I Have A Special Forces System

392 Return

392 Return

"This person's body is full of violent explosive power. If such a terrible force is hammered on someone, I'm afraid that anyone can't bear it." He Chenguang said with some fear.

"My brain." Wang Yanbing couldn't help but take a look at the person, and condensed, "This person is very powerful. Who of us?"

"Hey ... come here," Li Erniu couldn't help but said, "Chenguang you and Yanbing are up, let me come next."

"Er Niu, this person is very strong, can you do it?" Song Kaifei couldn't help it.

"Hey try." Li Erniu couldn't help it.

"Report." Li Erniu cried loudly.


Seeing this, Fan Tianlei couldn't help it.

"I want to compare it with him." Li Erniu pointed at the tank, loudly.

"You want to compare with him?" Fan Tianlei looked at Li Erniu and couldn't help it.

"Yes, I have to compare with him." Li Erniu said.

Fan Tianlei's face was a bit unnatural. What was the situation with Li Erniu, he knew the best. However, relying on Li Erniu's true strength, basically he had to look at luck to defeat the tank.

He ’s not the only person who has never seen a tank. This guy is on the battlefield, that is, a humanoid tank, especially that terrible power, which can kill a person with one punch.

There was once such a person that he had broken five ribs with one punch.

There is even a man who should have broken his sternum directly.

It is conceivable how terrible the tank is.

If Li Erniu fights with the tank, it is obviously the rhythm of being abused.

Fan Tianlei scolded Yang Tianye in his heart. This guy is simply a lack of mind and is too wicked.


Yang Tianye was surprised: "This soldier is good and has courage."

"Lao Fan, you see, this soldier in your family is going to take a shot. Why don't you let them try?" Yang Tianye said openly: "Relax, you can't hurt him, there are still some in the tank fight."

"You try it." Fan Tianlei heard the words and took a deep breath. He felt that if Yang Tianye continued to wait here, he might be able to die of life.

This Yang Tianye is simply too irritating.

"it is good."

Li Erniu cried loudly.

Then Li Erniu stood up and he looked at the tank in front of him. For a while, everyone gave way to an open space for two people. Li Erniu stared directly at the tank and condensed: "Let the grandma come. Try you. "

The tank glanced at Li Erniu with a contempt, and smiled calmly, "You are not my opponent, fight with me, that is to find trouble for yourself."

"How do you know if you haven't played yet?" Li Erniu said.

"Then try it." The tank sneered, and then, two cold mans shot out of a pair of eyes. The cold mans were like ice caves, which made Li Erniu aware of the coldness.

Obviously, this is the pressure from the tank.

Li Erniu stared at the tank with dread, saying: "Let's go."

The tank glanced at Li Erniu, smiled coldly, stepped forward, and banged fiercely against Li Erniu.

The punches screamed, and the fist whistled. This punch was enough to break a small tree.

It can be seen that the tank did not stay, but went all out.

The tank shot, opened and closed, and had a feeling of falling for ten sessions.

Seeing this, Li Erniu placed his hands on his chest.

Obviously, Li Erniu wanted to shake this blow hard.

"not good……"

He Chenguang's face changed slightly: "Li Erniu is losing money."

"Er Niu, be careful." Wang Yanbing could not help reminding.

Both of them knew that the combat effectiveness of the tank was mainly derived from his superpower. This power can be said to drop ten times in one stroke. As long as he hits him, he can be killed by half.

This guy, Li Erniu, was stupid enough to shake the tank.

What's the difference between finding death?

"Hmm ..."

In these countless eyes, the fist of the tank and Li Erniu's arms met with each other fiercely, the terrible power broke out, and Li Erniu's face finally changed.

"Hmm ..."

Li Erniu's body continued to recede, and he took several steps back to stabilize his figure. Li Erniu's arms trembled slightly. Obviously, the tank just beat him and almost beat him. Broken.

"Ha ha."

When the tank saw this, he smiled flatly and said, "You are not my opponent. I think it's better to end here."

"Hmm ... I'm fine." Li Erniu said with a quivering voice.

Obviously, the tank just gave him a punch.

The tank glanced at Li Erniu, shook his head slightly, and with a little disdain in his eyes.

None of the members of the red blood cell team can fight, and these people are still too young, even if they have experienced the baptism of the battlefield, that is just a newcomer.

And they are veterans of hundreds of battles. If they have not experienced thirty battles, they will not be able to join them Sirius, and the elite of their Sirius has not experienced a hundred battles.

This is the terrible aspect of Sirius.

Support war by war! Only by constant fighting can you become stronger.

The appearance of the tank was seen by He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing, all of them were glaring, He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing were staring directly at the tank.

"Fuck, if only for the rest of my life here," Wang Yanbing couldn't help cursing.

"Yeah ..." Xu Tianlong couldn't help but said, "If you are here for the rest of your life, you can definitely call these guys dad."

For the rest of their lives, they have full self-confidence. If these people are perverts, they are perverts in the rest of their lives, but ... the rest of the life is still performing tasks, and it is obviously not realistic to appear here.

"After this incident, I will definitely train hard." Wang Yanbing gritted his teeth and said harshly.

"It's necessary to train," He Chenguang said straightly.

Obviously, they are also angry at this matter, but they are not their opponents, so they can only use training to make themselves stronger.

"Lao Fan, you soldiers still don't seem to work."

Seeing this, Yang Tianye had a smile on his face and looked at Fan Tianlei with a smile.

"But this soldier's physical fitness is good, and he can resist the punch of the tank, yes, yes." Yang Tianye continued.

Yang Tianye's words were in Fan Tianlei's ears, but Fan Tianlei felt very stabbing. This guy is simply abominable. Obviously, he is looking for a difference.

But he has no way to organize Yang Tianye.

Fan Tianlei looked at Yang Tianye with a poor expression. Yang Tianye seemed to have not seen it. Yang Tianye said with some confusion: "Lao Fan, or you soldiers, let me train it."

"Brush ..."

But just then ...

(End of this chapter)