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MR & Mrs Luke-771

MR & Mrs Luke-771

Uncle Zhou, regardless of Mrs. Lu, came to Feng's family and said, "Please come with me!"

Feng's family was about to enter the door. Mei Ruoyun shouted at Li Bo, "Lao Li, won't you listen to someone? Close the door."

Then, shouting at Uncle Zhou, "Zhou Quan, I am still the wife of Lu family, and the person who has the right to decide to enter Lu family door, Lao Li, did not hear, close the door", but where did she find Lao Li, Li Bo It's long gone.

Mei Ruoyun did not find Li Bo. She closed the door by herself. At this time, Mrs. Lu called out Uncle Zhou with her full name and stood at the door. She said coldly, "The Feng family is a guest invited by the Viscount and Madam Chener." , I'm in charge of accessing home. "

Mei Ruoyun, who ignored Mrs. Lu's authority, was so ashamed and yelled at Uncle Zhou, "Zhou Quan, what are you? You are just a dog and a minion for the Lu family. What responsibility can you take? Who are you responsible for? Who is Madam Young? "

At this moment, Ye Qiqing said at the opportunity, "Oh, her aunt Mei, is there any young lady in the Lu family? Why haven't you heard of it?"

"Mrs. Young? An illegitimate female vixen who only confuses men, and is also worthy of Mrs. Lu Jia? Huh!" Mei Ruoyun heard a male voice pass, regardless of the shout, "Madam, rice You can eat indiscriminately, but you can't talk nonsense. "

During the conversation, Mr. Lu came to the gate, and at the same time, Lu Zihao and Lei Xuan also came to the door, followed closely by the landing Viscount, Chen Yaer, Shen Yumo, Yao Yao, Yin Moyang, and Tong Tong.

All the words spoken by Mrs. Lu fell into the ears of the people.

Li Bo watched the stand at the door. Lao Zhou must not be sure. He turned to the inner court. No wonder Mei Ruoyun couldn't find Li Bo.

And Lu Xiuqi, who was resting in the house in his own courtyard, someone also reported to him at the gate. He heard that Mrs. Lu really invited the Ouyang family to Lu's house, and she was still at the door with the Feng family. Although he didn't know Why did the Feng family come to the Lu family? But one thing is certain, the Feng family must have been invited by his son and daughter-in-law. One thing he also knows is that the daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law of Feng's family are Chen's good sisters, while the daughter-in-law of Dafeng is Daewoo. The chief special assistant, just for this, was invited to be a guest at the Lu family, which was completely expected.

After he got the report, he hurried to the door and just heard the eloquent words put out by his wife. Similarly, Lu Zihao and Lei Xuan walked in the front. When they heard Mrs. Lu's words, they were already surprised to stand In place.

Although Lu Zijue walked in the front, when he arrived at the outer courtyard, he took Chen's hand and had not yet reached the gate. He heard Mei Ruoyun's "illegitimate female fox essence" and found that Chen's hand clenched him tightly. He also clenched Chen Er's hand tightly. At the same time, he saw that Chen Er had no cold face. On the contrary, a smile appeared on his face, but he couldn't laugh.

Daewoo, Yaoyao, Ayang, and Tongtong, who followed closely behind, had no smiles, but when Lu Xiuqi came out, they heard them.

Mei Ruoyun and Ouyang's family saw the crowd coming out of them in an instant. They were shocked. Ouyang Shaohui stood wisely behind Mei Ruoyun, and also motioned to his wife and daughter. Ye Qiqing naturally understood her husband. I mean, pulling my daughter to stand aside immediately.

As soon as Yaoyao arrived at the door, he saw Ouyang Erman at first glance, his body was tight, and his eyes were angry, Daewoo immediately supported Yaoyao, and Ayang and Tongtong also stared at Ouyang Erman with angry eyes.

People who came out of the Feng family, Sister Ke immediately came to Chen Er, Feng Nan was holding a "general" in her arms, and she followed Ke Er to stand next to Sister Chen and Viscount Lu, Dae holding his wife, He also came to Hadron and Feng Qi. Feng Shu hugged Xiao Zeqi and stood still, but everyone looked at Mei Ruoyun and the Ouyang family with their eyes.

At the time of the stalemate, Li Bo walked quickly from the inner court and stood in the middle of the crowd. He took a sigh of relief and stood up and said, "The old man and the old lady are speaking, the visitors are all visitors." Uncle Li glanced at Mrs. Lu and continued, "The old man and old lady want to see Da Pu's daughter-in-law, and let me hold Da Pu's daughter in the inner courtyard, and the rest, rest in the living room and wait for the dinner."

It turned out that after reporting the incident at the door to Viscount and others, Li Bo hurried to the second house of the Lu Family and reported to the second house what happened.

After listening to the report, the second-year old Lu Jia looked at the Da Pu children who were chatting with them.

Da Pu was left by his grandfather and grandma. After lunch, he accompany his grandfather and grandma to chat, so that the second elder sees the great great-grandson. The young man shows extraordinary talents. The second elder is very happy. Hearing Li Bo In the report, his face was only heavy, and he did not immediately give an opinion. The second old man exchanged glances attentively, and at the same time, he wanted Da Pu to come to the idea.

Father Lu pulled Da Park's hand and said, "Da Park, you have to take the idea for Grandpa and Grandma. No matter what decision Da Park makes, we support you, huh!"

Dapu blinked and blinked, with strange and sly light shining in his eyes. Then he raised his mouth and smiled, and said to grandpa and grandma, "Grandpa and grandma, you want to see Dapu's daughter-in-law ?"

Da Park's questioning really shocked the second old man. Grandma immediately asked, "Da Park, you have a daughter-in-law?"

Da Pu decided that Feng's little granddaughter was his daughter-in-law, and reported to the second elder Lu family.

"Okay, daughter-in-law, that is my great-grandson-in-law! That's a natural thing to see." Grandma too immediately expressed her attitude, and Grandpa quickly nodded in support.

But what's the point of seeing Da Pu's daughter-in-law so that Da Pu can take care of things at the gate? Seeing the doubt in Erao's eyes, Dapu immediately told his opinion on how to deal with it.

When the second elder heard Dapu's handling opinions, he immediately asked Li Bo to go to the gate. He just had to bring Dapu's daughter-in-law and the rest of them were settled by the adults. They were waiting to enjoy the evening family dinner.

Li Bo felt that the second son of the Lu family asked a little baby to handle such major events, and that Da Pu didn't give any clever opinions. Only by bringing in his wife, could this calm the situation?

Seeing that Li Bo didn't move, Da Pu looked at Li Bo with a smile and explained, "Grandpa Li, you don't have to worry. If we reject Ouyang's family directly, it will look like we are lukeless and don't give face to grandma Just tell them that the visitors are all guests, and invite everyone to the living room. I believe that Dasao, my dad, and our people will not let the Ouyang family pass, oh, let them pay first If you fight, who knows who is high and who does n’t fight, how can you know? It ’s just that the little baby ca n’t be placed outside and is broken. How can I educate in the future? ”

Da Pu rolled his eyes and had another thought. He didn't say it. He took Jing Zeqi's baby into his grandpa and grandma's inner courtyard, and let the two old men recognize the baby as their great-grandmother's daughter-in-law. The relationship between the Feng family and the Lu family, who dares to look down upon the Feng family.

Hearing Dapu's adult-like tone, the second Lu family and Li Bo were directly happy. At a glance, they heard the depressed mood of Ouyang's family, and Grandpa Lu touched Dapu's small head petitly and said, "I didn't expect it. Our Dapu is still a black-bellied master. Well, there are some people in the Lu family and Shen family. Go to the living room and take Da Pu's wife to the inner courtyard, and let us also, our great-granddaughter, hurry up, go! "

After being instructed by the old man, Li Bo arrived happily at the gate.

(End of this chapter)