Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 257 Someone Has Began Action

"Boy, something is wrong!" Dad hurried in from the outside, even with a worried expression on his face. .

"What's the matter, Grandpa, don't worry, say it slowly." Yang Heng himself poured a cup of tea and put it in front of Dad, let him breathe and say, is it because Li Er has any trouble with Dad, I didn't hear any wind. Yang Heng was also guessing.

"I said, kid, a few days ago, there were a few people who claimed to be Hongnong Yang and said that they are managing the genealogy. The branch branched out, but this is a little different from what I know about the history of our family, so I came to you. "Dad said everything in one go.

"This, Grandpa, did you participate?" "No, I am not the patriarch, what am I involved in, but the patriarch called me back, and they designated me to let me know." This can make the old People like Dad feel wrong, but Yang Heng also feels wrong. You must know that his ancestor can be related to Hongnong Yang's. Besides, like these partial branches, the main branch has never been They are dismissive, but there must be something in it. But what's going on here, Yang Heng is lost in thought.

"Boy, what do you say?" "What do you do, don't worry, let me think, let me think."

It ’s really impossible for this ancestor to recognize his ancestors, which is impossible, because the Yang of Dad is a surname. Since it is a surname, it has nothing to do with Hongnong Yang, but they It even sent someone, even a little whispering, and they named him to see Dad, what attraction did Dad have for them, and a military attache in the fourth grade would naturally not attract their attention. The prime minister was There is nothing in the eyes of these clans. Although this Hongnong Yang is still a little different than the five surnames and seven hopes, it is not a simple clans, even they are related to the royal family of the previous dynasty, but they seem to It is not particularly recognized that the royal family is Hongnong Yang.

Ah, yes, is it that the last tabloid incident was not related to them? They are trying to test the relationship between Yang Heng and the royal family. Is it trying to test Yang Heng's position in Li Er's heart? Now Yang Heng remembers the last time The tabloid thing is wrong, because the above content can be said to have no effect on Yang Heng, although it is discussing political affairs, but that topic will not cause Li Er to be too angry, this is some unrelated topic, but Someone imitated Yang Heng's monthly report and only published it once. If it is a prank, the price is too high. Because there is a lot of risk in it, Li Er does not investigate Yang Heng, but it does not It was said that Li Er did not want to pursue the person in this cottage, but in the end Li Er still did not find out, or he knew who did it, and did not go to investigate.

Judging from various situations, the so-called Hongnong Yangs must be true this time, and their target is not this family or father, but Yang Heng, because Yang Heng has mastered too With many skills, I also met several heavyweights, one is Sun Siyi and the other is Yuan Tiandi. These are not the people the court officials want to provoke, and even the royal family will not provoke them.

What's the use of E Hongnong Yang to contact Yang Heng? For these two people alone, even for Yang Heng's technology is not their goal, they will not be short of money, they will not care too much about some technology, if several major families care about technology, it is confidential, That would directly propel the entire nation for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Then the only goal is that they want to push a new emperor out, and who are they speaking for? Prince, it ’s impossible, Li Tai, and even Li Zhi is even more impossible. You must know that if the Prince does not have an accident, it is a perfect successor. Li Tai, is the same brother as his father and mother, even Li Zhi Naturally, their goal is not on these three people, and Yang Heng offends the grandson Wuji, it is to be said that the mind is on these three people is also the grandson Wuji, and the Prince also has a great general who is waiting for him. The general is the father-in-law of the prince.

Li Ke, right is Li Ke, Li Ke ’s mother-in-law seems to be Yang Guang ’s daughter, then naturally there will be a group of former ministers to support Li Ke, and Li Ke is also a son who is very pleased with Li Er, And Li Ke can be said to be the most perfect one among Li Er's sons. If anyone wants to support him, that's for sure.

Even the ancestor of the last generation of Yang Heng once said in the commentary on the history of the twenty-four years, "Li Keying, Li Zhi's relic, and his son Moruo's father. However, listening to the grandson's innocence, he can be described as clever and ignorant. "

In other words, Li Er had planned to have Li Ke's son as his successor, but was later destroyed by the grandson Wuji. Naturally, the grandson Wuji, even some of the ministers who opposed it, was this. They are the descendants of Guang, but they forgot that this is also the descendant of Li Er. To say that Li Er, he may not even be able to compare to Guang Guang. Naturally, Yang Heng will definitely not support Li Ke here. Yang Heng knows that he is also a political idiot, but he ca n’t participate in this predecessor. Otherwise, he does n’t know how to die himself. Moreover, the young lady is Li Zhi ’s unmarried princess, and Yang Heng will naturally not support Li Ke. Then, let's just say that people think Li Ke is good, but can he be an emperor better? It might as well be a good wife.

"Aye, how do you think about this?" Yang Heng figured it out, but he still wanted to care about Dad's views, "Don't think about it, they must have come to you, but not to I ’m here, do n’t worry, I wo n’t take care of them. When I was down a few years ago, it seemed like you had given me to the clan, even now it seems that I do n’t remember my name on the genealogy, so They can join Hongnong Yang's while I am still me. I will read it out on my own. Do n’t worry. Your uncle and others are supporting me. ”The father did n’t lie, although The patriarch of the clan has been asking his dad to write his name earlier, but he did n’t write it, and he also moved the names of the uncles, saying that it was still a family. In fact, it was considered a separation. It can be regarded as a affair, and may end up being a farce.

"What, they went to Xuewen's hometown. These people are really restless. Do they want to treat you like Cantonese? The last thing I haven't pursued them, is to see what their purpose is, It seems to be for the sake of morality, and it seems that the officials who do not let morality become impossible. "Li Er immediately made up his mind that the prince could no longer stay in the imperial city, and it was better to let their officials be good, otherwise it would cause trouble Something happened, but now he has even found a helper, and the other sons, will there be different opinions?

Unexpectedly, this Hongnong Yang's action was just such an action, which allowed Li Er to determine the future of some princes, that is, the officials at the earliest opportunity, who can no longer stay in the imperial city.

Li Er also sighed, "Would I not want Yu Yuke to be common? But I have a fixed point, and the guards make a screen. After I am a hundred years old, my brothers have no danger of death." Unfortunately, in history, I still let The grandson was killed with no worries. I have to say that being a prince is both happy and sad. It is easy to be regarded as a target. Especially the better prince cannot be regarded as the emperor. Naturally someone will remember them. Whether it's a good person or a bad person, how do you distinguish between good and bad?

Is it not bad for the grandson to be jealous? Not necessarily. He just wanted to make him more comfortable, and to make his offspring more comfortable. But can he be comfortable, can the offspring be good, and the same, he finally Still being victimized, this is all self-inflicted.

In other words, this is in line with the Buddhist cause and effect report, but is there really a cause and effect report, and I haven't seen a few real bad guys get a result report? Is this still related to the Buddhist history and cause and effect report? (To be continued.)