I Have A Special Forces System

Chapter 394

Chapter 394

The words of the rest of the life made Yang Tianye and others see it. Yang Tianye was not angry, but showed a doubtful look, staring at the rest of the life, because he was also curious, what is the skill of the rest of the life, which actually makes Lao Fan and these soldiers look forward to this.

However, Yang Tianye also vaguely guessed that the rest of his life is probably the soul figure in this team.

In each team, there must always be such a soul figure.

This soul figure played a key role.

For example, when his Sirius was on a mission, the player Ye Feng was the soul of his team.

Even more, many people named Ye Feng God of War.

Over time, Ye Feng's code name evolved into a god of war.

"Captain, let me ask for advice." The tank looked at the rest of his life a little, and couldn't help it.

Yang Tianye heard the words, nodded slightly, and said, "Okay, you try it."

He didn't know how strong the combat effectiveness was for the rest of his life, so let the tank try.

The tank shrugged. He stepped out slowly and stood opposite the rest of his life. The tank grinned. The white teeth looked a bit infiltrating.

"I, codenamed Tank, I'll compare it to you," the tank said proudly.

"Codename, Yao Ji." The rest of his life said lightly.

"Don't tell me your code." Tank stared indifferently for the rest of his life, arrogant: "Can't beat me, your name, I can't remember."

"Brush ..."

He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing all stared at the tank with poor faces, and some spoke unnaturally: "This guy is really more and more proud, and really thinks he is invincible."

"Huh, he just doesn't know how good the rest of his life is, and he'll regret it later." Xu Tianlong sneered.

For the rest of their lives, they seemed to be a pin of the sea, and they had full confidence in the rest of their lives.

For the rest of his life, he was not angry. Instead, he took a look at the tank and calmly said, "Go ahead, let me see, you ..."

"Yes, what's your commando name?"

The rest of his life suddenly asked.

Sudden inquiries made everyone present a little stunned, while others like He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing showed a smile.

They had reported to the family before, and for the rest of their lives, it was impossible not to know, and then the rest of their lives suddenly asked what kind of commando they were, which made it clear that they were insulting others.

After listening to the tank, he was slightly angry.

His personal reputation is small, and the commando's honor is big.

The rest of his life in front of him, such an insult to the commando, made him a little angry.

"Kid, you remember me, our commando, Sirius Commando."

"Om ..."

The next moment, the tank punched out.

This fist, the wind of the fist, the terrible fist of wind, hunted, and everyone who heard it was scalp.

The punch is powerful and powerful, and this punch is enough to kill a person.

Aside, Sirius Xie Guangming and others are staring at the scene in front of them.

"Oh, this guy really doesn't know how powerful the tank is." Xie Guangming smiled and said, "I don't know what this guy has."

"Oh, if you have the ability, it is just some recruits. Although you have experienced brutal training, but ... training is always training, and the mortality rate is too low. How can it be compared with the battlefield." .

"That's right," Xi said, agreeing somewhat: "These people may have grown into a good special soldier through the baptism of time of war, but now ... still too tender."

Sirius's players are all talking. Obviously, they are not optimistic about them for the rest of their lives.

In their opinion, even the cruel training they have experienced in the rest of their lives is not as cruel as the battlefield. The battlefield is changing rapidly, and if they are not careful, they may kill them.

Over the years, they have experienced countless battlefields. On this body, they have left scars, and these scars are proof of their desperate efforts over the years.

"Buzz ..."

The howling wind came with the wind, and the rest of his life stared directly at the tank without any fear or retreat.

The strength of the tank can probably be felt for the rest of his life.

This guy is infinitely powerful, and every punch and every foot is as if being bombarded with heavy weapons. If a person is less powerful than him, he is certainly not his opponent. If the two of them are the same size, I am afraid they will lose both.


Although the tank is powerful, but ... the tank's sensitivity is obviously weaker, and the enemy can attack based on this weakness.

This can also be regarded as gains and losses.

No wonder it is called a tank.


For the rest of her life, her legs were violently forced, as if they were connected to the earth.

"A hundred-year-old cannibal gene will not move like a mountain."

As the rest of his life yelled, his legs seemed to have taken root on the ground, like a mountain, motionless.


The next time, the rest of his life was also a punch, welcoming him.

Obviously, for the rest of his life, he didn't plan to evade.

The sudden move of the rest of his life also surprised the people present, especially the Sirius, who looked at the rest of his life with a little surprise.

The power of the tank can be said to be the strongest in the house. I did not expect that this guy in the rest of his life would actually go against the tank.

This is really a hang of Lao Shougong.

Not only them, but even Fan Tianlei's face changed.

He is naturally happy to be back for the rest of his life at this time, but his purpose is to want to win Sirius for the rest of his life, not to make your kid here.

How strong Sirius is, you can tell from just hitting Li Erniu with a punch. You are still fighting against the tank right now, isn't this looking for abuse.

Yang Tianye stared at the rest of his life in amazement. He was curious about what capital he had in the rest of his life, and he could go against the tank.


In these countless eyes, the fist of the rest of life and the fist of the tank met fiercely.

The terrible power caused a slight pause between the bodies of both of them, and then the tank's body took a few steps back.

The sudden situation surprised everyone present.

And the tank stared at the rest of his life with a somber look, with a bit of jealousy in his face.

"This guy, so strong." The tank was shocked.

He was born with a powerful force. It can be said that he was born with divine power and experienced the acquired exercises, which led to his weight soaring. Similarly, his defensive power and offensive power also became extremely arrogant.

Over the years, he has rarely encountered anyone who can fight against himself. His punch is enough to reach a terrible 350 kilograms or more.

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