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MR & Mrs Luke-775

MR & Mrs Luke-775

When Ouyang Shaohui bent down, Mr. Lu said he didn't know anything at all, because Mr. Lu knew too much about Ouyang Shaohui, did he really bend down and lift him up? not necessarily.

Mr. Lu didn't move, beyond Ouyang Shaohui's expectations. He didn't really want to help Lu Xiuqi up. He just wanted to be a look. He expected that if he bent down slightly, Lu Xiuqi would get up immediately. Then drag the landing and repair it to the center of the living room. That way, he would be good at singing. Otherwise, wouldn't it be possible for him to sing a monologue?

However, Mr. Lu didn't have any movement, and his outstretched hand could not be retracted immediately, so he had to extend his hand down and put it on Mr. Lu's shoulder, saying, "Lao Lu, don't sit in the corner and follow me "During speaking, we had to drag Mr. Lu up, and we saw that Mr. Lu's clothes were pulled by a corner.

"Hey, don't pull." Mr. Lu didn't want to be taken away by Ouyang Shaohui, but in his own house, how could outsiders lead him, then he patted Ouyang Shaohui's hand.

However, would Ouyang Shaohui miss Lu Xiuqi, since Lu Xiuqi cannot be pulled to the main battlefield --- the center of the living room, then start in this corner!

Ouyang Shaohui quickly made a decision, so he sat next to Mr. Lu as soon as possible, just to isolate Feng Shu from Lu Xiuqi, and Mr. Lu had to move in the opposite direction.

After sitting stable, Ouyang Shaohui regarded the wind tree as the air, facing away from the wind tree, and very concernedly asked Lu Xiuqi, "Lao Lu, how is your stock going up today?"

Lu Xiuqi didn't want to communicate with the Ouyang family. They had to sit on the main seat and be seated, not just a seat. However, today, Ouyang Shaohui took the initiative and came to his side, pulling Not to mention, but still asking about Lujia's stock rally? How did Lu Jia ’s stock rally know that he never cared about these matters? Besides, after marrying Me Ruoyun, his father not only regained his power to control the Lu family, he also did not have any property in Lu family. Relationship, he is even more happy.

But Ouyang Shaohui mentioned Lujia's stock trend at this time? There must be a purpose, what purpose? Then look at what he has? Otherwise, wouldn't it be troublesome for him to go around all the time?

So Mr. Lu glanced at Ouyang Shaohui, and replied casually, "Lao Ou, what are you going to say? Just be straightforward and don't have to meander."

The sound in the living room broke the silence in the living room. Before waiting for Ouyang Shaohui to continue to play, Mei Ruoyun finally got up from the main seat and stood in the middle of the living room, speaking a dramatic voice, saying, "Lao Ou, you don't need to ask What kind of Lu family stocks does Lu Xiuqi know, and what does he know? Better, let me answer you? "

Finally, someone was in the right place, and Ouyang Shaohui immediately left that corner, came to the center of the living room, and said to Mrs. Landing, "Okay, Mrs. Lu, I have long heard that you were a good financial manager in the early days. ".

Since Ouyang Shaohui mentioned stocks, Lu Zijue's group of people instantly knew what the Ouyang family was going to sing today. None of them responded. They were still drinking tea quietly, without even raising their eyelids.

Before Mei Ruoyun had time to enter the role of a wealth management expert, another voice sounded in the living room.

"Her aunt Mei's concept of financial management is out of date, and now it is the world of young people." Ye Qiqing has been unable to hold back her loneliness. Now that her husband has thrown bricks and stones, of course she wants her husband to sing along with her. She immediately took the baton and at the same time, got up In the middle of the living room, he said, "Our family Manman has seen business opportunities and established investment funds with two international investment institutions. Nowadays, Manman, you are here to introduce you, the concept of investment and financial management today." .

Ouyang Erman can finally make his debut.

Dad and mom set up the stage for her. Ouyang Erman looked at the group that had been silent, especially Viscount Lu. She wanted to take this wonderful opportunity to show her business woman's posture and let Lu Let's take a look at the family, who is the most suitable future hostess of the Lu family.

Ouyang Erman got up and also stood in the center of the living room, as if she was giving a lecture report, and began to analyze her investment philosophy.

"My dad was just concerned about the market value of Lujia's stocks." Ouyang Erman planned to use Lujia's stocks as an introduction. Therefore, according to her father's ideas, Pepe talked. "During this period, the market value of Lujia's stocks and the trend were really It does n’t look good. It ’s not doing anything. It ’s always sideways in a high or low position. I think this is related to the conservative business philosophy. A century-old family business, the business philosophy is too conservative, and it will miss many investment opportunities. The world today? "Between words, she had strolled and moved not far from Viscount Lu.

However, she found that her speech could not excite any waves at all. The circle of people was still as quiet as ever, as if they had made an appointment, no one looked into the center of the living room, and no one paid attention to what she was giving. "Investment philosophy".

However, she was not in a hurry. Her essential part was still behind, so she moved slowly to the place where Viscount Lu was seated. Seeing that she was going to be next to Viscount Lu, she always looked at the Viscount, but Viscount Lu never Interested in anyone or anything in the living room, she saw that Viscount Lu kept holding the little hand, and her anger was enraged again, but she immediately advised herself to be calm, wait After explaining her "investment philosophy", she was then savagely battered.

After consoling herself for a while, Ms. Ouyang lifted her spirits and stood beside the group of people who ignored her, continuing to break down the "new investment ideas."

"According to my investigation, in recent years, the Lu family has not done anything in all walks of life." Ouyang Erman said this, deliberately glanced at Uncle Zhou sitting in the corner, and then retracted his gaze and looked with a smile Xiang Viscount said to Viscount Lu, "Brother Viscount, the Lu family is going on like this, let's not just sit and eat in the mountains. People outside do not know that they think the Lu family is like no one."

Still no one responded to Miss Ouyang. At this time, Ye Qiqing couldn't sit still, she quickly reminded her daughter, "Manman, don't say anything that you don't want to be aggressive, you have to tell everyone about advanced investment ideas, and let some people Those who have gone to school know what the world looks like? "

Doesn't Mrs. Ouyang's phrase "People who have never been in school" specifically refer to it?

Ms. Ouyang was given another shot of her blood by her mother. She stood beside Viscount Lu and said with great vigor, "Today's advanced investment philosophy is nothing more than 'value' and 'cooperation'. Here's the 'value' 'Specially refers to' commercial value ', so what is' commercial value'? "She looked at Viscount Lu again, and was spiced up again. Lu Zijue brought the tea cup into the hands of Chen Yaer and signaled him. Drink water.

Seeing this kind of affection, Miss Ouyang's eyes almost burst into tears. She felt that she was so wronged! She was painstakingly devoted to the career and future of the Lu family. However, when the family of the Lu family was in love with the illegitimate daughter and Xiao Sanxiu who had been involved in her good deeds, she almost had an attack. At this time, Ye Qiqing's voice sounded again. The voice, "Manman, hurry and teach us all!"

Ye Qiqing was worried that her daughter was stimulated by Viscount Lu and illegitimate daughters, affecting the following plans. She has been paying attention to her daughter's play. When she saw her daughter was aggrieved and uncomfortable, she reminded her daughter again.

(End of this chapter)