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774: Words Crush Variety-Animals Answers

774: Words Crush Variety-Animals Answers

Lu Zihao watched his mother and Ouyang's family enter the inner courtyard. He came to the eldest brother and said shamefully, "brother, duster bitch." He wanted to apologize for his mother, so he listened to the elder brother and said, "Zihao, keep Your original intention, remember, no matter where you are, you are the descendants of the Lu family, go with the guests! "

In just a few words, Lu Zijue expressed his attitude to the younger brother, and Chen Er looked at Lu Zihao softly.

Of course, Lu Zihao understood the meaning of his brother's words. "Keeping his original heart" is an affirmation of him. At the same time, he reminded him that he is a descendant of the Lu family and cannot do things that harm the Lu family.

"Brother, Chener, I understand, I'm gone." Lu Zihao was in a cheerful mood, and hurried to his wife to greet Feng's family into the inner courtyard.

Shen Yumo and Yaoyao have been standing in place, taking a panoramic view of everything, especially Dayu. Watching the younger sister of the Shen family calmly showed her identity and position as the wife of Lu Jiashao. Mrs. Lu and the Ouyang family dealt with the past with a pair of pounds, with a faint smile in their eyes.

Lu Xiuqi took the initiative to say hello to Feng Shu. Feng Shu knew that this person was the son of Lu's family and his father-in-law. For the story of Lu Xiuqi's past, he was well-known in the circle of Beijing. Although he told Lu's son this The behavior was scornful, thinking why the Lu family had a descendant who abandoned his wife and son, and abandoned it all. This is also one of the most important reasons why he does not want to see Viscount Lu. He Fengshu is a person with special feelings, and he can hold his heart for the love of his life.

However, it is not possible to offend this Lu family son. After all, he is Chen's father-in-law. In the future, he will also ask the father-in-law to take good care of Chen Er, and he will also beat the father-in-law. If Ruochen was angry with his wife who continued to string at Lu's house, he would not turn a blind eye to him. At that time, don't blame him or give face.

Now, since Chen'er's father-in-law offered him a favor, he couldn't lose his grace either, so the two elderly men who were both good-looking and different from each other, entered the inner courtyard together.

The last to enter Lu's living room was Lu Zijue, Chen Yaer, Ke Jieer, and Feng Nan.

The living room was quiet and abnormal. Sister Ke entered the living room and swiped around with her eyes. Then, she teased in her heart. It was really a gathering of people and a group of people, but was she right? Where is Mrs. Lu sitting? Although she didn't know the specific location of the theme in the living room of the Lu family, she still knew some of the common sense, but who was sitting on the theme?

It turned out that after Mei Ruoyun entered the living room, Ye Qiqing pulled Mei Ruoyun to sit on the sofa seat of the second oldest member of the Lu family, and she also sat down. Mei Ruoyun was very useful, so Naturally sat on the main seat of the living room, and of course Ouyang Shaohui sat next to his wife, Mei Ruoyun naturally sat on Miss Ouyang's house.

Well, the Ouyang family is like the owner, sitting calmly in the position of the owner of the Lu family.

First of all, the people sitting on the main seat of the living room were Lu Xiuqi and Feng Shu. As soon as the two entered the living room, they saw them. Lu Xiu frowned and immediately turned to look at Feng Shu. For a moment, without words, his expression was calm, as if the person sitting on the theme was a transparent person.

"Wind brother", because Lu Xiuqi didn't understand why Chener called the wind tree "Wind Boss", he couldn't call him "Family", so he could only call him "Wind brother".

Hearing Lu Xiuqi shouting at him, Fengshu replied, "Brother Lu, what's your advice?" Similarly, Fengshu didn't call Lu Xiuqi "in-house," and each said that his brother and his brother were proper for the two.

"Brother Feng, how about we find a quiet place to sit down?" Lu Xiuqi didn't want to have a dispute with his wife and the Ouyang family, so he had to settle the parents of the Feng family first.

Feng Shu despised Lu's son in his heart, and said in his heart, was Lu Xiuqi so afraid of his wife? Mei Ruoyun is just an incompetent little star. The woman in the third grade is in his eyes, a woman who is seductive by sex. Should she be afraid? However, after all, it was at the Lu family, and he didn't want to intensify the situation, so he followed the meaning of landing and repaired and responded, "Brother Lu, the guest is the owner."

Mr. Lu pulled up Fengshu and sat in the small corner of his weekdays. After Fengshu sat down, he really felt that this corner was good, because from this corner, you can see the entire living room, there is no dead corner, it is really a theater to eat melon Great place.

Feng Shu instantly felt that Mr. Lu's position in the Lu family was not wonderful. He glanced at Mr. Lu with sympathy, sitting in the corner with peace of mind, ready to go to the theater to eat melon.

Lu Zihao and Le Yanxuan accompanied the strong son and Feng Qi into the living room. When they saw their mother and Ouyang family sitting in the position of grandpa and grandma on weekdays, they felt like eating flies. He really felt for his mother. Sad, why are you constrained by Ouyang's family?

As soon as he was about to have an attack, a big hand behind him rested on his shoulder. It turned out to be his brother-in-law, so he heard his brother-in-law say softly, "Zihao, we can just sit there."

Uncle Zhou followed closely behind everyone. It was not the first time that Mrs. Lu and the Ouyang family were unconscious. I thought that the Ouyang family did not know where they came from. The Lu family is like their back garden. However, as an outsider, he is not very troublesome. When he heard Lu Jia's son-in-law saying a few words to his young son, he was assured that they would not dispute these superficialities. thing.

Yaoyao hailed Hadron and Fengqi sitting on one side. Uncle Zhou moved the chairs from the outhouse with interest. Lu Zihao was busy outside and helped Uncle Zhou to move the chair. Lei Xuan was also on the sidelines. Put a chair, so in the living room of the Lu family, immediately surrounded a circle.

When Lu Zijue, Chen Yaer, Feng Nan, and Ke Keer entered the living room, they saw the circle in the living room of the Lu family.

Three circles have been formed in the living room. One circle consists of Mei Ruoyun and the Ouyang family sitting in the main seat. The other circle consists of the Lu family and Feng family. The other circle is the current perimeter. The new circle position.

Seeing the layout of the living room, Lu Zijue was happy. He naturally brought Chen Er to the position of the new circle. Similarly, Feng Nan and Ke Er also entered the circle.

After the big guy entered the seat, Uncle Zhou ordered tea, and originally these things did n’t need to be taken care of by Uncle Zhou, but looking at today ’s stand, the Lu family is not very peaceful. Moreover, the second family member of the Lu family paid everything today To him, he must do well.

After tea, a strange silence fell into the living room ...

Seeing that the time for the dinner was approaching, the four characters sitting on the main seat seemed restless, but the people in the other two circles of the family quietly sipped tea without any meaning of restlessness.

At this time, Ouyang Shaohui stood up. He had no choice but to end in person. He had to tear a hole to make a breakthrough. He positioned the hole at Lu Xiuqi. He looked around and then rushed to land and repaired Qiu Qi. The corner where I sat was gone.

"Lao Lu, how do you run here, come here and sit down!" Ouyang Shaohui greeted Mr. Lu like the master.

Mr. Lu raised his eyebrows, glanced at Ouyang Shaohui, and said blandly, "It is the same where he sits in his own house." Then, he ignored Ouyang Shaohui.

Feng Shu sat side by side like no one, and did not take Ouyang Shaohui seriously. The ignorance of Ouyang Shaohui gave birth to an anger. He originally saw the surname of the wind as unpleasant. Now, even Lu Xiuqi is not Take care of him, he suppressed the anger in his heart, a smile appeared on his face, and he seemed to bend over to help Mr. Lu.

(End of this chapter)