Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 255 Kindergarten, Nursery

"Lang Jun, what is this kindergarten, a nursery, and is it related to the Enlightenment Class?" These are some new words. Changle naturally doesn't understand it very well, but there is the word there, and according to the topic just now, it is also guessing. You will know that this must be related to children. .

"Well, yes, my plan is to send the child to the nursery once the woman is out of confinement, and the older children have not reached the age of enlightenment, and they have not even taken care of themselves. When you can, you can send it to the kindergarten, where there will be dedicated maids, or some young mothers to take care of it, so that some new mothers can be given more time to do things to support the family Make a living. "

"It's Lang Jun, what should they do when they need a baby?" "What should we do? Some smaller children, that is, children of two to three months, can let them let them every other hour to half an hour. Their mother came to feed it once, and if there was no time or milk, they could use goat milk or even milk instead of human milk. "

In this era, only a small number of people feed children with milk or goat milk, while the people on the grassland use more. Whether it is milk, goat milk, horse milk, or some other milk, adults also drink it. Children also drink it, but in Datang, not many people use milk and goat milk to feed it. Some rich people, officials' families usually find their own mothers for their children, and some adults will also find their mothers to drink milk. Of course, in their eyes, human milk is the best. No one likes to drink goat milk or milk. Naturally, it is except the grassland peoples.

And the poor, once the sheep or cows are raised, when the sheep or cows have milk, it is naturally that they gave birth to lambs. After the calves, how could they be willing to drink their milk, and still have to wait for the lambs? Mavericks have grown up to sell money yet.

"Can this be done, the goat's milk and the milk won't taste good, then the cow and the sheep are very dirty." Changle talked about the cow and sheep, and even covered his nose, feeling that the cow and sheep were right in front of him. He even fanned the wind, looking disgusted.

"Haha, you are wrong. Have you found that some people of the prairie people are very strong? This is naturally related to their drinking goat milk and milk since they were young." It doesn't matter whether it is related or even strong. Yang Heng has to say this to mislead Changle, even Li Er, but it is true that some ministers of the prairie nations in the chapel have not changed those habits, naturally they will appear stronger than others, and the real The people of the prairie people should not be particularly tall. They can't guarantee food. If they can really guarantee the food, then they are not the prairie people.

"Oh, I said that those uncles and uncles are so strong?" Changle said thoughtfully. Who is strong, Yang Heng didn't know who the prairie people were. Since Changle approved it, it means that he didn't. To put this bluntly, maybe from then on, all Tang dynasties will develop the habit of drinking goat's milk, and there will be more sheep-raising, and not to eat meat but to drink milk. It ’s not that people do n’t want to drink milk. This cow is too precious. It ’s better to let them feed calves, and milk will naturally become popular among the rich and even officials. It will also make them change their drinking habits. Give the food back to the children.

"Xuewen Xiaoyou, are you telling the truth, is there such a big benefit in goat milk?" "Yeah, ah, Sun Daochang, why did you come here?" "What's wrong, why can't I come, only allowed When you rest, you are not allowed to come out to see the patient? "

"No, no, Sun Daochang, you misunderstood, I said, why do you have time to come to me?" "I don't have time to come to you, and I will not hear you, you tell the old way, you say Is there any basis for it? Lao Dao came late but did n’t listen to it. This goat's milk, how to drink milk? ”Yang Heng's words were like the itchy meat that scratched Lao Dao, but he was very itchy. If he doesn't figure it out, he won't stop.

"This thing looks like this ..." Yang Heng told his theory again.

"Well, you're right, but the old man thinks, what kind of garden do you have." "Kindergarten nursery." "Well, yes, kindergarten, nursery, we can do this, group children of all ages, a group of use Come to drink breast milk, one set to drink cow's milk and one set to drink goat's milk. We can observe their growth from time to time. Naturally, it is not for children with breast milk not to drink breast milk, but for children without breast milk. The grandmother ’s children come to participate in these groups. ”This old man even came up with such an advanced method for comparison, but this comparison still has his limited last name, but this is also the best method, which is also the best in future generations. This method, no matter how to use the instrument to study, and how to combine nutritional ingredients, is not as effective as the experiment.

"How about, my friend, if you have insufficient financial resources, Lao Dao can support you. This is for the health of the children. Lao Dao is willing to run out of family." Sun Lao Dao was very excited, and even he wanted to do this right away. Succeed.

"You should do it now. The old man isn't studying in your academy anymore, so I'll take my disciples here to do research, and by the way, also study some children's illnesses."

"Sun Dao, don't worry, don't worry." Yang Heng couldn't help crying or laughing, could this be done right away. "How can you not worry, one day of researching out early, our Tang children will benefit one more day, and even some children can survive a few more, you do n’t know, the mortality rate of children at this time is really too high, Is your preparation here so good, is n’t there still a death of a child, a death of a pregnant woman, a death of both the mother and the child? "" Master Sun, this, this is my best effort. "Yang Heng anxiously, explained," Lao Dao Knowing that you have done your best, the old man does not mean that you are not doing your best, and the old man is grateful to you. It is your practice and ideas that have benefited the children and pregnant women in the world. The old man said that you also have this matter before you. You should do your best! "" Ah, that's good, that's good, I thought you were blaming me, thinking that there shouldn't be any deaths of children and maternal deaths here. "Yang Heng said with an exaggerated breast, in fact, He also knew that Lao Dao was praising him, but didn't he show how much he cared about these things when he performed this way?

"But yeah, Sun Daochang, this kindergarten is okay to say that as long as the former enlightenment class is renovated, the main one is a nursery. Not only do you need to train some maids, you also need to renovate the place, then , The appliances used by children should be well planned, and the number of children, the number of pregnant women, the number of rooms, the number of small beds, the number of toys, are not all required, especially The maids who take care of the children not only have to find from the villagers, but also go to the people's market to find people who are truly responsible, and even these people have to do the habit of checking their health regularly, that is, every so often You must check their bodies by Sun Daochang yourself to see if there is any discomfort, in order to prevent the children's healthy growth. You must know that this is where the children gather. Once someone is sick, it will affect a large area, so I I think, Sun Dao, you also need to train two maids who know a little bit about medicine to work here, and you can monitor the body of other maids at any time. As well as a child's body. "

"Well, okay, okay, okay, it seems that the old man was anxious, and the old man didn't think of so much. You really have taken your heart, where the old man still has some money, and the old man will let his disciples bring it to you immediately." Embarrassed, he really thought he was in a hurry, and he did n’t expect so much. His heart is good, but if what happened to Yang Heng really happened, then he would regret it all his life, although he was kind , But he did bad things with good intentions, and he would not forgive himself.

"Sun Dao, don't worry about these things, but you don't have to use your money. I'm enough here."