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204 Uncle Genius Disciple

204 Uncle Genius Disciple

Uncle Ni Mei's two preachers Li Youdao and Li Yourou.

At present Li Youdao has realized the inner qi.

I learned some fur in my practice.

As long as Mitutoyo is allowed to take another period of time, Li Youdao's practice will basically be on track.


Seeing Master again, Li Youdao was very excited.

His life has changed completely, especially when he feels the inner qi ...

Stepped into the gate of the warrior and realized the mystery of the warrior world.

And in just a few days, Li Youdao's vision has also improved a lot, and he has seen a more exciting world that is unimaginable.

People who used to think that some were unattainable, now it seems nothing great ...

Now Li Youdao just wants to practice martial arts with all his heart.

Make yourself stronger and reward Master's kindness.

"It's okay. If you encounter problems, consult Mitutoyo."

Uncle Ni Mei is very satisfied with Li Youdao, although his qualifications are not so outstanding.

But in terms of mind, there should be nothing to say.


Li Yourou, a five-year-old girl, said timidly after seeing Uncle Ni Mei.

She only knew that she had been happily with her brother these days.

Live a happy life ...

Playing with Erzhu and playing with Jerry, she likes it very much.

And she is working hard every day.

"Okay, okay, okay ..."

Uncle Ni Mei said three sounds in a row, and touched Li Yourou's head pettingly.

It was a big surprise at first glance.

For three days, this little girl relied on the evil talent.

Reached the realm of second-rate martial arts directly ...

You should know that this little girl is only five years old. These days, basically, she is groping alone.

See Li Yourou, who has broken through to become a second-rate master.

Uncle Ni Mei couldn't stop talking.

Isn't this evil talented disciple good?

It can be said that Uncle Ni Mei will not be strenuous, he will be blued out by this little girl.

Li Yourou, this little girl, such a demon's talent, such a powerful three attributes, is already the empress of this world.

Training with a little dim sum will definitely make a lot of achievements in the future ...

Absolutely shocking the world!

"Hee hee hee……."

Li Yourou, timid, saw Master smile with a smile on his head.

She also praised her.

An innocent smile appeared.

A little proud in my heart.

Seeing his sister so favored, Li Youdao shrugged with a wry smile.

Really, he really did his best.

I have used all my mind and energy to comprehend ......

Go to martial arts, go to enlightenment!

The result was just that, I realized the inner qi and found some fur for basic practice.

And his sister, a five-year-old girl, martial art practice is as easy as eating and drinking.

Unreasonable, just reached the second-class realm casually.

No way!

They are also two siblings, but they are really incomparable in martial arts practice.

His elder brother was completely rubbed on the ground by his sister.

But I saw that my sister Li Yourou was so wickedly gifted that she got so much favor from Master.

Li Youdao is also satisfied and happy for his sister.

"Come here ..."

Uncle Ni Mei took the little girl's hand, and can't wait to cultivate it herself.

Bring the next girl to the bedroom.

As soon as I entered the bedroom, an air of freshness suddenly hit my face and it was refreshing.

Phlox, which has devoured the essence of the sun and the moon, is growing very well.

Phlox has bloomed, a flower with seven petals and seven colors.

"It really seems to be the result ..."

Uncle Ni Mei is very looking forward to what kind of fruit will be produced by Fuluten.

"Hee hee ..."

"Master, what kind of flower is this?"

Li Yourou, the little girl, pointed to Fu Luteng and asked curiously.

The innocent looks are cute.

"This is a phlox."

Uncle Ni Mei picked up the glass, which contained most of the bottles of morning dew.

Very precious.

"Uh-huh ..."

The little girl listened and nodded cutely.

"Mitutoyo, took it to drink ..."

Uncle Ni Mei gave the morning dew to Mitutoyo. With this half of the bottle of morning dew, Mitutoyo's martial arts were enough to break through.

At least it's half a step.

"Hmm ..."

Mitutoyo scratched his head and took a drink from Chen Lu.

Then sat down cross-legged.

Cultivation starts with internal strength.

"Come, Master teaches you a set of swords today ..."

Uncle Ni Mei can master the martial arts skills, and this is only Mitutoyo's first-class set of swords.

Ready to teach little girl Li Yourou in person.

As for the search for the missing Xiaoqier, Uncle Ni Mei was temporarily put down.



At this time, Xiao Qier was shopping with Li Qianer in a clothing store.

"This good-looking."

Li Qianer picked up a suit and made a gesture in front of Xiao Qi'er.

Suddenly his eyes lightened.

"It also goes well ..."

Li Qianer found that Xiao Qi'er had such a body, this temperament and his face ...

It's really hard to find a set of clothes that don't look good.

In this high-end clothing store, he just picked up a set of clothes, and in front of Xiao Qier, he made a different gesture.

"Your boyfriend is so handsome, everything looks good ..."

Miss shopping guide, standing side by side, praised strongly.

When she saw Xiao Qier, she was also moved.

She is really envious of having such a good boyfriend around her.

Although Li Qianer is very beautiful and very temperament, she should be rich at least in the opinion of the shopping guide.

However, the shopping guide lady still felt that the cabbage had let the pigs bow!

Such a handsome man is simply abused.

It was said that Xiao Qi'er was his boyfriend, and Li Qianer's heart was both joyful and shy.

I still feel sweet.

"This, this, and this, don't all ..."

"I have everything else."

Li Qianer raised her slim fingers, and ordered a few sets that didn't fit Xiao Qier's body, except for those sets that were not necessary.

Basically, I bought clothes for the entire store.

"Ah, really?"

The shopping guide lady's eyes widened and she couldn't believe it again.

Their clothes are very expensive here.

Famous brand tide ...

"Well, wrap it up."

Li Qianer nodded, and found out her bank card directly. For the first time, she experienced the happiness of a rich woman.

She used to feel that way.

They are very vulgar and very low-level. They wantonly show off their wealth and have low quality ...

Worship kitsch, money slave ...

But he met Xiao Qier, the man who made her unrestrained, and threw money for the man who fascinated herself.

This kind of refreshing feeling has never been experienced by Li Qianer.

She now understands why those rich men are willing to foster little lovers.

Spend money on bags and cars for the little lover ...

Because it's really cool!

"Okay, please wait."

Miss shopping guide, my mind was blank, and happiness came too suddenly.

懵 Circle up.

She can't wait to rush and hug Xiao Qier and kiss him hard.

Because these clothes were sold, the down payment alone was enough to make her buy a house.

Li Qianer picked a suit and let Xiaoqier put on ...

Suddenly, the masculinity of Prince Charming was revealed.

All these clothes bought for Xiao Qi'er will be sent to the villa.

A total of almost five million have been consumed.

The key is that Xiao Qier is very simple, and he has no awareness of eating soft rice and being nurtured.



(End of this chapter)