Demon Wife Drives To The Living Hades To Meet Quickly

Chapter 394: I Don't Want To Be A Missing Brother

Chapter 394: I Don't Want To Be A Missing Brother

"Father." Miya Yu stood respectfully.

"What's going on? How can Nian Nian meet Ji Mohan again, and Ji Mohan is looking for you," said Gong Shangyan, with a brow at Zou Cheng.

"Yes." Miya Yu nodded. "Father, now Ji Mohan will not leave at half past one in Kyoto, although I don't know what he is going to do, but his father." Miya Yu stopped talking.

"I am worried that Nian Nian will remember the past, what should I do?

I do n’t know if I lost my memory, it ’s a lifetime, or it ’s short-term. I ’m worried, after I restore my memory, I will hate me. "Miya Yu did not say us, it was me.

He was really worried that Gong Niannian would resent himself after regaining his memory, but he couldn't let go.

He has discovered that the gradual Gong Nian Nian is irreplaceable in his heart, and no one can replace Gong Nian Nian at all.

But what now?

"Miya Yu, do you like to miss?"

"Father." Gong Yu was startled, wondering why his father asked such a question.

"Miya Yu, I told you last time.

I hope that Nian Nian can find someone who can protect him. I can protect Nian Nian now, but I have no way to protect Nian Nian all my life.

I hope that one hundred years later, there will be another person who can protect the thoughts, not to hurt them, and to make them well. Gong Shangyan was really worried. What would happen if Gong Niannian left after he left?

"Father, me." Miya Yu hesitated.

"Miya Yu, do you like to miss?"

"I love her." Not like it, but love.

When Miya Yu found this moment, she had trouble sleeping all night.

"Father, I love Nian Nian. Nian Nian is a good girl. I like him like this.

But father, in my mind, I am her brother.

Can she accept me? "This is the thing that Miyaba is most worried about." In this matter, you need to figure out how to make Niannian like you. Gong Shangyan looked at Gong Yu and stopped talking.

"Miya Yu, if you really like to read, I support you.

You grew up watching me, you and I understand and rest assured.

As for Ji Mohan, pay attention to it in the future, and don't let him see Niannian. Gong Shangyan has never forgotten the fire of Gong Niannian.

"Yes." Miya Yu nodded.

"I will pay attention."

Gong Shangyan looked at Gong Yu, and talked away.

"Miyaba, think about it.

I will not allow anyone to hurt my thoughts. "

After speaking, the figure of Gong Shangyan disappeared into the study.

After Gong Shangyan left, Miya Yu was sitting alone in the study, her heart was complicated.

Can he really protect Niannian?

This is a question that Miya Yu has been thinking.

Gong Yu's mind always appeared in the mind, always lingering in his mind.

Miya Yu knew that this was an attachment to Gong Niannian.

He really, really didn't want to let go.

He didn't want to let go of Gong Niannian and let Gong Niannian be with other men. That was a kind of torture for herself, which she could never let go.

Gong Niannian will only be his own.

When the palace commercials came out, Gong Niannian was holding snacks.

Gong Niannian saw Gong Shangyan, and a big smile appeared instantly.


"Niannian," Gong Shangyan looked complicated at his well-behaved daughter.

"Dad, what are you and your brother talking about? It's been so long?" The key is not to let yourself in. "Nian Nian, Dad asks you a question, OK?"

"Dad, say."

Gong Niannian looked at Gong Shangyan with curiosity. Why is Dad weird today?

Gong Niannian's brow frowned and looked very beautiful. Gong Shangyan touched Gong Niannian's small brain.

"Niann, what do you think of your brother?"

"Brother, it's fine, and it's good to miss."

"Does Niannian like brother?" Gong Shangyan looked at Gongnianian, thinking of the girl years ago.

"Like, Nian Nian likes brother.

My elder brother is very good at niannian, but his favorite is still dad.

After all, Dad is the best at Nian Nian. Gong Nian Nian said with a smile.

"Well, Niannian, if you keep your elder brother together in the future, okay? Your elder brother will always protect Niannian, okay?" Gong Niannian heard the words of the palace merchants, and suddenly hesitated.

"Of course, my brother and I will always be together. He is the brother of Niannian." Gong Niannian was unknown.

"Nancy, Dad told you something."

"What is it?" How did Gong Niannian feel that his father was weird today.

"My elder brother is not the elder brother of Niannian. Will Niannian be with his elder brother afterwards?" Gong Shangyan tried to say, but instantly, the whole person became unhappy.

"Dad, why isn't your brother elder brother. She's the elder brother." Gong Niannian said dissatisfied, the more strange his father said.

"Niannian, Dad didn't mean that.

He is a brother of Niann, but he is not his elder brother. Do you understand? "Gong Shangyan hopes that Nian Nian can accept it all little by little.

"I see, but what about this?" Gong Niannian shook his head. "But he is still Niannian's brother.

No matter who his elder brother is, he is always the elder brother, which is constant. "Gong Niannian looked at his father without understanding.

"Um." Gong Shangyan nodded, knowing that it didn't make much sense to say more now.

"Dad, why are you obedient today?" Gong Nian Nian looked at the person in front of him strangely.

"It's okay, I just talked casually." Gong Shangyan sighed, and didn't know how to explain it to Gong Niannian.

Miya Yu, who was standing in the corner, thought of a solution in an instant, and her eyes brightened.

Maybe this is a good way.

Only let Gong Niannian know that there is no blood relationship between her and her is the best way.

"Brother." Gong Niannian suddenly lighted up. "Brother, why are you standing there, brother came over." Gong Niannian ran straight over and grabbed his brother's hand.

"The elder brother, the elder brother's affairs are what the father talks nonsense. It is not true at all.

You are the brother you miss. "Gong Niannian looked at Miya Yu who was not very good-looking, and thought she had heard what she had just said.

"Niannian." Gong Yu looked at such a palace, and her heart softened instantly.

"What's wrong with my brother?" Gong Niannian looked at his elder brother for unknown reason.

"Niannian, but my brother doesn't want to be an eldernian brother, what should I do?" Gong Yu looked at Gong Niannian. Gong Yu just wanted to pull the person in front of her into his arms, and never let go.

"Why? Why didn't my brother want to be the brother of Niannian, did Niannian have done something wrong?" Where did Gong Niannian lose his standing, I don't know why, why did his elder brother say such things.

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