Demon Wife Drives To The Living Hades To Meet Quickly

Chapter 395: Fiance

Chapter 395: Fiance

"Brother, why don't you want to be your elder brother?" Gong Niannian looked at Gong Yu sadly.

: Isn't Nian Nian doing something wrong, if it ’s something that Nian Ning did wrong, brother can tell Nian Nian, but brother, you ca n’t stop Nian Nian. Gong Niannian looked at Gong Yu sadly.

Gong Yu looked at Gong Niannian, who was crying, and felt a pain in her heart.

"Dad, why didn't my brother be the brother of Niannian, why?" Gong Niannian set his eyes on the Gong Shangyan who was aside, "Did he missed something that he did wrong? If something goes wrong, you can change it. ”Where is Gong Niannian, she is crying very sad.

Gong Yu looked at her for a moment, her heart broke.

"Nian Nian." Miya Yu pulled Gong Nian Nian over.

"come here."

"Brother." Gong Nian Nian blinked, and was about to cry, and Gong Yu's heart broke instantly. "Nian Nian, brother is not going to miss it."

"Why, then, elder brother don't want to be an elder brother of Niannian." Gong Niannian blinked, and it looked as pitiful as there was pity.

"Brother is a fiance who misses so much," said Miya Yu word by word.

"What?" Gong Niannian was dumbfounded for a moment, completely choked, and even the Gong Shangyan on the side was choked, but soon understood the meaning of his son.

He wanted Niann to accept his fiance's identity.

Not the identity of my brother.

"How is that possible? My elder brother is obviously my elder brother, how could he become a fiance?"

After Gong Niannian lost her memory, she was told that the person in front of her was her brother. How could she become a fiance?

Moreover, because of the deliberate protection of the palace commercials, the character of Gong Niannian is also exceptionally simple.

"Brother, you're not kidding. Why did you suddenly become the fiance of Nian Nian." Gong Nian Nian was unknown and looked at Miya Yu.

Gong Yu looked at Gong Niannian and said, "Niannian is like this.

You didn't have an accident before. After waking up, you completely forgot about the past. I was afraid to stimulate you, so I didn't tell you the truth.

I am the adopted son of my father. The two of us grew up together. We are the best childhood friends. You also said that you will marry me when you grow up.

But you lost your memory in that accident, and I didn't tell you the truth for a while.

It is my fault.

But, read, I don't want to hide it now. Gong Yu said seriously that Gong Niannian had already believed, but there was still a doubt in her heart.

"Dad, is what my brother said is true?" Gong Niannian's gaze fell on Gong Shangyan, who nodded while looking at Gong Niannian.

"Niannian is like this, as Miya Yu said.

You were all going to get married, but you have an accident and you have amnesia. The explanation is not clear for a while, that's all. "Gong Shangyan looked at his uterine feathers and couldn't help admiring them.

Such a reason, I really did not expect.

"The elder brother said is extremely true, he is not my elder brother." Gong Niannian didn't know why, suddenly his heart became extremely complicated.

Gong Shangyan nodded.

Gong Yu looked at Gong Niannian and pulled Gong Niannian in front of her. "Nancy, whoever I am, I will always protect and love our thoughts.

This will not change.

Didn't Nian Nian say to stay with his brother?

What about thinking now? You know all this, do you miss that you will leave me? "Miya Yu looked at Gong Niannian anxiously.

Gong Niannian lowered her head, and for a person who suddenly changed from her brother to her fiance, Gong Niannian was silent for a moment. Don't know how to answer.

"I won't leave." Looking at Gong Yu's eyes, Gong Niannian shook his head.

"Nian Nian." Gong Yu pulled Gong Nian Nian into his arms happily. "Nian Nian, it was so good." Gong Yu suddenly forgot everything.

"Read, don't leave me, you know?"

"Um." Gong Nian Nian nodded.

For this changed person. Gong Niannian is a bit complicated.

After talking for a while, Gong Niannian went directly to his room. Miya Yu didn't force it, now things have changed to this way, she can no longer force it, and now there is no way to solve anything.

She will let Gong Nian Nian accept such things little by little.

the next morning.

When Gong Niannian got up, she woke up very late and wanted to avoid Miyaba, but she didn't expect that Gong Yu always waited below and looked at the person sitting there. Gong Niannian became complicated all at once I do n’t know where to stand or not.

"Niannian, come and do it." Miya Yu noticed Gongniannian for the first time.

Can you not notice and stare at the person all morning.

"Brother." Gong Niannian sat beside Gong Yu. The whole person was a bit complicated and didn't know how to speak.

"Brother, miss,"

'Niannian, I know, you can't accept such things for a while, and Niannian, I'm willing to give you time. "Gong Yu kept a porridge in front of Gong Niannian.

"Eat." Miya Yu looked at Gong Niannian with a smile.

"you eat."

"Thank you brother."

Gong Niannian buried her head where to eat, and was not prepared to speak.

When eating normally, Gong Niannian will talk non-stop, but Gong Niannian this morning is unwilling to say a word, Gong Niannian doesn't know what to say, or even do not know How to get started.

She was afraid that she would make a mistake if she accidentally said it.

But what was she afraid in her heart?

Gong Niannian didn't know, he really didn't know.

"Nancy. I know, now that I have changed my status, you can't accept it for a while. I am willing to give you time to let you think about it, but Nian."

Miya Yu looked at Gong Nian and said nothing.

"Nian Nian, I won't hurt you. In my heart, Nian Nian is the most important thing in this world." Miya Yu stood there and said very seriously, and couldn't be more serious.

Gong Niannian heard these and stopped the movement in his hand.

'Brother, I will get used to it, but I also need time. "

Gong Niannian said very seriously, "I'm willing to accept the change of your status. What I know is that my brother will not hurt Niannian." Gong Niannian looked at Miya Yu.

Miya Yu nodded.

"I won't hurt to miss." Just miss, hope that the day you know the truth, don't hate me, I just don't want to lose to miss you.

Missing you is the most important thing in my life.

Miss, I really can't lose you, you are the most important thing in my life.

I will use everything I have to protect you.

"Um." Gong Niannian nodded, and a smile appeared on her face.

Gong Yu looked at Gong Niannian's smile and was relieved.

In this case, Nian Nian should not be so angry.

(End of this chapter)