Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 261 Evening School and Yang's Numbers

"What, you said that the boy had run a night school in the mountains?" "Yes, Your Majesty, since the horse entered the mountain for the last time, but by the look of his disappointment, I know that the Taoist leaders did not do a good job for him. Only then came into the mountain to convene all the artisans, all the old farmers, and announced one thing, that is, to run a night school. "

I don't know if Li Er feels very boring, so he has been paying attention to all things of Yang Heng, and he even noticed such a trivial matter.

"Evening school, literally, is not a place to study at night." "Yes, Your Majesty, the place where they study is in the old farming crop there, because there is a biogas pond, and There are a few biogas lamps, but they are lit at night and there is a relatively large courtyard in that place. Their study is in that courtyard. "

"I know, continue to observe, if there is anything new, tell him as soon as possible." Well, you really are really concerned about Yang Heng.

Evening school, why did Yang Heng run this evening school, since he came out of the mountain last time, he has been thinking about one thing, that is, generally speaking, his subordinates have no culture, especially those old farmers Once you find something, you have to wait for someone to look over it, and then let the literate person record it, or even miss some important data. How can this be done, but if you change some literate person, But without their ability, Yang Hengyi once thought whether everyone would assign them a recorder, but in the end they let Yang Heng reject it. But the problem still needs to be solved, so he came up with such a night school method.

However, Yang Heng's night school is quite timely. Whether it is an old farmer, a craftsman, or a few road chiefs, it is urgent to know more words, and even some simplified numbers are needed to record some important things. Data, otherwise written in square words, it is easy to cause confusion.

This number is naturally the Yang's number named by Yang Heng, but it can no longer be called an Arabic number. Although Arab countries can have such numbers at this time, they may not be very mature.

"Come, you all tell me, how many of you are literate?" This is the first lesson. Yang Heng naturally needs to know how these people are literate, but fortunately, a few masters and some craftsmen are literate. "Mother, you can take these illiterate people over there for enlightenment. Remember, you will be the teacher of the night school enlightenment class later." Why do you arrange this because the mother always has children and children? Their enlightenment ability, so Yang Heng gave this task to the young mother.

To say who Yang Heng brought in this time, it is naturally the young lady. Changle and Yuzhang are included. If Yuzhang is brought in without Changzhang, Yuzhang will not be happy. , Especially Xiao Niang, who is definitely the main teacher of this night school, must bring it.

"That brother-in-law, me, me, who do I teach?" Yu Zhang couldn't stand aside. "You, you can read more than a thousand words, and even read out some ordinary books slightly." Similarly, The five masters, as well as a few senior jewelry craftsmen, came out, "Okay, Yuzhang, take these people over there. Your task is to teach them Yang's numbers first, and let them take Yang The numbers are good to learn. "

Yuzhang and Changle have followed Yang Heng for a long time, and even some ordinary four calculations will work. Although they are not as good as their mothers, they can teach them. "Changle, you see, the rest of the people You teach it, it doesn't need to be too difficult, you just need to write the whole thousand characters first, and then teach some numbers, okay, let ’s learn by each one, I will insert some grids or even from time to time for you It ’s knowledge like chemistry. "

It ’s not that Yang Heng has nothing to do. He needs to explain some basic knowledge to them in a few days. In this way, their research will be further advanced. Moreover, Yang Heng did not set a long time for them to take classes in the evening. In the end, they still have their own work to do during the day, that is, most of the time, and they are taking a break in the middle, that is, they are the time for the two classes. These people can only instill in them now, And they ca n’t teach them step by step, because they are already stereotyped, but they ca n’t teach them the same as teaching children. Maybe they need to be more patient than teaching children, so Yang Heng asked Yu Zhang to teach those who are most literate. Relatively speaking, They are easier to teach.

"What, what are you talking about, that kid actually asked the two princesses to teach those mud legs," "Yes, Your Majesty, the two princesses seem to teach what Yang's numbers are." People behind Li Er already knew Li Er's temper is gone. Once he gets angry, as long as he transfers a topic and draws his attention, then his anger will be gone. Sure enough, his effect is very good.

"What numbers do I care about? Anyway, I can't let the two princesses teach the muddy legs, what, what are you talking about, Yang's number, how is this Yang's number different from the words we use?" Sure enough, Li Er's Attention is still attracted, and even Yang Yang's numbers are coming. If Li Er doesn't know about it, that's fake, but Yang Heng didn't preach it, it didn't attract people's attention, and now it only has It became popular in the Yang family and Princess House.

"Ah, I think of it, Yang's number, Yang's number, I seem to have heard who said it, who said it, Changle, no, if Changle said something, it must be explained clearly, Yu Zhang, It ’s not Yu Zhang, she does n’t have the number that the surname tells you, and if it is said, this is a new thing, she will definitely want to reward him, who is that, ah, yes, Go and call Li Zhi. "

Li Er finally remembered that Li Zhi was Li Zhi, but Li Zhi had been to Yang Heng a few times, so he learned what numbers were possible, and when Li Zhi told Li Er, Li Er didn't pay attention to what Li Zhi said. He just listened. What important things can be said in a child's mouth? As a result, there is something important in the child's mouth.

"Father Emperor, your name is Zhier." Li Zhi jumped in from outside, "Come, Zhier, tell your father, what is Yang's number?" Li Erji has a big wolf The essence of it has begun to rise.

"Ah, Father, you want to ask Yang's number. I told you Father, this number is convenient to use. I used to be taught by a master to count. I ca n’t remember even those calculations. Trouble, but after learning this number, it is a convenience, it is also easy to calculate, you listen to my answer, one plus one ... "Well, Li Zhi actually picked up the addition formula.

At first, Li Er was still a little impatient, but when he heard the depths, he suddenly realized that this method of learning numbers and addition and subtraction was excellent, so he wanted to know how to write the numbers even more. Already.

"Well, Zhier, you have a good back and reward. You can write the word." "Yeah, let the son-in-law write it to the father and the emperor." Talking, Li Zhi turned out to be a palace girl He took a piece of chalk in his hand and started writing to Li Er on the floor.

What is this, twists and turns, Li Er was a little disappointed, but immediately his thoughts changed. "Father Emperor, let the son-in-law tell you that this is one, ... you see, the son-in-law does an addition question, or you have a question for the emperor."

"Okay, one, two, three, plus ..." "One, two, three, plus ... that's the number ..." This was a bit naive, but when Li Er saw Li Zhi calculating, he was stunned, this It's amazing, just a few simple draws, you can calculate a formula. "You, me, ah ..." Li Er originally wanted to blame Li Zhi for not telling him, but then thought, Li Zhi had told him that he hadn't noticed it.

"Go, I'll see you in the bookstore department." ... (To be continued.)