Mixed In Early Tang

Chapter 262: Knowledge of Grid Objects

Ge Heng originally thought that this was a very good lesson, but it was only the physics of his previous life, but when he stood in front of everyone, he suddenly realized that this is a very difficult problem. If this is the case, People don't know anything about grids at all, that's fake, but if they know, it's fake. .

How to explain this seems to be a bit contradictory, but see the following example to know that there is no contradiction.

"Have you all hunted?" Everyone originally thought that Yang Heng, the owner, would ask them what they said, but they asked such a topic, hunting, who has not hunted, and when the food was not enough, there were still people When the bandit was forced, there was nothing to eat, so I had to hunt, but hunting was very varied.

"I've used arrows and shot prey," "I've dug traps, caught prey with traps, and caught wild boars." "I've practiced throwing stones and hitting small prey with stones." ...

This hunting method can be summarized in a variety of ways, but it is only two methods, one is a long-range attack method, and the other is an ambush method.

"Well, let's not talk about these methods of digging traps, let's talk about archery and throwing stones. Can you talk about it, when you are shooting active prey, are you aiming at the prey directly?"

"No, no, the owner is the owner. I do n’t even know how to hunt. It ’s really a blessing." Everyone said with a rush of words, and there were still people who admired Yang Heng as the owner. Is this a hunter? What's the matter, you can't keep up with my prey in a lifetime, but Yang Heng is not here to breathe, but to explain something.

"Well, you, how did you hunt?" "Oh," is it scratching your itchy meat or what, isn't it just hunting, what are you proud of? It seems to be talking about his glorious history or something, "When I was hunting, I couldn't fight, why couldn't I? It was because I kept hitting the body of the prey. You think, the prey is running, Do n’t say that it ran sideways, even if it ran along, it was also missed. Until one time I asked an old hunter, and he explained to me a truth, just when the prey ran, you just need to aim at it It ’s very easy to hit the prey in front of my head. In this way, I have more prey. Basically, when I meet ten prey, I can hit one or two. ”He looked around proudly. As if he was like a general, then he sat down.

"How about you?" Yang Heng asked another person, this person was a little guilty, "I, I, I am the five prey hit two or three, how did I fight? I used a stone to hit, but at first I could n’t hit it, but then I accidentally discovered one thing, that is, I can hunt the prey, so that the prey will basically not run away, but some prey are not able to hit with a stone. Dead, when I hit it, when I went to pick it up, it got up and ran. If I had a bow then, it would be fine. "

"Quack," I don't know which of the dark guards in the mountain accidentally shocked the bird, and Yang Heng was also an inspiration. He heard that the bird was flying over his head, so he installed one, just holding it in his hand. A stone was thrown up, and a stone hit the bird as a result. Let me make fun of you, "Tonight I ’m talking about grids. Do n’t say how mysterious grids are. First of all, the hunting I asked you about is a kind of grids, which is kinematics. You know why you play Is it the front of the prey's head? This is a deep question, and the bird I lay. Do you know what the problem is, that is to listen to the sound to identify the position ... "

Talking about interesting things, even things that are closely related to people, will achieve unexpected results. This lesson is very successful, because everyone is going through hard times. If you meet again, you may be able to Hunted to make ends meet.

"Did you all understand?" "Understand, Dongjia, what you said is that if we shoot fast enough, we can directly aim at the prey, even if it is slightly aimed at its head, and the prey leaves. The farther you go, the more you need, but Dongjia, we still have a question, why does the arrow fall down in a curved line when the archery is far away? "I didn't expect it, no I thought that although these people had no culture, they would learn from each other.

"Is this from apples, ah, apples are not called at this time, then those in the mountains are red. Speak from the mountains, or any kind of fruit on the tree. You said, the fruits will fall down when they are ripe Will it hit your heads? "Yang Heng put it on again, this time it made sense. I'll take the story of the fall of the apple for you first, and see how the apple of your surname made the apple smashed. Head, but Yang Heng thinks wrong, this apple may continue to hit the head of the surnamed cow, maybe he will continue to come up with a theory of apple hitting his head, maybe after more than a thousand years, Huaxia will argue with the West, this apple in the end Who hit the head first? Maybe a stick country that is not a stick country is fighting for its credit. The person who was hit by the apple in the head in history is the person in our base country. It will always be a bullshit. The case.

"Fruit hits his head. When the fruit is ripe, it will naturally fall. And when the fruit falls, won't you avoid it in the east. Do you like to hit the head in the ripe fruit?"

The crowd talked again and again, and they were not afraid of Yang Heng, the owner, at all. Usually, Yang Heng was laughing and laughing, naturally they would not be scared, but they were stewards.

"Why, Brother Heng must have his reason. Is it the same as archery, the arrow is falling to the ground, and the fruit is falling to the ground, but not to the sky, but this world Everything is falling to the ground, but I haven't seen it falling in the past, yes, that smoke seems to be floating in the sky, can it be considered falling in the sky? "At this time, it was not only the mother, Changle and Yuzhang. Frowning and thinking, even nodding for the young woman's self-talk, so everyone thought about it.

"This, let me tell you, for you, there are still some difficulties to understand, but I still want to tell you that I gave this phenomenon a name called gravitation, which means that the earth can do anything to everything. Attractive is the smoke and dust that the little girl just said will eventually be attracted by gravity. "

"Dongjia, why is it called universal gravitation? Is it called gravitational gravity, or is it called gravitational gravity?" Yang Heng found that these people did n’t finish the whole meal, but they started to make fun of them. In the future, what else do I have, prestige, but how can I put them together, killing a demonstration, really can't do it, hitting a hundred killing awesome sticks, it's impossible, but just talking and laughing, how can I hit others sticks Well, let ’s do this first, so it does n’t look more popular.

"Okay, okay, don't discuss it, it's called gravitation, but that's the name of a surname named Niu in the far west. If you don't agree with it, I will let the Holy Ghost give the next imperative, and it will be called gravitation in the future. And before the surname Niu came up, let ’s grab this one first, okay, that ’s it, what, you do n’t understand, is this understandable, you two hold hands with each other Move back, yes, is there a big pull, this gravitational force is the hand of the earth, it is pulling your body as a whole, or even any object on the ground, this is called universal gravitation, not yet Understand, when the fruit is ripe, you sit under the fruit tree, let the fruit smash your head, and hurt for hundreds of years, you may understand. "You make fun of me, I will make fun of you.

"Well, let's review, today ..." (To be continued.)