Demon Wife Drives To The Living Hades To Meet Quickly

Chapter 392 Are You Enough?

Chapter 392 Are You Enough?

"Have you said enough?" Listening to the person in front of him, he kept saying in front of him, Gong Niannian's face was not particularly good-looking, "I said many times, I am not, I am not Xia Xuanjie, I am Gong Niannian.

You know the wrong person, you know?

got the wrong person. After finishing talking, Gong Niannian would pull Gong Yu directly and leave here. Originally, she was out to watch a movie today, but this strange man hurt her completely.

Did this man take the wrong medicine?

Isn't that clear enough?

You still need to say how you want to say it, it's clear enough.

"How is that possible? You are my sister-in-law, and I will not admit the wrong person." How can a beloved one admit wrong?

No matter who admits it, the person you love will not admit it.

"Impossible." Looking at Gong Niannian to leave directly, but still leaving with a man, Ji Mohan could not care so much immediately, grabbed the person in front of him directly.

"You are the kite."

"Release." This time Gong Niannian has not shipped yet, Miya Yu is already angry. "Let go of my sister." This time Miya Yu also directly and politely grabbed the person in front of her.

"I said, let her go."

"What if I don't?

Is he really your sister?

You know who she is more than anyone? She's Xia Yanyu. "Ji Mohan is also welcome.

"She is Gong Niannian. It used to be Gong Niannian. Now she is Gong Niannian, and she will be Gong Niannian in the future."

"As for your Xia Xie, I don't know who it is?

But one needs to be self-aware, and it's best to stay away from my sister. "Speaking of Gong Yu, he took Ji Mohan's hand aside directly.

"You." Ji Mohan looked at Miya Yu about to erupt.

"Brother, I want to go home." Gong Niannian didn't know why, looking at the rhythm of the two men in front of him, his heart suddenly became uncomfortable. 'Brother, I want to go home. "

Gong Niannian clutched Gong Yu's sleeve and said pitifully.

"Okay, I'll go back with Nian Nian immediately." Miya Yu nodded and hugged Gong Nian Nian directly.

Ji Mohan looked at this scene, and the anger suddenly burst into flames, but he didn't know what to say.

I want to stop, but I don't know how to speak.

"Ji Shao, Miss Xia has lost her memories of the past, and she does not know who Ji Shao is.

All he knew now was that his brother was his brother.

We should figure out how to let her recover her memory. "Luo stood up and explained.

"How did she recover her memory?

What happened to the original fire?

How could she be a lady in the palace? This is the first thing that Ji Mohan didn't understand.

"I've looked into this matter before.

The sacrifice is small, but I can remember Miss Xia's biological father, I guess, the current owner of the palace house is Miss Xia's biological father. "This is also a conjecture of Luo Yi. It is necessary to investigate the specific situation.

"I know this thing, and you will investigate it.

I want to know how she changed. "

"Yes." Luo nodded.

Fanyu, I don't care who you become, but you are mine.

This life will not change, you will only be mine.

"Brother." Gong Niannian looked at Miya Yu, who was not very good, and was afraid to speak. "Brother, are you angry?"

Gong Niannian asked carefully.

"Niannian." Gong Yu looked at Gongniannian and said something, but she didn't know how to speak.

"You and the person just now?" Of course Miya Yu knew the relationship between the person in her arms and Ji Mohan.

But now this person is no longer her. She is thinking about it now.

"Brother, that person just admits the wrong person.

I don't know what happened? I've said it many times, I'm not what he said, but that person just doesn't listen to me, and I can't help it, that man is a strange man. "Gong Niannian muttered.

"Just now, don't get angry, I won't meet the man in the future, don't get angry." Gong Niannian didn't want to make Gong Yu in front of her angry.

This person is his brother, his loved ones.

"Niannian. I was just angry.

Do n’t leave your brother, okay? "Miya Yu didn't know why, and suddenly she became afraid.

Do people who are afraid of their eyes recover their memories?

"Okay." Gong Niannian didn't even think about it, and nodded directly, "Niannian will never leave his brother in this life, he is an important person." Gong Niannian said seriously.

"Good," Gong Yu smiled with satisfaction after hearing Gong Niannian's turn.

"Remember, always remember what your brother said."

"Okay." Gong Nian Nian nodded.

Is my brother so weird today?

Especially after the appearance of a man, it just got stranger. Although feeling strange, Gong Niannian didn't say it.

Gong Niannian believes that his brother will not hurt himself, and he will not hurt himself in this life.

"Come and sit." Gong Yu put Gong Niannian in the car and turned to the driver's seat.

"Nancy, go home or where?"

"Go home, I'm tired." One day late today, Gong Niannian was already tired. "it is good."

When returning home, Gong Niannian, who was sitting there, was already asleep.

Looking at the sleeping Gong Niannian, Gong Yu did not want to wake up the people in front of her so quickly.

Looking at Gong Niannian's sleeping face, Gong Yu didn't hold back. She directly reached out and fell on Gong Niannian's face.

"Niannian." Gong Yu reluctantly looked at Gong Niannian in front of her, "Niannian, what you said, will not leave me." Gong Yu's hand, across Gongnianian's cheek, finally It fell on the lips.

Gong Niannian's lips were as soft as jelly, which made people want to reach out, but did not dare to reach out.

Miya Yu retracted her hand with an electric shock, and her eyes looking at Gong Niannian became more and more complicated.

Miyaba, Miyaba, what did you just do?

He had just come up with an idea and wanted to touch Gong Niannian's lips.

I even began to imagine in my heart how delicious the taste was.

Fortunately, in the end, he dispelled his thoughts.

Niann, what should I do?

Now my brother is getting more and more fascinated with you, what should I do?

I can't do without you.

After sitting in the car for a long time, Gong Yu stared silently at Gong Nian Nian, and then returned to home holding Gong Yu.

Put Miya Yu on the bed, and then ask the maid to change clothes for Gong Nian Nian.

After leaving Gong Niannian's room, Miya Yu stood at the door and could not calm down for a long time.

She found that she was becoming more and more fascinated by Gong Niannian, and she was even unable to extricate herself.

On this night, Miya Yu's dreams were full of all kinds of palace thoughts, and she even couldn't help giving birth to thoughts that shouldn't be.

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