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Chapter 505 Giant Boat

Chapter 505 Giant Boat

After Wei Lingying took care of him, he let all Wu Capital leave. What happened today is too much. Even her, she felt tired for a while, and couldn't help sitting down and holding her forehead.

However, at this time, if she felt something, she looked up and saw that Sergeant Lin was still standing there. She asked with concern: "Uncle Lin, is there anything else?"

Sergeant Lin approached a little and said, "I think I should tell Zhang Xuanzheng about that."

Wei Lingying took a moment's notice before reflecting on what he was saying.

Sergeant Lin sighed: "Su Liang first thought that Zhang Xuanxiu came for this purpose, but I suspect that the Yin clan behind Su Liang might actually seek us for this matter, so I think this matter should still be told to Zhang Xuan Fix it. "

Wei Lingying thought for a while and said, "There is nothing to hide in that matter. After the assignment is over, I will find a machine and Zhang Xuanxiu to explain it."

Sergeant Lin relaxed and nodded, "This is the best way."

On the second day, at dawn, the Wehrmacht had agreed in advance, except that the garrison left the necessary garrison, and everyone else boarded the flying boat one after another and then flew northward.

On the other side, in the Fu's army station, the sixteen-carrying carrier flying boat and the two-armed fighting flying boat were parked on the open space in front of the station, and a series of military soldiers were boarding the boat.

Fu Yong, Fu Cuo and his son boarded the main boat surrounded by guards, and sat down in the main cabin.

Fu Wuji said, "Father, Wei's army is just like us this time. They are also assigned by the Military Department."

Fu Yong said: "The old routine of the Military Department is impossible. They can't let any one of the civilian hired recruits operate alone, they will definitely find us a counterpart."

Fu made a mistake and mocked slightly: "Zhang Xuanxiu really has the ability, since he arrived in the Wei's army, the Wei's army has turned over, and there are rumors that what killed the true spirit of the evil god, hum It's ridiculous. This kind of thing is to lie to those ignorant soldiers. The guards really don't even have a face in order to recruit soldiers. "

Fu Yongshen said: "It may not be false."

Fu mistaken for a moment, then laughed: "Father, how is this possible?"

Fu Yong's eyes were deep, and he said, "Unfortunately, the one who acted with the Weishi Army at that time was left by flying boat after the end of the Weishi Army's assignment, or we could hear more information."

In fact, the other day he took advantage of the Wei ’s army to recruit people, and also inserted his eyelids. However, unfortunately, from the previous day to now, all military soldiers have been tied up by military regulations in the barracks. Message.

Fu Cuo doesn't care about this. In his eyes, today's Wei ’s army does not deserve much attention. He is slightly excited: "Father, if the flying boat is really left over by the monk Shanghang, there must be something wrong. Less good things, if more are seized, we Fu Jun may go further. "

Footsteps came at this time, and the next one came with a smile, black hair, and a middle-aged Taoist with dust in his hands.

The two of Fu's father and son immediately stood up, showing respect, and arched, "Zuo Xuanxiu."

Zuo Xuanxiu responded politely, then swept the dust and sat down.

Fu mistakenly said: "As Zuo Xuanxiu has arrived, let's go now."

Fu Yong glanced outside and saw that all the soldiers had boarded the flying boat and nodded, "Let's go."

A moment later, as the rays of light lit up, the sixteen flying boat rose to the sky and flew to the north polar.

The Wei ’s army was already halfway because it set out earlier than the Fu ’s army.

This time, the Wehrmacht replaced two rather strong boats, with a thick shell on the outer layer. As soon as the violent birds rushed over, they were photographed as mud on the speeding flying boat, and the blood and bones were also broken like balloons. Exploded.

Those thick plasma mixtures didn't stay on the outer shell of the flying boat, but were wiped by the wild air flowing outside, and they were clean in a moment.

Wei Lingying slightly said: "This is a double-hull flying boat that I customized to Tianji Workshop, but it won't be easily destroyed like last time."

Jin Xiaobai muttered, "I always feel that something bad will happen when I say this sentence."

Wei Lingying patted her head, "There is Zhang Xuanxiu here, don't worry."

The Weiss Army constantly adjusted its direction according to the map prepared in advance, and the journey was smoother than expected. Almost half a day later, it came over a crystal lake, and a deep red rainbow hung from the air and fell straight into the lake.

In front of it is an ice-blue mountain. Low and dense clouds are stacked on the thick ridges. The light golden light emerges from the gap between the sky and the mountains and sprinkles on the lake. Go magnificent.

Jin Xiaobai looked down at the map in his hand and looked at the front, and said, "From the map, it's time to get past this lake."

Feizhou drove for a while, and suddenly she opened her eyes and stretched out a finger, saying, "There it is!"

Everyone looked at the past, and saw that the target was pointed and cone-shaped, more than 500 feet high, soaring, and looked like a green-black mountain peak.

Seeing this thing for a moment, everyone was surprised, and never expected that the goal this time was so huge.

Jin Xiaobai said: "It is said that this flying boat has been here for at least two or three hundred years. If this happened to be a cruising boat passing by the place to avoid the storm, we would stay here for a while and we would not find it.

It was only then that the patrolmen had missions and could not stay long, so they left quickly, and then reported the news. After the Military Department evaluated it, let us investigate first. "

Wei Lingying looked at Zhang Yu and said, "Zhang Xuanxiu, you said that after hundreds of years, is it possible that the monk Shanghangtian is still alive?"

Zhang Yu thought for a moment, and said, "It depends on the situation. If it's a realm like me, then it's badly damaged. As long as you sit still and watch it, there will be no problem in maintaining hundreds of thousands of years of vitality."

Jin Xiaobai said: "Ah, are we going to meet a few hundred years old monster?"

Wei Lingying blame: "Little Bai, don't say that."

She couldn't help but glance at Zhang Yu. When she wanted to come, the monks had a long life. Zhang Xuanxiu had this strength. Although he looked young, maybe he had more than 100 years old.

After flying for dozens of miles, the flying boat fell on a relatively flat ground.

At this time, there was a thunderous noise in the sky. Everyone looked up and saw more than ten flying boats lined up in a queue, flying from a distance, and directly over their heads, heading towards The giant boat was galloping away.

Sergeant Lin said: "The army leader is from Fu's army."

Wei Lingying looked at the direction in which the flying boat disappeared and said, "It seems that they want us to enter the flying boat one step first, then let them go first. We try not to conflict with them later."

All the troops died in unison.

And at this moment, on Fu's army flying boat, Fu Yong asked: "Zuo Xuanxiu, what do you think of Xuanxiu?"

When passing by, Zuo Xuanxiu glanced down at his request, and he was also very interested in this legend to kill the true spirit of the evil god.

When he looked at it at one glance, he was greeted by the pair of bright eyes of Ruo Xing.

At this moment, his expression was a little serious, and he groaned, saying, "This fellow is not easy. It is better not to conflict with him."

Fu Yong immediately heard the subtext in his speech: I may not beat him, don't mess with him.

He hurriedly said: "No, although we and the Wehrmacht are rivals on weekdays, but they have been assigned here by the military government together, then they can be regarded as the same robe. Even if the robes do not protect each other, that is not the case. As for fighting each other. "

Fu Cuo was looking at the huge giant boat below at the moment. He excitedly said, "Father, if you are flying a boat so big, can you count it as our seizure if we find out here?"

In addition to the remuneration given by the Military Department, the revenue from recruiting troops also accounts for the bulk.

Since this flying boat was hundreds of years ago, it was definitely not a creation, but it should be a treasure cultivated by true cultivation, and the value in it has gone up.

Although they can't leave all of them, they can give up that part of the surrender, but the rest is enough for them to eat.

Fu Yong sighed: "It's too big, we don't have to eat it." He looked at the Taoist, saying: "Zuo Xuanxiu thought you?"

Zuo Xuanxiu was also very emotional about this. He stroked his thoughts and said, "The master Fu Jun said quite well. The giant boat is too big. The military department is not so easy to count as your seizure. Or you can try it. "

Fu Cuo was immediately dissatisfied, and muttered, "How many people are they? Let them?"

After Wei's decline, Fu's army seemed to be the strongest army recruiter in Yanya Prefecture.

Because of the absorption of a large number of veterans of the Weishi Army, and others recruited by his own family, he now has 1,500 people, and the Weishi Army is not even 500 people. He looks down on the Weishi Army at all.

Fu Yong ignored his son. He understood the meaning of the leftist. Wei's army had nothing to attract. This was referring to Zhang Xuanxiu.

Indeed, the two median monks joined forces, maybe they could really take down this giant boat, but it failed, and there was no loss in trying it.

More than a dozen flying boats turned a circle outside the giant boat, and finally fell on a flat ground in the north, because they are all worm-shaped flying boats, although there is no need for a specific berth, the extended support feet steadily land on the flat ground .

Then a series of soldiers came to the outside from the horizontally opened hatch, and soon lined up in the front of the open space.

Fu's father and son got off the flying boat together. They went forward and looked up.

Looking at the giant boat in front from this angle, I saw that the pointed cone-shaped peak was hidden in the misty cloud, and the boat was completely integrated, standing firmly on the ground, and even more magnificent.

Fu Cuo looked around and said, "Father, let me first ask you to find the entrance?"

Fu Yong turned his head: "Zuo Xuanxiu, what do you think?"

The left Taoist stared for a moment and said, "It doesn't matter."

Fu Yong relieved, nodded to his son, Fu made a wrong fist, and arranged.

Not long after, dozens of armored men flew up into the sky, flew away to the giant boat like a mountain, and began to look for the possible entrance.



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