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772: Words Crush Variety-Animals Answers

772: Words Crush Variety-Animals Answers

Li Bo announced the decision of Mr. Lu and Mrs. Junchu. The scene was strangely quiet, and then Lu Xiuqi responded immediately and stood up and said, "Everyone will rest in the living room and let the kitchen have tea."

Okay, Mr. Lu said that the kitchen had tea, Mrs. Lu stared at her husband and stared at her husband. When the Lu family received guests, when was the tea in the kitchen? But "comers are all visitors," but the most authoritative person in the Lu family explained it. As the wife of the Lu family, he could not refute it.

But Dapu's daughter-in-law? What's going on? The second son of the Lu family had to carry Dapu's younger daughter-in-law to the inner courtyard, that is, her own son, the second grandson's grandson, Lu Zihao, who had never enjoyed this honor since he was a child? Da Pu has been left in the courtyard of the second old man. Now, is Da Pu's daughter-in-law going to "pump his nose on his face" at the Lu family?

Thinking of this, Mei Ruoyun thought that if she didn't speak again, she would probably end up with internal injuries. So she came to Li Bo and asked, "Lao Li, wouldn't you pretend to be my father-in-law and mother-in-law? Let's talk about that ... .... What's Dapu here, a little baby, where's your daughter-in-law? Can anyone in Lu Yard's yard go? "

After a pause, he continued to move out of the rules and said, "Lu Jiazu went to the rules. Lu's juniors, not everyone can live in the courtyard of the seniors. In the morning, the rules have broken. Why? Now, one is nothing. Little baby, oh, the baby daughter's daughter-in-law still has to enter the senior's courtyard, don't the Lu family rule? "

Mei Ruoyun seems to be teaching the Lu family at the scene and refuting the decision of the second elder Lu family. Most of the people at the scene were juniors. Between Mei Ruoyun and Mrs. Lu, juniors, including Lu Zijue, are not good at directly Mei Ruoyun's words were rejected, and Li Bo was not the master of the Lu family. Li Bo had to look at Mr. Lu, but Li Bo was not an ignorant person. This decision was made by the oldest member of the Lu family. Mrs. Jia Xingxian refused casually, and he immediately responded to Mrs. Lu.

Li Bozheng said to everyone, "Whoever has any doubts about the decisions made by Master Lu and his husband, can go to the inner court to ask the second elder personally." Li Bo used the word "question" and then looked at Mrs. Lu with his eyes. With the Ouyang family.

"Exam" Elder Lu Jia, who dares? Does Mrs. Lu dare?

"Well, implement the decision of my father and mother". Mr. Lu never wanted to tangle with Mrs. Lu again, and made trouble at the gate. Shameless, that was unruly.

But who is Dapu's granddaughter? Mr. Lu was also confused. Instantly, he looked at the little baby who was held in the arms of a beautiful man. Is this the baby? It's still a little bit, and he has become the daughter-in-law of his little grandson. Isn't it his grandson's daughter-in-law?

Just as Mr. Lu was confused, Li Bo came to Fengshu, looked kindly at Xiao Zeqi, opened his hands, and said softly to the baby, "Concubine Dapu, go in with grandpa, see grandpa, grandpa Grandma, all right? "

Xiao Zeqi looked at this kind old grandfather, blinking his eyes, and heard Li Bo say to Feng Shu, "Mr. Feng, rest assured to give me my granddaughter! The grandfather and old lady are going to take in the great-granddaughter!"

Feng Shu naturally understands what the second old Lu family means. He politely said to Li Bo, "Thank you, brother!" Then, looking at Xiao Zeqi in her arms, she patiently said to her granddaughter, "Little Qi Qi, follow this Grandpa, go see Grandpa, Grandma, Brother Dapu is waiting for you, okay? "

Xiao Zeqi seemed to understand the meaning of grandpa's words, revealed a charming smile, and yelled loudly, reaching out to Li Bo, Li Bo took Xiao Zeqi cheerfully and stood aside Hadron and Feng Qi glanced at each other. Hadson also carried his daughter ’s baby carriage and supplies in both hands. Feng Qi was uneasy about her daughter and wanted to follow in, but she also heard that the house of the older Lu family. It is impossible to enter people casually. How is this good? She looked worriedly at Dad and Hadron.

Shen Yumo has been calmly observing the behavior of Mei Ruoyun and Ouyang's family. He found that under the strong appearance of Mei Ruoyun, her eyes exposed her guilty conscience, and Ouyang Shaohui did not want to delay too much at the gate, but only used Mei Ruo Yun's stupidity caused the Feng family to enter the Lu family to cause some trouble, because he understood that since the Feng family came to the Lu family's door, it was impossible for anyone to stop the Feng family and his party from entering the Lu family.

Now, Grandpa and Grandma sent Li Bolai to convey the meaning of the second old man. Shen Yumo smiled secretly in his heart. The second old man's meaning had been made clear. He brought Da Pu's daughter-in-law into the inner court, which was to warn Mei Ruoyun, Ou Shi, Lu Jia and Feng Jia. It is Qin Jin's good, so let's do it for ourselves!

Shen Yumo saw Feng Qi look worriedly at Hadron and Feng Shu, led Yao Yao to them, and said softly to Feng Qi, "Kiki, rest assured! Grandpa and grandma will take care of Xiao Zeqi".

"Yes, Qiqi, rest assured, ah!" Yaoyao also came to relieve Fengqi.

Feng Qi looked at Li Bo again and said to Li Bo, "Thank you!"

At this time, Uncle Zhou, who had been standing by the side, called a man, took the stroller and big bag from Hadron, and followed Li Bo to the inner courtyard.

With his face calm and holding Chen Er's hand, Lu Zijue understood that today's Lu family has become a "battlefield" for some people to achieve their goals. "Forcing the palace" will start from now. As Dae expected, Ou Shi It is necessary to stage a drama of "forcing the palace".

He clenched Chen Er's hand tightly, thinking, how can the Ouyang family "force the palace"? No matter how Mei Ruoyun wants to perform? None of them can achieve any purpose.

Chen Yaer felt the power from Lao Lu. Similarly, she also understood that something will happen in the Lu family today, and that it has already begun. Grandpa and grandma sent Li Bo to bring Xiao Zeqi into the inner courtyard. It is enough to explain that the second family of the Lu family accepted the family of the wind. Regarding this, I don't know whether Mrs. Lu and the family of Ouyang understood it? Maybe it was just pretending to be confused.

Seeing Li Bo holding Xiao Zeqi into the inner courtyard, she squeezed Lao Lu's hand and signaled Lao Lu that it was time for him to play. Then, she raised her eyes to Lao Lu's eyes and saw Lao Lu. Although the air was cold in her eyes, there was always tenderness in her eyes.

Naturally, Lu Zijue knew Chen Er's suggestion to him. After all, now he is the family of the Lu family. Now, the grandfather and grandma have set the principle. Then, they will sing the big show.

It was learned that Da Pu had a daughter-in-law. The most unusual ones were Lu Zihao and Lei Xuan. When Li Bolai announced that he would take Da Pu's daughter into the inner courtyard, the two immediately looked at the little baby held by Feng Shu. Lu Zihao swept away the depressive mood of his mother, because Ozawa Qi was so cute and cute, like a doll in a New Year's painting, and Lei Xuan really wanted to go and hugged the baby and kissed her two. , Their eyes never left Ozawa.

Just as Lu Zihao and Lei Xuan followed the figure of Xiao Zeqi, they heard the elder brother say, "Dear everyone, please use tea in the living room!"

As soon as Lu Zijue's words fell, a few eyes were fixed on the duster beside Lu Zijue. From the wind's eyes, seeing the dust of today is like a blooming flower, full of affection in his eyes; and It was not the gaze that was cast from the other end, but a flying knife.

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