Hundreds Of Flowers From Love Lotus

Chapter 773 Ending Spring and Autumn to Save the Road Bone 8

Chapter 773 Ending Spring and Autumn to Save the Road Bone 8

As the master of the Lu family, Lu Zijue should do his best, so he held hands with Chen Er and approached the Feng family.

Feng Shu, as the elders of the Feng family, came to the side of Lu Feng and Lu Zi, and Lu said with respect and respect, "Wind, please use tea in the living room first."

Hearing the son-in-law's greetings to him, Feng Shu was flattered. What happened at the gate of Lu's house. If it was not for the sake of his daughter-in-law, how could he let the Ouyang family go. Now, the daughter-in-law and son-in-law came to him deliberately. In front of him, he felt that even if he was wronged by Tianda, it was worth it.

Chen Yaer looked at Feng Shu and looked at her fiercely. Lao Lu said that she is now the hostess identified by the Lu family. So she said politely to Feng Shu, "Feng Feng, please go to the living room!"

Later, Chen Yaer immediately said to Uncle Zhou, "Uncle Zhou, please bother you, take care of Mr. Feng."

Uncle Zhou understands people. Although he only cares for Mr. Feng, he is actually looking after the Feng family. Uncle Zhou will come to the family and say, "Mr. Feng, big guy, please follow me. living room".

As soon as Uncle Zhou's words came to an end, Lu Zihao and Le Xuanxuan rushed to the Feng family and greeted, "Feng Feng, I will take you in."

Sister Ke is closely following Chen Yaer, looking at the frame of Ouyang's family, for fear of Chen Er's loss, Feng Nan and Ke Er are still inseparable. Wherever Chen Yaer stands, there is Ke sister, wind Nan figure.

Now that I heard them enter the living room, Sister Ke whispered to Chen Er, "Go in together, don't worry about those people."

Chen Yaer naturally understood who the "those people" mentioned by Ke Er, but she was the hostess of the Lu family. Although she had not formally married, she could not lose her identity in front of outsiders. She said to sister Ke, "Ke, you go ahead, you still have to be thoughtful in your face, don't fall into tongues, and besides, I'm the heroine of the Lu family, can't I lose my value?"

Sister Ke listened to Chen Er's "Can't drop the value", don't they think so? Chen Er's role in the Lu family is the mother of the Lu family, and the Ouyang family is no more than a guest. Chen Er should take out the courtesy of the host, but she ca n’t leave Chen Er. What about children?

"Dust, I understand it, but I still have to follow you and let them go in advance." Sister Ke stood still next to Dust.

Chen Yaer had no way to take Ke Er, so she had to let her. Of course, Feng Nan followed Ke Er.

Lu Zijue's face was still covered with dark clouds, Chen Ya clenched Lao Lu's hand and whispered, "Lao Lu, let's go."

Mei Ruoyun, Ouyang Shaohui, Ye Qiqing, and Ouyang Erman had already stood inside the door, and it was a little embarrassing to see that no one ignored them. Mei Ruoyun looked at her husband, Mr. Lu, and the meaning was obvious. Let Mr. Lu build a ladder. However, Mr. Lu went to Fengshu.

In the morning, Mrs. Lu has uncovered Chen's family. Mr. Lu already knows that Chen's is the daughter of Shen's family, which makes him very happy. The children of Shen's family have become the son-in-law and daughter-in-law of Lu's family. Dragon and Phoenix.

Shicai, and from the words of some people, made him vaguely guess that Fengshu is most likely Chen's biological father.

For Feng Shu, he only listened to his name and did not meet him formally. Twenty years ago, Feng Shu and Hao's family were married and cooperated in business. To marry Miss Hao family, I heard that the old Miss Hao family has never been married because of the wind tree.

Now, Chen ’s mother is the son-in-law ’s family, that is, Chen ’s mother is the daughter of Shen ’s family, and Feng Shu is not married for life. Is it for Chen ’s mother and Shen ’s daughter? It seems that a woman who can make such a good person in the wind tree look like a jade must not be an ordinary woman. When she can feel her mother from the dust, she is also a strange woman. Wind tree is also a long-loving person. One thing, he's not ashamed!

However, just now he heard Chen Er calling Feng Shu as the old man. Although he did not know the reason for it, he believed that there must be an unknown story in it, and he decided to clarify these situations in the future.

Since the second grandfather of the Lu family had recognized the little granddaughter of the Feng family as his concubine granddaughter, that is, he recognized the Feng family as the relative of the Lu family, he could not neglect the Feng, so he took the initiative to walk towards the wind tree.

Mei Ruoyun saw that Mr. Lu didn't mean to hand the ladder, and took the initiative to walk towards the Feng family, secretly gritting his teeth, and humming in his heart, no matter she was? It doesn't matter, the second oldest member of the Lu family has not announced that "the visitors are all visitors." It has been shown that the Feng family is a visitor, isn't the Ouyang family also a visitor? Since they are all visitors, there is no distinction between primary and secondary. If Lu Zijue and that ........ Shen Yichen waits to see the Ouyang family, can she not find something to do? Thinking of this, she immediately relaxed herself.

"Aunt Mei", with the sound of Aunt Mei, Mei Ruoyun saw that Lu Zijue led the woman to her and Ouyang's family, and, together, there were two of the Feng family.

As soon as Chen Yaer came to Mei Ruoyun, she called Mei Ruoyun. Although Viscount Lu still had a calm face, Chen Yaer generously greeted Mei Ruoyun and the guests she invited.

Mei Ruoyun looked at Chen Ya with a smile and listened to Chen Er again, "Aunt Mei, Mr. Ouyang, Madam, Miss Ouyang, please use tea in the living room!"

When Lu Zijue appeared at the gate of Lu's house with her daughter Chen, Ouyang Erman was not calm. Her heart was filled with hate, resentment, Xiangyouxinsheng, the face with delicate makeup It is completely crooked, bitter and mean, but Chen Ya's elegant and smiling appearance makes her exude confidence and kindness.

Mei Ruoyun stared at the people who came to them. She did not expect that Viscount Lu and Shen Yichen would come to invite them personally, and had not waited for her response. Ms. Ouyang could not hold back, and rushed directly to Chen Yaer, trying to bring Lu The Viscount and Chen Yaer's hands were separated, but before she caught Chen Yaer's hand, Zijue took Chen's arms lightly.

"Shen Yichen, right?" Ouyang Erman spit fire in his eyes and said angrily, "I really despise you, but no matter who your daughter is, you can't change the status of an illegitimate daughter, smiling to the last person "After the remarks," Ouyang Erman looked at Viscount Lu with aggrieved eyes, as if she were the victim.

Lu Zijue looked at Ouyang Erman's expression and what he said to Chen Er. He was about to show Ouyang Erman some colors. Chen Er wrapped his hands around his waist and gave him a signal. He temporarily endured Come down, and then listen to Chen Erfeng said quietly, "Aunt Mei, please invite the guests to the living room, always standing at the door, isn't it all right?"

Sister Ke and Feng Nan stood next to Chen Yaer and Lao Lu, and looked at Chen with admired eyes. Sister Ke thought, just now, if Ouyang Erman's provocation, if she replaced her, she might hit her Yes, and the provocators couldn't find the North, but Chen Er ignored the Ouyang Erman at all, and handed the Ouyang family directly to Mrs. Lu, yeah, the Ouyang family was a guest of Mrs. Lu, Lu's When family members don't care about their irrationality, can it be that they don't give them their own faces?

Ouyang Shaohui naturally saw Chen Yaer's work as a man. He looked deeply towards Chen Yaer, and then, scanning his daughter with dissatisfied eyes, he had to admit that an illegitimate daughter could support this place as much as possible. He stayed, and did not let Lu Zijue give her something. He sighed secretly in his heart, and said, I can't look down on this woman. It seems that more plans are needed.

Thinking of more planned Ouyang Shaohui, he immediately gave his wife a look, and Ye Qiqing hurriedly said to Mei Ruoyun, "Her aunt Mei, you are the hostess of the Lu family, how can you let an outsider take the initiative?"

Mei Ruoyun was stimulated again by Ye Qiqing's words. She was about to have an attack, raised her eyes to the warning eyes of Viscount Shang Lu, she glanced back at Viscount Lu, and then came the voice of her son's almost begging. Come in! "

Lu Zihao was about to bring the Feng family and his party into the yard. When he saw Chen Er's sister-in-law walking towards his mother and Ouyang's family, he immediately followed.

Mei Ruoyun glanced at her son and said to the Ouyang family, "Go in and talk!" Then, she ignored the others and walked towards the courtyard. The Ouyang family followed and finally left the Lu family gate.

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