Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 256 is finally completed

Yang Heng built a nursery. Although it was fresh, it was also a common thing, but what he didn't expect was that such a thing surprised Li Er. .

If you can tell why Li Er can be alarmed, things are well explained, that is, Li Er is anxious for the small population of Datang. Two million households. For the first time after Datang's founding, there are only two million households. After several years of hard work, it has not increased much. This is also because Li Er did not support Yang Heng's proposal that men should be 20 years old and women over 18 to marry and have children. He urgently needs a rapid population growth. The speed is not up, and the population growth is still limited. In fact, this is better explained. Otherwise, Yang Heng would not suggest that he raise the age of marriage and childbearing, but he did not adopt it. Naturally, it is very dangerous for young women to have children. Yes, sometimes it can even reach more than half the mortality rate, but after Yang Heng and Sun Laodao summed up some experience, the risk of this birth has been reduced, but it has not been reduced a lot. It is important to know that the biggest obstacle to this early age birth is still Here, Li Er is stubborn in this matter.

But when he heard that there was a place that was good for children, and it was made by Yang Heng, he started to pay attention. This time, instead of letting the spies pay attention, he let people directly follow Observe and record, but fortunately, the visitors did not interfere with their construction. However, the visitors could not interfere with their construction. This time Li Er sent a Hanlin medical treatment, which was a treatment to explain to him something about medical treatment and the use of medicinal materials.

What is the reason for him not to disturb people, naturally it is not because Yang Heng is a horse, nor is it because Yang Heng is a favorite of Li Er. If he is a favorite, I really can't see it. What could make him taboo about Yang Heng?

First of all, there is a folk therapist here. You must know that the emperor of the two Dynasties ** extended an olive branch to him, but he just did n’t answer, and the emperor had no way to take him. Naturally, this is Sun Siyi. Second, Li Er has also asked him about some things about Yang Heng, and even recruited doctors from the Taiyuan Medical Department to ask for opinions. But no one can say one, so they dare not refute and say Yang Heng's bad words. It ’s also not because of Yang Heng ’s identity, but because of Yang Heng ’s suggestions that Sun Siyi supports them. In fact, the doctors of the Department of Medical Sciences naturally wanted to slap the wrist with Sun Siyi, but they consciously observed it. It ’s better not to sting your wrists, you ca n’t stingy with this small arms and legs but this folk god doctor. So Yang Heng followed suit.

"Yang Maoma, you are busy with you, don't worry about me. I only have eyes and no mouth. I can't speak, I can't speak, I won't ask questions. If you have any questions, please wait until you have built them, please Li Ma explained his suspicion, yes, why did n’t he see Dr. Sun? ”The comer was quite low-key, even a little humble, and some nerdy, it ’s incomprehensible. At least some literary foundation can be given to Li Erdang. Yes, otherwise he talked dryly, didn't he kill Li Er, but why did n’t Yang Heng see what nerd he was? In fact, he did n’t know that Yang Heng was second only to him in his heart. Sun Simiao, Li Er is a king, but they can't compare with these professionals. "Sun Daochang, he is still training some maids later. If Du Zaiyu wants to see Sun Daochang, I will arrange someone to call him." "No, no, but I will explain here. I am not Du, my surname is Wang. , The word Eucommia, Eucommia is a good medicine ... "

"Du Zhong, how is this medicine?" After hearing his explanation, Yang Heng suddenly lighted up. When he heard the name, Yang Heng just felt how familiar the name was and did not consider it However, when he explained that it was a blind medicine, Yang Heng suddenly remembered that this was not Huaxia's rubber, so he asked such a question.

"Um, I haven't picked Eucommia, only from the books, and only the master taught it." Du Zhong was a little embarrassed, "Forget it, don't ask you, I will ask Sun Daochang, you can Looking on the side, remember not to ask questions, write down any questions, I do n’t have time to explain it to you now. ”Yang Heng is also polite, although he is considered an equal position with this medical treatment, remember Now, Yang Heng still has a position of Hanlin bachelor, and Li Er actually took Yang Heng as a stand-by to look at, which is naturally regarded as Du Zhongping, and he did not pay much attention to his false duties.

"Uncle, what do you think of this wall skirt made of very soft wood boards? Also, I will let the craftsmen leave some small holes in the wall to help you install the wooden skirt. If you have this floor, you need to make it with wooden boards. The children here are all small children. We must do a good job of protection. Also, both the wall skirt and the floor must be polished smoothly. Injured the child. "This is about the rebuilding of the kindergarten. Yang Heng has removed all the desks inside. In fact, there are not many desks, and many of them have been moved to the academy.

In order to prevent the children from being stabbed or even injured, Yang Heng even covered the whole room with wooden boards, and some soft boards, so as not to hurt the children.

"You ask, I allow you to ask, don't be embarrassed about constipation." Du Zhong has been on the side for a long time, and he is familiar with it, Yang Heng naturally joked with him, and still uses a kind of Ill be kidding.

"No, no, ah, you are allowed to ask questions, then I will ask, I really ask," "You are so mean, have you got any dementia?"

"I just feel why you are so extravagant. Although these boards are not expensive boards, but they are not ordinary boards, they are all soft boards. How much does it cost? Children who need to play here can pay it. Do you have money? "" You, you are a real marketer, why do you take money in your eyes? Brother Kong Fang, I don't care much. Besides, whoever tells you to let children play here, I want money, all It's free. "" Ah. "" No, this is just the welfare of our own Zhuangzi. Other Zhuangzis don't have such good treatment, and they can't come, aren't they? Naturally, if someone comes, I will also be free. "Soon, Yang Heng regretted this sentence. Now that people do n’t bring their mouths, what do you explain? It ’s really troublesome. Why? When his kindergarten was just completed, he had n’t waited for children. There are people in the city who sent the children. They have very good reasons. Do n’t let the doll lose on the starting line. I do n’t know if they understand what the starting line is, but Yang Heng ca n’t stop them from sending children. To resolve. You said that some of your ministers, who has a mother-in-law and someone in your family, why did you come here to make fun of it? In fact, Yang Heng was thinking wrong. The death rate of this child is not only for ordinary people, but also for these ministers. Children, no matter whether you are a child of a minister's family or a child of ordinary people, it is absolutely equal to the death.

Very smoothly, this kindergarten and nursery for Yang Heng have been completed. Fortunately, the kindergarten just added some soft wood boards in a room, and some toys. Children can sit or lie in the room. Yes, it is not cold in winter. There is a fire wall in a place out of the reach of children to keep the whole room warm.

The nursery room is basically the same as this, but the only difference is that there is a trolley with some cradles. This trolley can not only be pushed out of the room, but there will even be a mechanism in the room to let them themselves Shake it to make the sleeping child feel comfortable.

Kindergarten, and nursery school maids are wrong. Now they are not called maids, but they are called aunts. These aunts are officially working in uniforms. In fact, the staff here are not only aunts, but also some milk workers. There are also gardeners and guards who boil water. In short, children who come here are quite safe and absolutely nothing will happen. And these aunts are trained very strictly. If there is anything wrong, second words Not to mention, they will be dismissed or resold directly.

Reselling, Yang Heng was still unaccustomed to it at first, but after a long time, he was still unaccustomed, but what about being unaccustomed, he couldn't change and had to adapt. (To be continued.)