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Chapter 504: Identity

Chapter 504: Identity

"Xuan Ting walking ..."

Everyone in the audience looked at the glittering jade seal slightly, and then realized why Zhang Yu had to hide his identity before.

There is no Xuanfu in the outer layer, and the "Xuanting walking" is responsible for monitoring the outer layer by the order of Xuanting.

However, if the identity of walking is exposed, it will always be noticed, and what you see may not be true.

At this moment, Zhang Yu turned her eyes to the two members of the Jintong Department and said quietly, "Since the two are looking for me today, if there is time for another day, I should go back to the Jintong Department."

The faces of the two Taoists suddenly became a little unsightly.

Xuan Ting walking was under the direct control of Xuan Ting. The Jintong Department had no right to interrogate it. He felt that there was a problem and needed to report to Xuan Ting. However, Xuan Ting walking had the power to inquire about the Xuan Ting department.

Originally, the two could not interfere with each other, because walking usually only observed by themselves, and generally did not actively reveal their identity, and did not provoke the Jintong Department at will.

But now that Zhang Yu has revealed his identity, it obviously doesn't matter. If he wants to go to the Jintong Department for inquiry, they can't stop it.

They are very clear that although the Jintong Department maintains the outer order, it is also very hated. Zhang Yuruo took a heart to Xuan Ting to play a book, and in private I do n’t know how many people would applaud for it, and even returned it. Will facilitate it.

If the upper levels of the department knew about it, they would certainly not give them a good look.

The two Taoists couldn't help but give Su Liang a cold look. If it weren't for this man, where would they cause such trouble?

Only they knew very well that Su Liang was just a little pawn, and there must be someone else behind it.

One of the Taoists suddenly raised his sleeve, and Jintong on the sleeve shot a picture of Su Liang, who was suddenly lost.

The man snorted, lowered his sleeve, and said to Zhang Yushen, "This matter, we will give an account of walking."

Zhang Yudan said: "I'm waiting."

The two men in black robes raised their hands as a gift, then turned around and left, leaving the Weishi Army station very simply.

Counselor Tang has been watching beside him. At this time, he stepped forward and arched at Zhang Yu, apologizingly: "Zhang walked, the Military Affairs Department settled for Kui Su's security, so after seeing the doubt, he had to Come here and ask, don't be surprised to walk. "

Although Xuan Ting walked did not have the right to conduct censorship, but as the eyes and eyes of Xuan Ting, it was also the object that the Tiancheng Military Department was unwilling to offend.

Zhang Yudao: "No problem, the Military Affairs Agency is doing its duty."

Counselor Tang said, "Thank you for your understanding."

At this time, he raised his hand to indicate, took a seal jade, his hands were raised, and said, "Before walking, he killed and killed an evil spirit. He can perform other functions in the Military Service, but he was detained because he was unknown before. No, I was asked to inquire this time, and I also brought this compliment. "

Zhang Yu reached out and took a little motion. He could almost guess what it was. He said, "I don't know where the Yufu Portal is located?"

Counselor Tang said, "I'm on Liquanzhou. If I walk, if I show this sign, someone will come to answer it."

Zhang Yu nodded slightly and put away the jade charm.

Counselor Tang said: "There is still something going on here, so we won't bother. If there is any need for walking and going forward, you can come to the book at any time, and our military service will try to cooperate."

After speaking, he stunned Zhang Yu again, then exited the hall, and then heard the sound of neat steps outside.

Su Liang was standing alone at this moment, looking around. He couldn't help but be a little confused, and murmured in his mouth, "It shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't be like this ..."

Immediately he thought, even if Xuan Ting walked, would there be no problem?

He was excited again, and he suddenly looked up, when he was about to say, but when Wei Lingying raised his hand, he pointed at him and yelled, "Take Su Liang!"

Immediately, two army soldiers could not wait to rush forward and arrested him.

Su Liang froze, then opened his eyes wide and looked at Wei Lingying, revealing an unbelievable color, and said, "Sister Wei, you catch me? You want to catch me, what did I do wrong?"

Wei Ling's English voice was full of chills: "What did you do by yourself, do you not know for yourself?"

Su Liang growled loudly: "What did I do? What did I do? Everything I did was for the Wei Family!"

Wei Lingying gazed at him and said, "Do you still consider yourself a member of the Weishi Army?"

"Of course I do, so I have the responsibility to remove the danger for the Weishi Army!" Su Liang tried to straighten his chest. He didn't think he had done something wrong. Why did he catch him?

Wei Lingying nodded: "Since you admit it, the Wei ’s army has the Wei ’s military law. I said it half a month ago. Do n’t arbitrarily damage the reputation of anyone in the army. Su Liang, what do you do? Yes? "She waved and said," Take it down and wait for it to fall. "

Su Liang was furious and struggling, and said like crazy: "Let me go, let go of me! Why don't you understand me? I'm for the Weishi Army! How much have I paid for Weishi Army? You will regret it, you will Regret! You ... "

A bang, maybe it was because he was noisy, or maybe he didn't like him anymore. The soldier next to him slammed into his head, Su Liang tilted his head outwards, and his hands and feet twitched a few times. , And then paralyzed like a slime.

Two soldiers dragged his arms, and dragged him out rudely.

Wei Lingying sighed, and she turned around and came to Zhang Yu, apologizing: "Zhang Xuanxiu, I'm sorry."

She has understood that Zhang Yu should be in Wei's army just to obtain an identity that can be used as a cover, so that he can easily observe all aspects of Tiancheng.

However, because of Su Liang's appearance, it is necessary to expose his identity in advance.

With regret in her heart, she said: "Zhang Xuanxiu, I blame me for not managing my subordinates. I was decisive and took Su Liang directly. That would not be so much."

Sergeant Lin sighed: "I also blame me. I grew up watching Su Liang and thought it was just foolishness and perseverance. I didn't expect him to go out now but it turned out like this." He looked up and begged: "Zhang Xuanxiu, if you want to blame me, blame me. This matter has nothing to do with Lingying."

Zhang Yu calmly said: "Military master, Sergeant Lin, you don't need to blame yourself. In addition to the people of the Jintong Department and the General Administration of Military Affairs, I think this is because I killed the true spirit of the evil god, so Regardless of whether there is Su Liang or not, in order to clarify this matter, my identity must be clear. "

Wei Lingying hesitated, looked at him nervously, and asked carefully: "Then ... Zhang Xuanxiu, will you stay here?"

Zhang Yudan whispered: "I won't stay in the Weishi Army all the time." He paused and said, "But I always do things from beginning to end. I will not leave the Weishi Army for the time being, at least in the agreement I won't leave until the time I set is over. "

When he heard the first half of his sentence, Wei Lingying's eyes were dim, but when he heard the second half, he couldn't help showing surprise, and his heart seemed to let go of a burden and nodded again and again.

Just then, a young voice peculiar to a young man suddenly sounded in the hall: "Where are you going?"

The crowd turned around, but saw Xiaolong grabbing a person, and this person was the same soldier who had obeyed Su Liang's orders before, and asked Zhang Yu to come here.

The army soldier was trying to get rid of Xiaolong. When he saw the crowd were looking at him, he was afraid to move immediately. He horrified and said, "The army master, Zhang Xuanxiu, were all made by Su Liang, and I started at the same time. Not willing. "

Sergeant Lin said: "Military master, what should this man do?"

Wei Lingying looked at Zhang Yu and asked cautiously, "Zhang Xuanxiu, look?"

Zhang Yudao: "The Lord of the Guard is the Lord of the Guard. Since these people are the members of the Guardian's Army, it is up to the Lord of the Guard to decide what to do."

Wei Lingying nodded, she commanded: "Come, take it, and dispose with Su Liang later!"

Watching the soldier dragged down, there was silence in the hall.

Jin Xiaobai suddenly said, "By the way, a new delegation came from the Military Department before we just talked about it. Just when Zhang Xuanxiu came, let's discuss it together."

Those present could not help looking at Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu nodded and said, "Self-confidence and smell."

Seeing that his attitude and speech were as usual, there was no change compared with the past, everyone was relaxed, and a smile appeared on his face.

At this time, Wei Lingying asked Yi Cong to hang a map and point to somewhere, and said, "This time the boundary we are going to is very deserted. It is near the polar region in the north, where it is suspected to have been found for hundreds of years. The former Shangtiantian monk crashed into the giant boat there.

Because of the matter of the French General Assembly, the Military Affairs Department is currently understaffed, and we are closest to Yanya Prefecture. Therefore, the Military Affairs Department has left it to us. "

Jin Xiaobai said: "I heard that it's not just us, but Fu's army has also been appointed."

Wei Lingying said: "Even without them, there will be others." She looked up and said: "This time the Military Service only asked us to investigate the specific situation there, and did not ask us to obtain anything. There is no need to compete with Fu's army. "

Jin Xiaobai and the capitals of Wuwu nodded.

Zhang Yu didn't interject. He wouldn't question the specific actions of the Weishi Army. He only needed to ensure that the Weishi Army did not have any problems during the operation. Of course, if military merit is available, he will never let it go.

Because the Military Department only gave them ten days this time, at least half of which was spent on the road, Wei Lingying finally decided to leave tomorrow morning.

After agreeing, Zhang Yu saw that he was fine, so he left the hall first.

After Ling Ling Zhang left, Wei Lingying shouted to all the people who were present. She looked serious: "Princes, although Zhang Xuanxiu admitted the identity of Xuan Ting's walking, it was because he trusted us, Just keep this in mind, don't go outside and preach at will. "

Everyone looked at each other and all responded.



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