Demon Wife Drives To The Living Hades To Meet Quickly

Chapter 391: Cinema Entanglement

Chapter 391: Cinema Entanglement

Gong Niannian looked back and saw Mo Mohan standing in front of himself.

"Why are you again?" Looking at Ji Mohan, Gong Nian Nian thought of the previous mistakes, and looking at Ji Mohan was not very good.

"Do you have anything?" Gong Niannian looked at Ji Mohan and really wanted to turn around and leave.

"I'm okay, come and watch the movie." Ji Mohan looked at Gong Nian Nian with a dodgy face, "Are you also watching the movie?"

Gong Niannian didn't really want to answer this question, "Do you think I didn't come here to watch a movie, what do you think I did here?"

Do you think I came here to play? Gong Niannian really wanted to give this man a big white eye, thinking of Gong Niannian here.

It really gave Ji Mohan a big white eye.

'Do you hate me? '

Ji Mohan looked at the appearance of Gong Niannian, and was somewhat injured.

"Self-knowledge is very important. If you know it, don't appear in front of me. Please leave. I don't want to see you."

"Every time you admit the wrong person.

I have already said, I'm not the person you said, but you just don't believe it, and I can't help it. Since you don't believe it, I say it unintentionally. Gong Niannian turned around and prepared to ignore the sacrifice of Mo Mo directly behind him.

For such a man, Gong Niannian is really speechless, and he doesn't even know what to say. Such a man is to himself.

No doubt it is a strange creature.

"What is thinking in your heart?" Ji Mohan looked at Gong Niannian's back and fell into contemplation.

"Boss, a big popcorn and two cups of cola." Gong Niannian was just taken before.

Gong Niannian took the popcorn and cola he bought, without looking at Ji Mohan, and turned away.

"Niannian." Miya Yu just bought a ticket and walked over to take over what Gong Niannian bought. "Buy so much?" Gong Yu rubbed Gong Niann's hair. I want to eat popcorn.

No more, no more. "Gong Nian Nian smiled.

Ji Mohan looked at this scene, his eyes were bloodshot.

This man is Miya Yu.

Looking at the intimate actions of the two people, Ji Mohan's heart was very unpleasant, and even he wanted to hit someone.

The relationship between this man and her was so close.

"Let's go, the movie is about to open." Miya Yu pulled Gong Niannian's hand, Gong Niannian followed Gong Yu obediently.

How can you treat yourself just now.

"Sir, do you want it?" The clerk selling popcorn looked at Ji Mohan's cannibalism, and he almost dared not say anything.

"Yes, just like the girl just now."

"Okay." The clerk didn't dare to say more, and quickly took the same copy.

'Sacrifice less, bought tickets. 'Luo came over with a ticket.

"Go in." Ji Mohan took a ticket and walked directly.

"Brother, here." Gong Niannian sat down and found the position of the two, pointing to the position around him.

Gong Yu drowned and went to Gong Niannian to do a good job.

"Brother, eat popcorn." Gong Niannian was holding popcorn in her hand and looking at the screen, her face was full of smiles.

"Okay." Gong Yu held out his hand obediently.

The movie that Gong Niannian jumped this time was the hottest anime of the season.

Especially nice.

I wanted to see it before, no one has been there.

Ji Mohan and Luo one or two sat down behind, looking at the two people sitting in front of each other intimately. The things in his hands have been deformed by him.

"Sacrifice less." Luo Yi carefully looked at Ji Mohan, reminding carefully.

Ji Mohan relaxed his strength, but Ji Mohan's eyes did not move away from that person, and he kept staring at the two people in front.

Gong Niannian felt that someone was staring at herself and looked back curiously.

Actually saw Ji Mohan.

Gong Niannian's face suddenly became difficult to look.

"The ghosts stay together." Gong Niannian muttered quietly.

"What's wrong? Miss."

"Brother, I saw it. The man who misidentified me a few times ago." Gong Niannian was unhappy. "What?" Gong Yu looked back.

Ji Mohan.

Of course, Miya Yu knew about this man, but did not expect that this man would actually appear here, it was really unexpected.

Gong Yu showed a provocative look at Ji Mohan.

"Niannian." Miya Yu retracted her gaze, not knowing whether it was intentional or not, and put her intimate hand on Gongnianian.

Ji Mohan was originally stimulated by Miya Yu's provocative eyes. Then look at the hands of two people who are close together. Miya Yu is a man intentionally.

Actually, he also fed the palace to eat popcorn,

Jimo Hanqi almost rushed to the past.

If it wasn't for Luo Yi who was next to him, he might have ran straight.

"Sacrifice less. This is a movie theater. Let's go out and talk about something."

If it's troubled here, it won't look so good.

Ji Mohan didn't speak, but the whole person's face was very beautiful.

Luo talked in a tone. The way to sacrifice his wife is chaotic.

for the rest of the time. Miya Yu didn't know if she was deliberately in Qiji Mohan, and the action with Gong Niannian was also very close. Even in the end, Gong Niannian leaned directly on Mian Yu's shoulder.

Ji Mohan looked at this scene, almost rushed to the past, pulled Gong Yu to a change, and then pulled the person who thought about it day and night into his own arms, and that's even better.

"Brother, this movie is really beautiful." At the end of the movie, Gong Nian Nian pulled Gong Yu's arm excitedly. "Brother, you have to accompany Nian Nian to watch the movie, OK?" Extraordinary excitement.

"Okay, I promise to read it, and I will often accompany him to watch movies in the future, so OK." Gong Yu looked at Gong Nian Nian with a doze.

"Okay." Gong Niannian was also very happy.

"What are you doing?" Gong Niannian looked at the sacrifice Mohan who was blocking himself.

"This gentleman, I've said it many times. You recognize the wrong person. I'm not the kite in your mouth. My name is Gong Niannian.

Listen clearly.

Do not appear in front of me in the future.

do you know?

My brother would not let you go if I see you next to me again. Gong Yu was beside him, and Gong Niannian seemed to have a little more courage.

"Yi Xie, don't you really know me?" Ji Mohan is reluctant to believe that Xia Xie Xie has such amnesia and never knows herself again.

"You really forgot, have we passed?

The past was so good between us, did you forget it?

Li Xie, I'm Ji Mohan, did you really forget? This person is not your brother at all.

You're not Gong Niannian, you're Xia Yanjie. "Ji Mohan worked hard to explain, hoping that he could ring a little, but the people standing opposite were still unmoved and there was no change.

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