Wilderness Pet Evolution System

Chapter 203 Uncle Ni Mei Returns

Chapter 203 Uncle Ni Mei Returns

This time the Lilan Wilderness has not only improved its strength a lot.

Experience has also increased a lot.

The applause value reached more than 7 million.

"Roar ..."

After a while, the tiger howling, walking in the dense forest, showing that the fat tiger who showed his dominance was back.

Now the biggest fun of the fat tiger is to scare the little animals in the wild jungle.

For example, there are two birds on the tree.

When he is in love, the fat tiger will walk silently.

A fierce tiger howl ...

The two birds were frightened and suddenly fell down from the tree.

Seeing a wild boar drinking water, the fat tiger screamed and the tiger bobbed and fell into the water.

The fat tiger now is so idle that it hurts ...

Very speechless!

Moreover, the fat tiger does not go hunting, mainly because of appetite ...

He ate the food made by Mitutoyo. The fat tiger hunted himself. Mitutoyo did not cook and had no appetite to eat ...

"time to eat."

Uncle Ni Mei raised his hand and touched the head of the fat tiger. The furry feel is very good.

It is no exaggeration to say that the fat tiger is a white tiger skin.

It's extremely comfortable to sleep ...

Used as a tiger skin skirt, that is definitely the most fashionable explosion of the moment.

In fact, Mitutoyo, Fat Tiger, and Little Jerry, their furs are very comfortable.

They are all the finest fur ...

Definitely not worse than the mink on the market!

However, the two pillars are a little bit stuck ...

After having breakfast and unpacking, Uncle Ni Mei is ready to go back.

Deep in the Lilan jungle, you should be able to see Jerry, it must have been waiting for him in the original place.

With Fat Tiger, Mitutoyo, and Little King Kong, walking through the dense forest in one direction.

Soon, Uncle Ni Mei discovered.

The original residence, there is already a figure of a round and plump little Jerry on that open space.

I saw little Jerry, his belly was round and round, and he looked very rich ...

With little paws on his back, his little spiritual expression was quite anxious, and he walked over the open space and walked over ...


Stopping, the expression on the face was stubborn, and he couldn't help but sigh. The two little paws shook his head helplessly.

What should I do?

The only way to solve your worries is cigarettes ...

Take out the cigarette lighter from the portable space.

Little Jerry ignited and twitched skillfully.

Swallowing clouds and misting, Jerry is worried!

They were all sad, and Xiaoqier transformed into robberies yesterday. They didn't know if they succeeded.

Anyway, Xiaoqier disappeared and disappeared ...

Carrying a brigade, they searched all night.

I did not find the trace of Xiao Qi'er ...

Little Jerry felt that he really broke his heart for this home.

Can this be explained to the owner?

"Ahem ..."

There was a sudden cough, and little Jerry suddenly became agitated.

Looking for the sound, his round and plump body jumped.

See the figure of his owner.

"Squeak ...":

Little Jerry waved his claws, showing a charming flattering smile.

I ran and hugged Uncle Ni Mei's thigh ...

"What did you just do?"

Little Jerry ran up his shoulders, and Uncle Ni Mei raised his hand and touched Jerry's head.

This little mouse is really getting fat again.

The plan to lose weight was a complete failure.

"Squeak ..."

Little Jerry kept talking and didn't know how to explain to his owner.

"Okay, hurry home."

Uncle Ni Mei also wants to go back and take a look at Xiao Qier, who has evolved into a dragon.

What is a Shenlong?

In this world, no one must have seen it in person.

It is conceivable that it must be very noble and domineering, and then take a photo to make a mobile wallpaper.

It must be very good ...

It is not impossible to send a circle of friends. No one has seen this thing, it will only be treated as a computer special effect.

"Squeak ..."

Little Jerry was so anxious to scratch his head that he didn't know where to start talking to his master.

"what happened?"

Uncle Ni Mei knew that it must be that he was not in these days.

What happened at home.

Or several of the gods at home have beloved Lou Zi.

Who is in trouble, and who has beaten Lou Zi?

Erzhu and Xiao Jie are both in that kind of act, and if Lou Zi's words, it is estimated that they did not run.

If something goes wrong, the only possible thing is Xiao Qier ...

"Squeak ..."

Little Jerry jumped up and down to his master ...

When Xiaoqier became the leader of the Dragon Dragon Gang, he disappeared and told Master Ni Mei originally ...

Little Jerry they don't know if Xiao Qi'er crosses the robbery without success.

But Uncle Ni Mei knows that his little Qier is now a five-pronged dragon.


Uncle Ni Mei frowned, how did Xiao Qier disappear suddenly?

Xiao Qier's disappearance should not be artificial ...

But there must be something wrong with it.

What could go wrong?

Uncle Ni Mei quickly thought of the last time, because Xiao Qi'er was inadequate ...

With a shallow foundation and insufficient roots, he fell asleep ...

So this time, will the disappearance also be because the level is not enough and the source of money is insufficient?

Will Xiaoqier hide in a place and fall asleep?

"Well, go back and talk."

No matter what happened to Xiao Qi'er, he can only go back and make plans.

"Squeak ..."

Little Jerry raised his claws and scratched, until there was a wave of space ripples.

The space board appears ...

Put your own owner, as well as Fat Tiger, Mitutoyo, and Little King Kong into the portable space.

A fierce plunge into the space chess board ...

The next second, Uncle Ni Mei returned to Yudingshan Yuquanfeng Independence Courtyard.

"Dear host, Er Pillar, please."

"Little Qier's blood evolved last night, and disappeared when he crossed the gang ..."

Er Pillar, who had been waiting in the yard for a long time, saw Uncle Ni Mei lying on the ground.

Hurry to report to the owner.

"Grandpa Ni, Xiao Qier ..."

Wang Sihui was also very worried about Xiao Qi's disappearance.

After looking for one night, Xiaoqier was not found!

Don't know what happened?

"I know all about it, Xiaoqier's robberies were successful ..."

"It should be okay, I can definitely find it."

Uncle Ni Mei touched the pillar of Erzhu's head, and he was not very worried about the disappearance of Xiaoqier.

Xiao Qi'er said no more, now it is also a five-clawed dragon.

Even if it is asleep, who can hurt it with its defensive power?

Take your time, don't worry too much, the God Pet Family is very strong now!

You can say enough!

And there is a mysterious feeling between Master Ni Mei and Xiao Qi'er.

Find it slowly, you can definitely find it.

Erzhu did a good job this time. Xiaoqier could evolve blood so quickly. Erzhu was indispensable ....

It should be rewarded!

(End of this chapter)