Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 260 Eucommia

When the Taoist leaders were studying alkali, Yang Heng was not idle, he asked the housekeeper to arrange for people to collect some bark, leaves, and fruits of some natural Eucommia trees. .

According to his understanding, if it is true, there should be some colloidal white silk in these things. If not, it may not be this eucommia, and people will have to find another one. If that is the case, the workload can It's big.

Eucommia ulmoides, both in Yang Heng's previous life and at this time, are some of the more expensive trees and precious medicinal materials, but fortunately, the place where Eucommia ulmoides is known to be produced in the Qinling Mountains not far away, if If so, people can be arranged to collect, and even Li Er can be bought to buy a part of the forest.

"Xiao Langjun, I'm back, I've got the eucommia you want." Yang Heng wondered, you're back so soon, and the eucommia you're looking for is in this little bag in front of me.

"This is it?" "Xiaolangjun, but this is the eucommia I bought from several drug stores. I was afraid that it would delay Xiaolangjun's business, so I bought this point first, and if I can, I will collect it. "

"Do n’t look, this is not the eucommia I want. These are processed. I need the leaves, fruits, and bark of the natural eucommia tree. What you can find now I heard that it is in Qinling Mountains. I'm not in a hurry, you can find it. "

Yang Heng really was crying and laughing. The housekeeper came from ** with such a living treasure. He even bought it from a pharmacy at a high price. Does he not know if it is available in the pharmacy, but the Eucommia in the pharmacy is processed by Chinese medicine? After the treatment, it is already a prepared medicinal material.

While people were looking for Eucommia ulmoides trees, Yang Heng also just cleared his mind about the knowledge of Eucommia ulmoides. The best extraction method of Eucommia ulmoides is the mixing method, but now Yang Heng cannot meet this condition. And he ca n’t tell some of the chief formulators about some chemical formulas, not because he does n’t want to tell them, but tells them that it ’s useless. Besides, Yang Heng himself does n’t remember any molecular formulas. If you think about it carefully, it ’s nothing but acid. Oh, by the way, the microscope, since the telescope is already small, these directors can continue to study the microscope. If they have a microscope, they can not only study chemistry, but also Sun Daochang can observe some human tissues. And some bacteria or something, okay, write down, their next research direction is microscope, and find Yuan Tianzhang, let him find some masters who can do some tricks as soon as possible, no matter what tricks are played, This proves that their hands must be fast and naturally suitable for research.

What methods can be used to restrain these people, as well as the five Taoist leaders in the mountains, Yang Heng thinks about it, and thinks about it, but thinks about it, but this is also normal. These people really make him embarrassed, how to give Are they in a position to let them stay here in Yang Heng?

Otherwise, it ’s a big deal to support Taoism. It ’s the most advantageous to support Taoism now, because Li Er believes that Lao Tzu is his old ancestor. If you add another one in the academy, Classification, Taoist classification is also good, not bad, I ’m really a genius, write it down, I still ca n’t take care of it now, the current goal is eucommia, because this thing is very useful, whether it is a water pipe or Yang The bicycles that Heng intends to develop all need rubber, but he does n’t know where the rubber is. He does n’t know the rubber tree in front of him, and the processing method of rubber is even more difficult for him. This, he I have n’t touched it in the past, but eucommia gum is more realistic. Although there are also difficulties, the difficulties are much smaller, but it is only a difference between hard rubber and soft rubber. If you can make hard rubber, it is also good. It is much more useful to use hard glue to make the transmission pipeline, so that his family's layout will take a step forward, and it will also become popular among the ministers of Changan, he thought What is it, nature is water, and if the gutta percha to do with water, Yang Heng natural first thing to do is to do first running water, no running water here is really inconvenient way.

But there is still a problem. By the way, it is oxidation. It must have an anti-waterlogging agent, but what is an anti-aging agent? Forget it, don't think about it. It is something like amines, let the ministers slowly. Go and experiment.

Just thinking about such a thing, I have n’t even written a full page of paper, but let Yang Heng retreat for a long time. “Xiaolangjun, Xiaolangjun, are you there?” Well, it ’s time to go out and breathe, just right See who's calling him outside.

"Xiaolangjun, I'm back, but this time I pulled it off the tree myself. There are seeds, leaves, and bark. By the way, how is this bark different from other bark? Some white silk is not the silk in ordinary bark. "Ah, yes, it is. I did not expect that such a thing would be discovered by this subordinate. It seems that the steward asked him to look for it. With his intention, this subordinate is available, maybe he can be held responsible for one thing at a time.

"What you said is true, then you do n’t need to read it. You ask the housekeeper to arrange for someone to send it to the mountain, and I will go right away." I do n’t know how many of them, "Is Xiaolangjun all sent in? But I brought back a carriage. I heard that this is a precious medicinal material. We can save some medicine."

"A carriage is a little less, but it will be the case for the time being. You go and tell the housekeeper, where is that place and see if there is an owner. If it is an ownerless place, we can pay for it." "可Xiao Langjun, it ’s in the mountain. Without the owner, there must be no owner. It ’s difficult to pick, but there are a lot of Eucommia trees inside. If you make medicine, it will be enough for the entire Tang Dynasty. "That's it, you, how can you stay on the line of medicine." Yang Heng was crying and laughing, which had nothing to do with medicine, and he was not selling medicine.

"Well, Xiaolangjun, I bought the medicine in front of me." He said a little embarrassed, "Well, well, go and ask the housekeeper for money, although you haven't done anything before, But it's also working for me, isn't it? "I see, why didn't he leave the herbs?

"Thank you Xiaolangjun, thank you Xiaolangjun, then I'm gone." This man ran away, but the money in front of him was not thrown into the water, it was finally recovered, but it was Shu Breathed.

"Well, you are really, if you understand, so many things will not happen!" Yang Heng shook his head helplessly, it seems that this person is still unavailable for the time being, so careless, Yang Heng believes the housekeeper The orders were understood, but he still heard wrong, and went to the pharmacy to buy Eucommia.

"Dongjia, this is not possible, how can you not get the soda ash you want, how you look at it, it is not very pure." When Yang Heng came into the mountain again, the two chiefs were bitter, why? One problem, the way they used was just dissolving crystals, or screening. It was naturally difficult to make soda ash. However, Yang Heng was not in a hurry. This is a difficult thing. He can mention it a little bit. It's good to do it, but will Yang Heng mention it, and he won't, then let these Taoist leaders experiment slowly, but Yang Heng will give them a word.

"You can try what lime and salt can do together, you can also add some other things, right, you can make some glass tubes, you can slowly study, right, you see these things See if I can extract the gum inside with not very pure alkaline water. I'm useful. "Yang Heng said lightly.

"Ah, by the way, you'd better prepare for protection when you test these things, that is, the gas they produce can only be smelled by hand fan, otherwise you are injured or poisoned is a big deal."

Although science can't do something sloppy, it also starts with sloppyness. If it doesn't start, what will happen? (To be continued.)