I Have A Special Forces System

Chapter 393

Chapter 393

He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing and others looked as if they saw something, and their eyes looked at them in front of them.

"The rest of my life is here."

Xu Tianlong exclaimed.

The sudden sound also made Fan Tianlei and Yang Tianye be stunned.

However, immediately afterwards, a smile was hanging on Fan Tianlei's face. Fan Tianlei immediately looked in the other direction, and sure enough, the rest of his life at this time was running towards this side.

Fan Tianlei saw this familiar face, and his face was finally filled with smiles.

"The rest of my life is back." Wang Yanbing's face was also slightly excited: "The rest of my life is back, we red blood cells, don't need to continue to shame."

"It's great." Song Kaifei was also a little excited: "The rest of my life is enough to treat this Sirius to the damn mother."

The arrival of the rest of the life caught a lot of people's attention. Even Yang Tianye looked at Fan Tianlei's direction.

This gave Yang Tianye a slight glance.

"Who is this guy?"

Obviously, he did not know the existence of the rest of life, nor did he know who it was, so when he saw the rest of his life, he was a little confused.

"Do you know?" Yang Tianye asked, looking at Ye Feng beside him.

"I don't know." Ye Feng shook his head slightly.

At this moment, Fan Tianlei straightened his waist, immediately looked at Yang Tianye with a smile, and said, "Lao Yang, aren't you trying to continue the test?"

"Okay ... our red blood cells will respond to your request and continue to compare with you."

Yang Tianye heard the words, and looked at Fan Tianlei for a moment in shock.

Just now what Fan Tianlei is, he knows best. However, just now Fan Tianlei obviously did not mean to continue the test. He lost so many games. If he replaced him, he would not continue to compare.

Because it makes no sense at all.

What I didn't expect was.

At this time, Fan Tianlei seemed to be resurrected with blood, and the whole person became different, which made Yang Tianye look aggressive.

This guy, too much change, right? Is it because of this young man?

"Do you really mean it?" Yang Tianye gave Fan Tianlei a hesitant look and couldn't help it.

"That's right." Fan Tianlei smiled and laughed. He stared at Yang Tianye and said, "Did you see that person in front of you?"

"That one is also your red blood cell?" Yang Tianye said.


Fan Tianlei said with pride.

The rest of his life was cultivated by himself. Of course, he was extremely proud. Fan Tianlei said: "This is also my soldier of red blood cells, code-named Demon Ji."

"He was on a mission before, so he wasn't here. Now it appears that his mission is complete."

He knew what mission he had for the rest of his life.

The rest of his life went to help Leng Feng find Long Xiaoyun, and when he saw the rest of his life, Long Xiaoyun might have found it.

"For the rest of your life, come here."

Fan Tianlei loudly.

For the rest of his life, he ran quickly towards Fan Tianlei's side, but his eyes were a little surprised and surprised.

Why so many people here.

And looking at the situation right now, these people are not their red blood cells. Is it that red blood cells are recruiting again?

The rest of his life quickly came to Fan Tianlei's side. At this time, he looked at Fan Tianlei and Yang Tianye next to him, and immediately shouted, "The head is good."

The rest of her life was a little surprised.

Because there was a military rank on Yang Tianye's chest, and this rank turned out to be two bars and four stars, which made the rest of his life take a sigh of relief. I did not expect that there was a large colonel here.

Fan Tianlei's rank is just a colonel, and this person is even higher than Fan Tianlei, if it is above, it is a proper general.

"The rest of your life, your task is completed?" Fan Tianlei looked at the rest of his life, with joy on his face, and looked like he could hold the rest of his life and kiss him hard.

This kid is just in time for rain. It's too timely.

"No," said the rest of her life, and said for a moment.

Then the rest of his life looked at Yang Tianye and hesitated, not knowing whether to report.

"You just have to say it. They have all gone through rigorous training and won't tell anything." Fan Tianlei glanced at Yang Tianye and others, and said openly.

He could see what he was worried about the rest of his life.

Although he and Yang Tianye did not agree with each other, but ... they are all Chinese special forces, some secrets, naturally it is impossible to tell.

The reason why they are not the same is that they are not the same.

Really speaking, they are also very good friends.

The rest of his life was relieved when he heard this, and he immediately said: "I went there, but I didn't find Captain Dragon, and even Leng Feng didn't know the whereabouts of Captain Dragon."

"However, there is a little trouble for the people who have our Huaxia over there, so I followed it up and came back late," said Yu Sheng.

"Not too late, not too late."

Fan Tianlei heard the words, smiled and said, "Okay, I know about this, other things, wait for a while."

Then Fan Tianlei looked at Yang Tianye again, and said, "This person is Colonel Yang Tianye Yang. He has a Sirius Commando under him. Right now we are asking for advice from our red blood cells."

"The rest of my life, now I will give you a task, that is to knock down all the Sirius people. Is it okay?"

The rest of his life heard the words, hesitated for a moment, and immediately said: "Guarantee the task."

The rest of his life looked at Yang Tianye and others with a shock. This man turned out to be the captain of the Sirius Commando, which was really interesting.

What made him even more surprised was that it seemed that Fan Tianlei looked enemies with Yang Tianye ... Otherwise, why should Fan Tianlei teach him to teach the wolf?

Thinking of this, what did I think of for the rest of my life, secretly thinking: "Is that ... these people came to play with red blood cells?"

Thinking of this, the rest of my life felt that this was really possible.

Otherwise, Fan Tianlei would not be like this.

"For the rest of my life, I have taught them well, so that they can also know how powerful my red blood cells are." Wang Yanbing couldn't help reminding him, "Just a few of us were damaged in Sirius' hands. You can't lose."

"Yes, yes, you have to give us red blood cells for the rest of your life." He Chenguang said.

"Teach them." Song Kaifei couldn't help but said, "The rest of my life, it's up to you."

"Come on."

The rest of his life took a look at He Chenguang and heard them say that he understood in no time, these feelings are just to pick the scene ...

It seems that He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing did not lose a lot in these people's hands.

The rest of his life showed a reassuring look, and then the rest of his eyes fell on everyone like Yang Tianye and Sirius, and the rest of his life shouted, "The Wolf Teeth Red Cell Team, Yao Ji, come to ask for advice."

(End of this chapter)