I Have A Special Forces System

Chapter 395

Chapter 395

Even, sometimes he can play a terrible power of 400 kilograms.

This punch was enough to break a person's breastbone.

This is also the result of his natural divine power.

But for the rest of my life?

Under this kind of strength, he even punched him hard. Although he didn't use his full strength, he had to have at least 250 kilograms of strength.

For the rest of his life, he didn't move.

The tank stared a little hard at the rest of his life. He felt a powerful threat. The guy in front of him might be born with divine power.

"Good guy ... I can take the punch of the tank and fight it back." Xi Zheng took a breath of air, shocked.

"It was really unexpected." Xie Guangming was also a little surprised.

"Oh, it seems that the tank has encountered the opponent this time." Lei Ling said with a smile.

"It is indeed a difficult guy." Ye Feng took a deep look at the rest of his life, not knowing why. In the rest of his life, he noticed a sense of coldness.

It was a breath of threat.

He felt strong for the rest of his life.

If he fights with him, he dare not say that he can easily take the rest of his life.

"Again ..."

At this moment, the rest of his life sneered, and then punched out.

This punch was fast and accurate, and the power was extremely strong. It did not give the tank a chance to respond. The terrible power came out, the tank noticed, and his face changed slightly.


The tank's hands were in front of his chest, and the rest of his life was hammered hard on the tank's arms.


The terrible impact caused the tank's body to fly straight out.

"Dangdang ..."

The tank fell on the ground fiercely. At this moment, the tank's face changed drastically. He could feel that his arms were shaking slightly, so that he could not exert a slight force.


The other party is also born with divine power.

Moreover, when comparing his strength with the rest of his life, he was obviously at a disadvantage. In other words, this young man who looked a little thinner was better than himself in strength.

how can that be?

The tank was surprised.

He could not believe that the rest of his life could surpass himself in strength, which made him feel proud for the first time.

I am really inferior to the young man in front of me.


At this moment, the rest of his life swept over with one leg, the terrible power roared out, and the tank's face changed even more, he growled.


Immediately afterwards, he also ushered up with one leg.

"Hmm ..."

The muffled sound resounded again, and the tank's legs were quickly bounced back, but at this time, he had some instability in his right leg, and he felt that his right leg had a numb feeling.

That feeling was very uncomfortable. This was the first time he felt this terrible power. Obviously, the guy in front of him was better than himself, and he was not his opponent at all.

For the rest of his life, he took a sneer at the tank. He didn't use any skills. It was so hard to bump against the hard steel of the tank. Isn't your pride proud of you?

Then beat you where you are best.

This is also the thought of the rest of my life.

"not good……"

Lei Ling, Xie Guangming and others all stared at the tank seriously, and said in a deep voice, "The tank was completely suppressed in strength."

"Good guy ... This guy looks thin and weak, how could there be such a terrible explosive power." Xie Guangming said with some shock.

"No wonder, no wonder the red cell team will value this guy so much, this guy is really awesome, and can even force the tank to look like this." Xi Zheng also said in a humorous voice.

"Again ..."

Then, for the rest of his life, he attacked the tank again. The rest of his life did not keep his hands. The stormy attack made the tank caught off guard and the tank could only defend again and again.

The rest of his life not only had powerful power, but also his body was extremely flexible, which led to the tank's direct disadvantage.

If it is said that the attack power of the rest of the life is not strong, that's it. In this way, the tank can also rely on its strong defense force to block the attacks of the rest of the life.

However, the terrible power of the rest of his life is not worse than that of him.

His defense is amazing, but compared to the fists of the rest of his life, it is much worse.

For a time, the entire scene, the tank fell into passive, was hit by the hammer for the rest of his life.

In this scene, all the people who watch the red blood cells are happy.

"Good job." He Chenguang roared first.

"The rest of my life, it's good." Wang Yanbing also said with some excitement: "Hammer this guy fiercely."

The staff of the red blood cell team all had a feeling of raising an eyebrow and exhaling, especially the sight of the tank being blasted, which made the people present extremely excited.

Looking at Fan Tianlei again, his face was full of smiles.

I was a little relieved in my heart. Fortunately, this guy is in the rest of my life. Otherwise, I am afraid that the red blood cells will be shamed today.

Fan Tianlei looked at Yang Tianye next to him, smiled, and said with a smile: "Lao Yang, how is it? I am a member of the red blood cell group, isn't it good?"

Yang Tianye looked solemnly for the rest of his life, and the performance of the rest of his life also surprised him.

From the perspective of the rest of his life, this guy must have experienced the baptism of the battlefield. If not, the attack would not be so sharp.

What surprised him most was the terrible power of the rest of his life, which was comparable to the tank. It was indeed something that was unexpected for him. For a time, there was a glimmer of light in the depths of his eyes.

Such a good seed must stay in Sirius.

Obviously, Yang Tianye moved his mind.

Fan Tianlei also noticed the difference between Yang Tianye, and Fan Tianlei said with a smile: "Lao Yang, shouldn't you look after me as a soldier?"

"Yes," Yang Tianye replied directly: "I really look after this soldier."

"Hehe." Fan Tianlei said confidently: "Lao Yang, I am a soldier, you don't have to think about it. At the time, Long Xiaoyun, Feilong, who were not top masters, even they could not dig out the rest of their lives. Do you think you are possible? "

"Even the Hunter School cannot leave the rest of your life. Do you think the rest of your life will go to your Sirius?"

"I advise you, don't daydream."

Fan Tianlei's words made Yang Tianye's face dark, but Yang Tianye was not discouraged, but said with a smile: "As long as the hoe is good, there will be no corner to dig."

"You still don't believe it." Fan Tianlei opened his mouth. "If you don't believe it, try it."

"Hehe." Yang Tianye smiled coldly, then he would not believe Fan Tianlei's gossip.

And the rest of his life at this time has already separated from the tank.

(End of this chapter)