Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 259 New Research Projects

When Li Er was angry, even when Li Er was in distress, Yang Heng didn't know he was in trouble again, but dealt with another thing. .

What's the matter? It's the thing that came from the name of the medical treatment that came last time, which is about the eucommia.

"All three of you, come and talk about your research experience first." Once again, Yang Heng felt his lack of manpower. In terms of chemistry, he has been using these five Taoist priests to study, but he has no way. I found another person, or did he continue to flicker Yuan Tianzhang, and asked him to find some Taoists here to help.

What Yang Heng didn't know was that Li Er originally sent someone to call him into the palace. He wanted to see how to deal with the Qixi Festival, but when his people came here, he found that Yang Heng had already entered the mountain. At the mountain pass, there were also Li Er's people waiting. When the people arranged by Li Er arrived, they were blocked out.

"Do you know, this is His Majesty's order, but he asked me to take the horse back." The caller was very rude, "Come on, I don't know you yet, always holding the feather arrow. Man, if you do n’t, you can take out His Majesty ’s handwritten book, or doctrine, so that I will go in to report, otherwise, you go back, but there is His Majesty ’s hand, but this is caused by you, you Go back now. You are not allowed to talk to anyone along the way. You are not allowed to talk to anyone, and you are not allowed to talk to yourself. Your Majesty will explain it to you when you go back, otherwise Your Majesty said, no matter who. Entering there must kill no pardon. "

"I don't believe it. Why did anyone go in just now, and you didn't ask?" "Sorry, this is nothing to tell you. I'll tell you again. If you continue to talk here, then I won't care if you are 陛 ** People on the side. "

"You, you, you wait for me, I, I will come back." The comer ran out a little embarrassed, "Remember, from now on you are not allowed to say a word, just a few words I will forgive you. "" You, ah. "As soon as he was going to refute, he heard an arrow flying over his ear." This is a warning to you. If you continue to open your mouth, the next arrow will be fine. I don't know where it will come from, and it must be your throat. "

"Ah" almost came out of his throat, then he covered his mouth with his hands, because he had already felt murderous, it seems that someone was really watching him from the side, if you say this With a sound, then I really don't know if he will leave alive.

He suddenly remembered that this man was coming from the celebrity side, but it had disappeared in recent years. It seemed that he had hid here to perform an important task.

He guessed it right. Here is where Yang Heng asked Li Er to arrange to come, in order to be responsible for some people who are difficult to each other, and other people, such as ordinary people, and some foreign messengers, do not need him to come out This is how Yang Heng's people deal with it, and how can he judge these people? Sometimes people he knows come, without Yang Heng's leadership, sometimes Sun Simiao comes alone, these people don't need him to come No matter, other people, he thinks that Yang Heng's people can't deal with him, and he will show up. There are some people who are entangled with Yang Heng's people, he will not even need to come out and will solve it directly. Most of the time It will still be inquired. If it is Li Er's person, then he will let him go back, and there will naturally be someone behind him, these are all secret people. If he gives a signal, maybe this person will He died halfway, but Li Er gave him a death order. Here, except Yang Heng and the people appointed by Yang Heng, they are not allowed in or out. Otherwise, there is no pardon. This is why Yang Heng is quite assured of the security here, and it is also why Li Er has increased Yang Heng ’s equipment, because some of the research experiments in it will let these people report up. If Yang Heng does not say, Li Er is not I will ask, I wo n’t even mention it, and these things are related to technology. Unless there are mysterious things, this will allow Yang Heng to explain, but so far, nothing mysterious has happened. The thing was that the lightning rod was not a mystery to these people. They didn't know that the lightning was caused by the lightning rod. Otherwise, they will report up, Li Er will definitely ask Yang Heng.

Therefore, this time Yang Heng entered the mountain in a timely manner, so that he avoided a disaster.

"What, you mean that the person around you is holding there with a warrant, just not letting you in, and if you force it, you will be shot directly." Li Er also wondered, "Your Majesty, you seem to be Such a person was sent. "Nothing has been reported in recent years. Li Er has forgotten something here. After a reminder from his grandson," Go on, remember, don't see you Say things out, "" Xie Xie, the slave went down first. "Well, this turned out to be an eunuch. No wonder the person still had some taboos about him." Did you say that you should destroy him? "Li He asked behind him again and again, "Your Majesty, I'll take care of this." It seems that the eunuch really knew something that he shouldn't know, and it was so small.

"Come down, you see that I have dealt with it, go back and say hello, and there will be such a person in the future, let him kill it directly, there is no shortage of people around you." Why this person is so bold in Li Er It ’s actually monitored by Li Er. Actually, this is also Li Er ’s close friend. When he came, he actually greeted the people around Li Er. He just wanted to see if people would tell the truth, and it was naturally Li Er ’s treatment. Although things are said to be handled directly by them, they still wo n’t do it on their own. It is better to let Li Er handle it.

"Little breeze stays, big breeze, big moon, you two come with me, I have other things to give you, here you are responsible for the small breeze." Why are there only three Taoists now, originally there were Two of them are studying gunpowder, but they have not appeared in front of Yang Heng for a long time. It seems that they have gained a little, so they have been bored to do research there.

"The task of the two of you is to prepare a lot of soda ash first. Do n’t ask me about it. I do n’t quite understand it. You research it yourself. After you research it and make a lot of soda ash, let people talk. Give it to me, and I will arrange the tasks for you again, do you know? "" I know the owner, but where should we go to study? "" Where is this? This is a problem. You must know that this soda ash is a problem for the land. It will have a great impact. By the way, there is a stone pit over there that will not leak water. Put all the waste water you created there. I will arrange for people to deal with it or have other uses. "

Because the mountain is a very beautiful environment, and there is also a college, Yang Heng naturally does not want to let some waste water flow out to affect the environment, but if there is some odor in the air, the impact is not great, it is the output of these things. Very low and easy to deal with. At this time, if something is developed, it can be sold directly at high prices, because Yang Heng has no substitutes for the products developed, then it is certain to sell high prices, and it will naturally decontaminate. The costs are also included. When these things really mature, Yang Heng can even encourage Li Er or the next-generation emperor to give an environmental protection **, so Yang Heng will not become a sinner. He knew that he was the first person to eat crabs, and it was not up to him how to eat them.

The reason for the manufacture and research of soda ash is naturally used to extract eucommia ulmoides gum. You must know that Yang Heng had a period of time in the previous life to consider how to get rich. The existence of this thing, and he also knows that eucommia is extracted with lye. Naturally, how to extract it is not his concern. You must know that these priests have their pride, once they let them know How beneficial this thing is, if they go even further from the gods, they will use a lot of energy to experiment. (To be continued.)