Mysterious Chapter

Chapter 503

Chapter 503

Half a month passed, it was mid-Lenten.

In the lobby of the Tiancheng Military Administration, Hongyuan Qiu was explaining the matter to several subordinates.

There are ten more days to be held in the beginning of June. At that time, Xuanzun incarnates to open the altar to teach the law. Not only will the monks who are resident in the Kui Su stars will arrive, but other monks in the Four Elephant Sky may also come a lot, even go to heaven. The monks may also enter here, so the Military Service must make proper arrangements and preparations.

After explaining the arrangements one by one, he came out of the lobby and went back to the inner hall all the way, but saw that the credible clerk he had dispatched before was waiting for him, and the latter stunned him, saying: " Administrator. "

Hong Yuanqiu nodded and said, "Come back." He returned to his seat and asked, "Is this trip going well?"

The clerk arched his hand: "Return to the director, the main results of the department have been investigated clearly."

Hong Yuanqiu showed his attention, and said, "How?"

The clerk fumbled in his sleeves, took out a book, and said, "This is a description of the true origin of that person. This is not difficult to investigate, but it is not easy to look down. . "

Hong Yuanqiu took the book into his hands, opened it, and turned it over, but after looking at it for a while, he didn't even feel moved.

This history is completely different from the one he has seen before.

This man not only killed and killed the disciples of Xuanzun in the one-on-one fighting method, but also followed the army to conquer and break the country and destroyed the government. He even integrated the inside and outside of the continent, restored the old view of Xuzhou, and eliminated all kinds of interference , Clearing up the turbulent continent and even the internal problems that may cause inner instability ...

These pieces are put together, not to mention that there are no comparable peers in the Kui Su stars, and they have never even seen them before.

He finally moved his gaze upwards and wrote: "Xuan Ting Feng Feng, Qing Yang Shang Zhou Xuan Fu Xuan Zheng" and other words.

It was only he knew that this was just the identity on the surface. Since this person came to the outer layer, he should have another identity ...

He couldn't help thinking about it.

The clerk saw that he hadn't spoken for a long time, and asked, "Do you want to ..."

Hong Yuanqiu waved his hand: "I expect this person to be here, it must be related to Xuan Ting, or even got Xuan Ting's appointment, otherwise it is impossible to change that history.

However, since this step is found, you can't ask without saying a word. You still have to confirm some things. So, you can take someone to ask for it. Remember, you're more polite. I guess, this one may not be small.

Also, this time to sacrifice the true spirit of the evil god, there should be no praise, don't hold it anymore, just send it to the Yanya Prefecture Military Department. "

The clerk bowed his head and said calmly, "Yes, his subordinates have written down."

Two days later, the Wehrmacht was stationed.

The delegation of the Military Affairs Agency has arrived this month. This time, the place is far away, and it is likely to cooperate with other regions and states. Therefore, Wei Lingying, Jin Xiaobai, and Sergeant Lin and other chiefs are discussing how to arrange at that time.

At this moment, a military soldier walked into the hall and hugged his fist: "Army master, there are two monks outside. It seems that they are not small. Let us go and see."

At this moment, at the entrance of the station, Su Liang came here again after leaving for half a month, but this time, he was followed by two Taoists in black robes with serious and indifferent faces.

It can be seen that a golden eye-pupil pattern is embroidered on the cuffs of the two Taoists, and that eye pupil is looming a majestic, and seems to be able to look directly into the secrets of the heart. , I felt a terrible battle, and dare not look at it anymore.

After a while, Wei Lingying, Jin Xiaobai, and Sergeant Lin came out with a large number of soldiers.

Wei Lingying looked at Su Liang and said, "Xiao Liang, what are you?"

Su Liang looked at her with a sincere attitude: "Sister Wei, I hope you don't blame me. This is also for our Wei's army. When I expose the true face of Zhang Xuanxiu, you will eventually understand my painstaking efforts."

He leaned over and stretched out his hands toward the two Taoists, saying, "These two are the directors of the Jintong Administration. They are here to check Zhang Xuanxiu."

"Jintong Department?"

Wei Lingying and everyone present were shocked.

The Jintong Department is a special department that thoroughly investigates all kinds of demons and internal problems in the outer layer. All of them are composed of the armored military school and powerful monks who have been selected and transferred. In some special cases, they also have outer members. Xuanzun Incarnation and the rights of Zhu Tiancheng to arrest before trial.

Because of the existence of the Jintong Department, the internal situation in the outer heavens can be kept stable for a long time, but because the style of the Jintong Department is more extreme, once it is targeted, it is definitely not a good thing.

Su Liang stood up at this time, and said to many soldiers of the Weishi Army: "We are only here to check that Zhang Xuanxiu, it has nothing to do with the others." He pulled a soldier and whispered a few words The latter nodded and ran out.

Inside the residence's study, Zhang Yu was looking at an ancient bracelet in his hand, which originally had a weak source of energy, but he was absorbed by a little contact, which was a pitiful amount.

But this finally proves that the outer layer can also find source energy.

However, he was disbanded by the Weishi Army, and there were actually not many such things, because the situation at the outer layer was complicated, and all the things involving miraculous power would be taken away by the Military Department and then disposed of or destroyed together, such as the previous evil god This is the case.

This bracelet was originally remembered by a veteran of the Weishi Army after a battle, but was bought by him in gold.

He thought for a while, no matter how the road goes in the future, as a mysticism, Divine Yuan is the top priority, so in addition to his own cultivation and refinement, he must also find ways to find more things that carry energy .

It is only found in Kui Su, not necessarily elsewhere. Those believers and deities of the gods are everywhere in the outer stars, and Tian Xia is not a blind guard, and sometimes they will counterattack. Among those boundaries, perhaps at that time, you can find things that can exist.

At this time, Li Qinghe walked in and arched, "Sir, there is a person over there from the Weishi Army, as if there is something urgent."

Zhang Yu put the bracelet aside and said, "Let him come over."

A military soldier came in, he gave a fist, and then eagerly said, "Zhang Xuanxiu, it's not good. Only someone from the Jintong Department came to you. The army commander told me to pass Zhang Xuanxiu, Zhang Xuanxiu, you Hurry up, it's too late to be late. "

Zhang Yu glanced at him, everyone in the Weishi Army remembered clearly, this one should have joined the Weishi Army in the past two days.

He whispered, "Why go? Now that the people from the Kim Hitomi Department are looking for me, let's meet."

The army died suddenly, apparently did not expect that he would respond to this, his eyes rolled a bit, "but, but ..."

Zhang Yu stood up, looked at him again, and said, "Let's go." The soldier trembled, afraid to disobey, and lowered his head and followed him out.

Zhang Yu's residence is not far from the Weishi Army station. After a short walk, he immediately arrived in the station, and then walked into the hall.

The guard at the entrance of the hall shouted, "Zhang Xuanxiu is here."

Su Liang Huo Ran turned his head and looked at it. This was the first time he saw Zhang Yu and he didn't realize it. At this moment, he suddenly thought of another reason why Wei Lingying and Jin Xiaobai were unwilling to listen to him.

The two men in black robes came up at this moment, and one of them stared, saying, "Zhang Yu?"

Zhang Yu calmly nodded, "It's me."

The man said coldly: "After our investigation, you entered the outer layer after mid-February, but your history is forged. How do you explain this?"

Zhang Yu's voice calmly said: "That history is really not true."

When Su Liang heard this sentence, she felt a joy and turned her head and said in excitement: "Did you hear it, have you heard it?"

However, whether it was Wei Lingying, Jin Xiaobai, or Sergeant Lin, etc., they stood there calmly, unmoved.

They weren't really stupid, they had speculated long ago. Only in their opinion, what happened to Zhang Yu's concealment? After Zhang Yu's arrival, the Wei's army was practically shaken off the predicament of the past, and so far no army has been killed or injured. Based on this, they trusted him.

The Taoist in Heipao saw Zhang Yu admit that he had a shot in his eyes, and another Taoist slowly came over.

But at this moment, a soldier rushed to the road and said, "The army master, the man from the military service is here."

Wei Lingying froze and said, "People in the Military Affairs Agency? Is it another appointment? Now ..."

The army died, "No, not the Dizhou Military Department, but the Tiancheng Military General Administration!"

"How come the people from the Military General Administration?"

When the crowd was in doubt, a neat footstep sounded outside the hall and stopped outside the door, and then a clerk in the official robe of the Military Agency came in, and behind him was Followed by two armored military schools.

The official turned his gaze and saw the two Taoists in the Jintong Department, but he ignored them, but walked directly in front of Zhang Yu, bowed to him, and said, "In the case of Xiayiweitiancheng Military Affairs General Counselor Tang Yan Zhang Xuanzheng is polite. "

The two Daoists of the Jintong Department heard each other's words and looked at each other.

Many people present are unknown. Therefore, there is no Xuanfu in the outer layer. Most people do n’t know the meaning of the word Xuanzheng. Come on.

Zhang Yu raised his sleeve and had a ceremony, saying: "Counselor Tang is polite,"

Counselor Tang was very polite: "The next time I came here by order of the director, I wanted to ask, why did Zhang Xuanzheng change the calendar? Why did Zhang Xuanzheng come to the outside?

Zhang Yudan whispered: "This is not what I changed, it was Xuan Ting's order, only for convenience."

"Xuan Ting?"

The Taoists of the two Jintong Departments changed their expressions slightly.

Zhang Yu waved his sleeves at this moment, and a jade seal flew out of the air, hanging in the midst of the air, emitting a bright light. At this point, look at the stars of Kui Su, "



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