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Chapter 501: Return

Chapter 501: Return

The Yanya Prefecture Military Department is very concerned about the post-war report sent by the Weishi Army this time, especially because the evil spirit is involved in it, and it cannot be ignored.

The Military Department specially dispatched someone to inspect the moor, and then sent another person to Gu's army to verify, but the two sides said almost the same thing.

The Military Department later turned out the history of Zhang Yu and Chen Laodao.

Chen Laodao is a reputable true practitioner. His strength has been proven in the past, and there have been records of cooperating with people to kill the true spirit of evil gods. There is nothing doubtful.

However, after turning to Zhang Yu's historical account, it was confusing, and just looking at the above description, this past had almost no decent fighting.

It was such a monk who should have been very mediocre, but in the end it was the sword that killed the true spirit of the evil god.

In this regard, the Military Department also asked a few monks who also made swords. These monks shook their heads to indicate that even if the true spirit of the evil god was severely defeated, if the magical powers had not completely dissipated, it would be impossible to kill them in one shot The people who can do this can even kill the true spirit of the evil god alone without the help of others.

After the Military Department came to the conclusion, they did not dare to care about it. The monk ’s combat power suddenly increased. In the past, such examples were not absent. Some of them got the opportunity. Then he secretly trusted in the monk Shangtian and received the secret teaching.

If it is the latter, it must be taken seriously.

The Dizhou Military Department reported this to Tiancheng Military Department for this purpose.

The director Hong Yuanqiu received the newspaper three days later. He picked it up and looked at it, surprised: "Zhang Yu?"

He was very impressed with Zhang Yu. When he looked at the paintings, he seemed to have a fairy in the cloud, but his past experience was mediocre and made him feel a little disappointed.

But this time the newspaper was presented, but he told him that this person was not as simple as the history. The record and experience are seriously inconsistent.

He was keenly aware that his origins were not simple. However, Zhang Yu did not hide his own means and was obviously not afraid of being seen inappropriately.

He didn't realize something, and after thinking about it, he found a close friend, took Zhang Yu's book, clicked it with his hand, and said, "You go back to the inner layer and go to Qingyang. Zhou and his party went to check the news about this person, remembering not to let people know. "

The cronies arched their hands and said, "Yes, my subordinates leave."

Zhang Yu did not choose to return immediately after the Weishi army had left. Instead, it took a day to make a circle above the nearby wasteland, allowing Baiguojun to record the surrounding geographical conditions, and then returned to Dizhou. Settlements.

On the way back, he was also thinking. This time when the Wei ’s army reported the results, he would surely attract the attention of some interested people. The original history would also be pulled out and re-examined, and there must be artificial Go here to see his past.

But he doesn't hide for cover, he won't let it go when he can get the chance.

As for the above verification, his "Xuanting walking" identity was prepared for this purpose. This walking identity will not hurt too many people's nerves, although some people will beware of him, but it will also help him to walk around.

And according to the news he received, in another two months, the Xuanzun incarnation guarded in Yiwei Tiancheng will be preached to the altar. At that time, only monks who have certain achievements in Kusu will be able to visit. It will not be missed.

He flew quickly, but after turning his thoughts, he had already returned to Dizhou, and after a moment, he fell on the high platform of his residence.

After entering the house, he approached Li Qinghe and asked, nothing happened within a few days of leaving, but a letter of greeting from Lian Zhuo.

He picked up the letter and turned it over. Most of it contained greetings. He also mentioned June's Xunzun's teaching seminar and asked if he would go. In that case, he might as well go along with each other.

After thinking for a while, he wrote a reply book and asked Li Qinghe to send it, and then watched the practice of the book.

Time has gone by in the past month.

In this month, the Weishi Army completed three military government assignments, all of which wiped out the evil gods around the tribes, and each time they were superior in terms of merit, but fortunately, they did not encounter similar evil gods again. A strong enemy of the spirit, and with the help of Zhang Yu, there were no casualties during the period.

Wei Lingying had promised Zhang Yu earlier that 70% of Wei ’s army surplus was used to support Zhang Yu ’s practice, but this way, in addition to being able to exchange some used ordnance vehicles, , Basically nothing left.

Zhang Yu believes that the Wei ’s army is currently being rebuilt. If this is done, it will definitely slow down the development of the Wei ’s army. Therefore, he suggested that it may be used to support the army first, and the original view of the army must be restored. It is not too late to consider this matter.

After Wei Lingying thought deeply, she also felt reasonable, but she still solemnly set up a loan deed, indicating that the consumption was temporarily borrowed from Zhang Yu.

Then she began to rectify the interior and strengthen the training of the military soldiers.

In order to receive more military commissions, she managed to double the size of the Weishi Army in nearly half a month, to nearly five hundred, and promoted several outstanding military officers to lead the army. Without the last condition, she even took out the family and bought two more strong flying boats.

Time flicked, and soon to mid-May, a creature bug boat landed outside the Weishi Army station.

The hatch was opened. A young man in his twenties, tall and sturdy, wearing a robe, walked out from the inside. He was carrying a huge bag behind him, looking at the familiar scene in front of him. There was a touch of excitement in the eyes.

He murmured: "Sister Wei, Xiaobai, Uncle Lin, I have found a way to save the Weishi army, although I left without saying goodbye, but I will definitely compensate you and make good Weishi army."

After looking around for a few moments, he tightened his bag tightly and walked towards the station.

When the gatekeeper saw him, he stopped him immediately and said, "Please stop here, please. The Wei's army station here must not enter without a nameplate or a traffic sign."

The young man looked at the two and found that he didn't know him. He sighed, and now the Wei's army has recruited even these people who do not know the roots. It seems that these days are really difficult, but it doesn't matter. Now he comes.

He took out a sign from his pocket, shook it in his hand, and said, "I'm also from the Wehrmacht."

The two guards took the sign and looked at it, recognizing that the sign was used by the Weishi Army, but it had been replaced again this month.

However, they also know that the owner of the army recently recruited old soldiers who had left the Wehrmacht in the past. Maybe this one is also preparing to rejoin the army after hearing the news.

Thinking of this, the two of them suddenly became much more polite. One of them hugged his fist and said, "Then please ask this Lang Jun for a moment, and let me go in and make a whistle."

At this moment, although there is a dissatisfaction with being blocked by outsiders from entering the home, the young man is also relieved at the same time. Although Wei ’s army is no longer available, the rules are still there, and the shelf is still standing.

After a while, Sergeant Lin came out from the inside. As soon as he saw the young man, he was surprised, and said, "What a little bright you, are you back?"

There was a hint of excitement on the young man's face, and he said, "Uncle Lin, it's me, I'm back."

Sergeant Lin came up, looked at him carefully, and sighed, "It's good to be back, good to be back, yes, why did you run away without saying a word? Lingying and Xiaobai have been looking for you for a long time."

The young man couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed, but he turned his head up and looked at Sergeant Lin: "Uncle Lin, I didn't say goodbye that time, in order to find a way to save our Wei's army."

Sergeant Lin nodded and sighed: "It's not easy, your heart is good, don't worry too much about success or failure, you just come back, you are still young, and there is opportunity ..."

The young man froze, and then he smiled confidently without much explanation. He looked around and asked, "What about Uncle Lin, Lingying and Xiaobai?"

Sergeant Lin said: "Oh, they are not in the barracks. They went out to recruit soldiers."

The young man sighed, showing a dark look, saying, "They must have been harder in the past six months. The station is much more deserted than before, and many old faces have not seen it."

The two guards looked weird when he heard these words.

Sergeant Lin noticed it, coughed, and patted the young man's shoulder, and said, "Don't talk here, let's go in and talk."

The young man spoke well.

Then the two came to the inner hall. The young man put his bags down and looked at the empty hall. His expression was full of booing.

Sergeant Lin looked at him and smiled. "Xiao Liang, if you come back more than a month ago, Wei's army will be upset, but it is different now."


The young man showed doubts.

In the eyes of Sergeant Lin, there was a glorious movement, saying: "You don't know yet. In mid-February we got a very good median monk. With this support, now our Wehrmacht is back to life. Now. "

"Median monk?"

The young man was taken aback, and then a little disbelieved: "Why would the median monk come to our Wei army? How did they invite Wei sister?"

Sergeant Lin said: "It's luck, too." He will invite Zhang Yu to say something about it before and after, and then he will tell Zhang Yu how he later killed the true spirit of the evil god, lamenting: "Zhang Xuanxiu means Well, with his support, we have not suffered any casualties these days, which was something that could not have been done before when Cheng Xuanxiu was here. "

After listening, the young man frowned, and finally raised his head, looked at it with a burning gaze, and said with an affirmative tone: "Uncle Lin, this Zhang Xuanxiu has absolutely problems!"



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