Mysterious Chapter

Chapter 502

Chapter 502

Sergeant Lin heard this from the young man, and immediately felt a little discomfort. He frowned, "Xiao Liang, you don't know Zhang Xuanxiu, you can't say that."

The young man's expression was full of grasping: "I'm not bullshit. This Zhang Xuanxiu is so capable that even the true spirit of the evil god can be killed, so where is he bad? Why should we come to our Wei army?

Uncle Lin, have you ever thought about it, where is the monk who is so good, where will he come from in the past? Already left by the Tiancheng Military Administration.

I dare say that the history of Zhang Xuanxiu must be very ordinary, and he usually missed it at the Military Affairs Department. So there is a problem here, why should he hide his origins?

I do n’t believe that he has no problem and that he has no purpose! "

Sergeant Lin shook his head and said, "According to you, if Zhang Xuanxiu has a purpose, then it is good to hide himself, why show his own ability? Isn't this contradictory?"

The young man immediately said, "That's exactly what he is trying to do to trust you. This must be one of his purposes."

Sergeant Lin said with a smile: "What do we need Zhang Xuanxiu to get the letter? Xiaoliang, you know that Lin Wei is good for the Wei family, but have you thought too much?"

"I didn't think much!"

The young man stared at Sergeant Lin: "Did you forget why our Wei army suffered that calamity?"

Sergeant Lin frowned, then frowned deeply.

The young man walked up two steps and stared at him: "Uncle Lin, in my opinion, this Zhang Xuanxiu might have come for this reason too, we must not take care."

Sergeant Lin's eyes were shaken for a moment, but then he firmly said, "This is just your guess."

The young man hurried: "Uncle Lin, you have to be vigilant, no matter what, Zhang Xuanxiu must be problematic, you can't trust him completely."

Sergeant Lin groaned and glanced at him again, and said, "You just said that there is a way to save our Wei's army, what is it?"

The young man didn't immediately answer. He stepped back two steps, straightened his body and said, "Uncle Lin, wait for Wei and Xiaobai to come, I will tell you."

Sergeant Lin did not ask any more, but his attitude became aloof. He nodded and said, "Okay, depending on your appearance, you have also driven a lot of roads, and you must be tired. Then you take a break first. You We have kept the room for you all the time. Uncle Lin still has something to stop with you. "

The young man watched him leave the figure and said loudly, "Uncle Lin, I will prove it to you."

Sergeant Lin didn't turn around and went out.

In the evening, Wei Lingying and Jin Xiaobai returned to the station.

Although these days they are busy, but seeing the Wei ’s army thriving and new changes every day, they feel abnormally full of spirit and full of hope for the future.

Their status also infected the people below, and after several successful assignments, the entire Weishi Army is now full of fighting spirit from top to bottom.

After entering the lobby, the two saw Sergeant Lin standing there, as if waiting for them, Wei Lingying asked casually, and said, "Uncle Lin, are you all right today?"

Sergeant Lin said: "Xiao Liang is back."

"Xiao Liang?" Wei Lingying showed a hint of surprise. "Where is the other person? Is he back?" Then she raised her fist. "This boy, I ran away without saying a word at that time, and I have to teach him well. "

Sergeant Lin sighed slightly, and said, "Just rest in his own place, but I don't know if he will be good or bad this time."

Jin Xiaobai was sensitive, she said, "Uncle Lin, what's wrong?"

Sergeant Lin said about the talent,

After listening to Wei Lingying, he thought about it and said, "Uncle Lin, don't blame him. Xiao Liang is this perseverance temper. He hasn't seen Zhang Xuanxiu. There may be some misunderstanding."

Sergeant Lin shook his head: "I don't blame him for this is a trivial matter. I'm afraid he ran into nonsense in front of Zhang Xuanxiu. Now the Wei's army is so good, but it can't be disturbed by anyone."

Wei Lingying took it seriously and said, "Uncle Lin is right, Xiao Bai, Uncle Lin, let's meet Xiao Liang together."

"No, I'm here."

The three of Wei Lingying turned around and saw the young man coming up from the passage on the side of the hall. He glanced at Wei Lingying and looked at Jin Xiaobai and said, "Sister Wei, Xiao Bai, I Without saying goodbye, was to find a way to bring Wei's army back to life, "he paused, his eyes full of light:" I found it. "

Wei Lingying looked at him and stepped forward, saying: "Xiao Liang, sister Wei thank you, but we are now ..." She found that Jin Xiaobai was pulling her military robe at this time, but said helplessly: "Okay, You talk about your approach. "

The young man's spirit suddenly refreshed, he said: "Our Weishi Army was badly hit at the beginning, and I have been thinking afterwards, why is this happening? Why is our Weishi Army falling to this point? Why is there no one to help us? Then I thought of it, because there was no one behind us! "

He said: "After thinking about it, I went to Laiquanzhou. I tried to do everything I could, and even paid my self-esteem, finally contacted the Yin Family."

Sergeant Lin was startled and raised his head, "That Yin Army?"

The young man said affirmatively: "That's the Yin Army."

He looked at Wei Lingying and Jin Xiaobai and said, "The Yin Army can be said to be one of the largest recruiters in Kui Suxing, with strong financial resources and background, and they are willing to support and help small recruiters in various places. Conditions just become their affiliation.

As long as our Wehrmacht becomes their vassal, then they can bring the monks in Yin's Army to help us, and can even provide us with excellent weapons and vehicles.

The most important thing is that with the Yin Army as the back office, you are no longer afraid to encounter the last thing. "

Sergeant Lin cried: "Yin's army is not so kind."

"Yes!" The young man did not deny this, he said: "I know that there are not so many kind people in the world, but we always have to pay for what we want. The Yin Army is now trying to expand itself in the Kui Su stars. Influence, but they have n’t had their affiliation in Tan Yazhou. "

His voice was full of inspiration: "If we become their first slaves, then they can be buried in the roots of Tan Yazhou through our Wei army, and we can use them to strengthen ourselves. This is Is it good for both sides, isn't it? "

After listening to Wei Lingying, he looked up and said, "Xiao Liang, I thank you for your hard work and dedication, but you haven't thought about it. If we agreed to this condition, the Weishi army would no longer be Weishi army. Xiao Liang, if you are willing to come back, I welcome it, but I will not agree to such a thing. "

Jin Xiaobai also said, "Yes, we are fine now," she straightened her chest. "We don't need the Yin army to control us, the Wei army is our own Wei army."

Uncle Lin also insisted: "Yes, we will not change our name."

The young man was stunned there, and it seemed that no one would oppose himself at all, and then his expression excited. "You don't want to accept it, is it because of Zhang Xuanxiu? Would you rather believe an outsider than me?"

Wei Lingying said: "Xiao Liang, calm down. I just heard Uncle Lin said. I think we are fine now, and Zhang Xuanxiu is fine. Don't think about it." She looked seriously: "And I don't Allow someone to damage the reputation of anyone in the Wehrmacht, even if he was a friend I know. "

The young man clenched his fists, and finally turned away without a word.

Jin Xiaobai snorted and said, "It's the same again. He can't change his temper."

Uncle Lin shook his head: "I hope he can figure it out."

The young man left the Weishi Army station that night. He went to visit a few young friends and managed to get a record that was not too important.

He glanced down and said, "From the record, there were two people who went to find Zhang Xuanxiu in the beginning. They were our Wei army and Fu army. If he is a normal monk, then he should choose the right one. He is more favorable and more capable of supporting his cultivation, but he chose us Wei.

This is where the doubt lies! "

His fist slammed heavily on the desk case. "This Zhang Xuanxiu, as I thought, must be problematic! Mostly for that matter."

But when he thought about it, he was extremely frustrated. Now, all three of Wei Lingying trust Zhang Xuanxiu, and he is unwilling to believe him.

He was so annoyed that if he came back a month earlier, he would not be so passive.

He secretly gritted his teeth: "I can't keep my eyes on this black hand to survive in the Weishi Army. I will try to reveal his true face!"

He thought about it, the people who came to Yazhou this time were not only themselves, but also a messenger of the Yin Army, and he felt that he could ask for help.

After having made a decision, he hurried to the inn where the messenger of the Yin Army was located, and found the person.

The messenger of the Yin army is a well-dressed middle-aged man in his 50s. He is dressed in blue, with a hoe, and has a neat and fine black beard under his jaw. The entourage beside them discussed the brown color of the place.

He watched the young man walk in. He smiled and yelled, "Su Langjun, how is it going? Is it going well?"

The young man looked somber and said, "There is something wrong."

The messenger Yin said with a smile: "What's wrong?" He knew very well that, in this case, there must be internal resistance, and he hadn't expected to succeed.

The young man said: "The Wess Army joined a median monk last month. The situation now looks much better than before, but I'm sure that monk is definitely not good intentions, but now everyone in the Wess army The benefits of that monk were dazed, and no one wanted to believe me. "

The angel of the Yin's eyes moved slightly. He stroked his beard and said, "Can you tell me something about Su Langjun?"

The young man said what he had inquired about, and finally he eagerly said, "Mr. Yin, I need your help. With this monk, the Weishi Army cannot join the Yin Army."

After listening to Mr. Yin, Zheng Rong nodded and said, "Mr. Su, we will not ignore what you say, but we need to consider countermeasures. You go to rest first, and I will come to you after dawn, and I will definitely give you an account."

The young man was grateful and said, "Mr. Yin, please."

After he left, Mr. Yin groaned and said to a dark corner: "I was still a little unbelieving about that rumor before, but now a median monk of unknown origin has joined. Do you think this person will do the same? Coming? "

A voice came from the dark corner: "It doesn't rule out the possibility, no matter whether the rumor is true or not, we can try it."

Mr. Yin said, "Even if it is a mischievous monk? If you don't find anything, it's worth the money."

The voice in the corner said: "We don't have to fight in person. Since Su Liang wants to be the savior, let him be. Tomorrow I will try to get him to go to the Jintong Department, then everything will have nothing to do with us."

Mr. Yin was startled and said, "Jintong Department, will it ..."

"Don't worry about it. The Jintong Department is not interested in these things, even if they know it, it doesn't matter."

Mr. Yin thought for a while and nodded: "That's it."



(End of this chapter)