufficient. "This princess aunt, what is not good to hang around the neck, even a fire sickle bag, this bag is still made of satin, that is, the bag mouth is made of leather, also, also, in the bag There are still flowers embroidered on it. You said that a girl does not smoke. By the way, there is no such thing as smoke at this time. I like to hang a fire sickle.

"What are you doing with a fire sickle around your neck? Do you think it's impossible to set fire everywhere?" "What, hate, this fire sickle doesn't hang on the neck, where it hangs, hangs on the waist, it's too heavy, put people's clothes on It ’s all broken. You see, I made such a bag to hang on my neck. It looks good. I ’m smart. ”“ It ’s smart. I just want to ask, what do you carry a fire sickle with you? ”“ Ah, what are you doing? Why, I sell fire sickle. I do n’t hang it around my neck. What ’s up is advertising. Right, I advertise to people at any time. Otherwise, how can I sell fire sickle. "

"You little thing, how can you be a little wealthy fan?" Changle spoiled Yuzhang's forehead. "Sister, you are stupid. I do n’t want to be a fan of money. My mother will marry the royal family in the future, so she wo n’t need any money. It ’s just the reward from the father and the nine brothers. Yes, and you, there is a brother-in-law who can make money. Otherwise, sister, you give me half of my brother-in-law, then I will not be a fan, ah, really, otherwise, sister, I also Marry it, that's the Empress E Ying, ah, that's a good idea. "Yu Zhang said happily.

"You ghost girl, how can the Father Emperor allow our two princesses to marry a pony? You know what is the Emperor's Daughter." Changle nodded Yuzhang's forehead again, and didn't care about Yuzhang, little child, She knew what a marriage was, but she forgot that she married Yang Heng's family when she was so old.

"Huh, stingy, wouldn't I just share my brother-in-law with you? I'll find my father or emperor, or I'll go to my mother." "Yu Zhang doesn't know how to be shy, I don't know how to shy, I want to be married." "The children are all together.

"Well, it's so fragrant. What does it smell like? How does it feel like Sister Lian does, does Sister Lian not wait for the children at home? You know that their second child is less than half a year old?"

For food, Yang Heng didn't care much at first, as long as he was full, but since he brought Sister Lian out, all the food was made for him by Lian Sister. If you feel anything, He will give some advice in the wrong places. Although he is not eating, but he still knows some eating practices, so Sister Lian has become a senior chef in Yang Heng's house, and Sister Lian also likes to wait in Yang Heng's side, in her words, said that Xiaolang Jun was good-hearted and would not lose out with him, that is, Yang Heng separated from his father and mother, and Sister Lian came with him.

"It's me, Xiao Langjun. You rarely go home to rest and rest. I still can't make some food for Xiao Langjun." "Sister Lian, why are you doing this? I can do everything I want." "No, no. How can you eat whatever you want, these years have been slaves taking care of your food. "

"Sister Lian, what about your child?" "My son, I have hired a grandmother to take the grandmother with you. Look, the slaves are now returning milk, oh, I am so ashamed." Sister Lian said for a moment Yes, even entrusting her ** means to show Yang Heng that she doesn't need to bring a child now, but she forgot that Yang Heng is a man, and then reacted and ran away with a blush. Go out.

"This, grandma, can our family members use grandma?" Yang Heng asked, turning his face to Changle. "Well, yes, Lang Jun, you are good to your descendants, and there are a lot of rewards. Naturally, in order to serve you well, they all gave the children directly to the nurses. Our family works, but the slave thinks that the children of the grandmother's family are too miserable. In order to earn some money to support the family, the grandmother even throws her children at home to feed some porridge or something, and also has to come out to earn this part of the money. Kindheartedness broke out again, this society is so poor, very rich, and rich enough to be a nanny, that ’s a good thing. If it ’s not the family of the Yang family or the princess ’s house, they ’re even nanny Have no qualifications yet.

"I didn't notice how much the children in our Zhuangzi are." "Fu Jun, how old are you asking, those who are over five years old have gone to the academy's enlightenment class, and the little ones are naturally their father and mother." I took it with me at home. If I work, I still have to take my children to the wild. Isn't it all like this, is there any way for you, husband, to bring these children together? "

Yu Zhang was very puzzled. This was true in the palace. Although the children were not watching their mother-in-law, they were also brought by the mother-in-law. They lived with their mother-in-law until they grew up before they could go to the school. Go inside to enlighten, and then you can leave your mother-in-law.

"Yeah, I didn't notice it. It was a mistake. When the child was young, he had to take good care of him and have sufficient nutrition before he could grow strong, didn't he? Let me think about it, think about it Think, what should we do? At least we should take care of the children of our Zhuangzi, so that adults can rest assured to work, and let these children grow up robustly. "

What to do, just run a kindergarten, right? It's not a kindergarten, that is, a small kindergarten class, with a nursery, that's it. (To be continued.)