Wilderness Pet Evolution System

Chapter 205

Chapter 205

It took almost five million to buy clothes for Xiao Qi'er.

All are high-end brand names.

As for how many?

It can only be said that the clothes in a store can't be easily finished in a year or two.

You can be angry if you are angry. Xiao Qi'er has no awareness of being fostered.

Can't understand, the young people now have the sadness of not wanting to work hard.

The desire and pursuit of material!

On the contrary, Li Qianer, the money was spent comfortably.

In the past, Li Qianer regarded money as dung, and did not like money and never thought of it.

Instead, they despise those who use money to measure everything.

Superficial, without meaning ...

But now throwing money at Xiao Qier, she realized the benefits and fun of money.

And she has a lot of money, and she can use about 100 million yuan.

Xiao Qier, wearing a handsome new suit, was taken out of the clothing store by Li Qianer.

Li Qianer's happiness ...

You ca n’t understand the fun of rich women.

"Do you want a car?"

Li Qianer did not know if Xiao Qier would drive, anyway, he wanted to buy Xiao Qier.

The thrill of throwing money at Xiao Qi'er.

Makes Li Qianer out of control.

She has money, and she can use one or two hundred million dollars. If she thinks of a way to get money from the family.

That's more ...

In fact, throwing money at Xiao Qier is more of a possessiveness ...

I have money, I support you, and I possess you, such a more alternative desire.


Xiao Qi'er shook his head and said he didn't want a car.

He came out to eat, why not take it with him?

Just want to eat, nothing else ...

"I'll buy you a car ..."

"Buy a house for you ..."

Li Qianer thinks, should buy a house for Xiao Qier, because the big villa that lives now is rich.

Just buy a villa for Xiao Qier.

In this way, you can live with Xiao Qier in the love nest.

So Li Qianer took Xiao Qier to pick up another car.

Then bought a house for the full amount ...

Although the house and car are under the name of Li Qianer, these things were bought specifically for Xiao Qier.

After buying the car and house, Li Qianer was completely fascinated by the feeling of being a rich woman.

Taking Xiaoqier to the shopping mall.

At the luxury counter, Li Qianer looked at a watch with more than 3 million pieces.

I'm going to buy it for Xiao Qi'er.

"This watch is good ..."

As the saying goes, poor car and rich watch, fishing line can only play computer, a watch can show a man's taste and temperament.

Li Qianer thinks that this famous watch will add a touch of mature man's charm after wearing it.

"I want this watch ..."

A normal-looking man, sprayed with a strong perfume, and was in his forties with a brand-name elder sister.

Came over and snatched the watch that Li Qianer looked on.

"Ah, 3.2 million ..."

By the rich lady's side, a sunny little fresh meat exclaimed.

This watch is expensive.

"Sister, do you want to buy it for me?"

"I don't know how to repay you ..."

"Sister, don't worry, I will do my best tonight ..."

Xiao Xianrou was overjoyed, surprised and pleased looking at the rich lady.

Is there any shame in paying money in this society?

It looks handsome ...

There is a good skin pack, why do you struggle for decades?

Why work harder?

You women, always say that our men materially worship gold ...


"Hey, I'll watch first."

Li Qianer's face turned black. She was going to buy this watch and give it to Xiaoqier.

And she sees herself high.

We always look down upon this. We are willing to degenerate into spiritual emptiness.

"Do you like it?"

"Did you pay?"

The rich lady sneered, and threw out her Supreme Gold Card.


Is the local tyrant!

The rich lady can do whatever she wants, just do whatever she wants.

Regardless of her age or figure, she lost Li Qianer in every aspect of her temperament.

But she has money, and spending money has never been easy.

Especially willing to spend money on men.

She basically changes a little fresh meat a week.


Li Qianer was so angry that she was born in the famous door of Xiangxiang Men. At this moment she really couldn't help wanting to swear.

"Handsome guy, do you want this watch?"

"If you want, I'll give you ..."

The rich lady, holding a watch, kept winking at Xiao Qi'er.

Red fruit, undisguised hookup.

The eyes were like a wolf and a tiger, clearly the body of Xiao Qier.

"Sister, wasn't it for me?"

Xiaoxianrou was unhappy, and saw that Xiaoyan was crushed by all aspects of his temperament.

In his eyes was the fire of jealousy.


Sister Fu, raising her hand is a slapped fan on Xiaoxianrou's face.

Xiao Xianrou's eyes widened and he looked at Sister Fufu incredibly ...

Dignity was trampled on, and Xiao Xianrou felt deeply that he was out of favor at this moment ...

The woman really was a big pig's hoof that was in a different state of mind.

"Did I say it to you?"

The rich lady elder girl froze directly. Before she saw Xiao Qi'er, this little fresh meat was her little sweet.

Now there is Xiao Qier, in a contrast ....

Suddenly found, what the hell?

Why can others raise such a good male god?

Why can others play this sexy and charming little handsome guy?

Is she bad money or something?

"gave it to you."

As soon as the rich lady turned around, she looked at Xiao Qi'er in secrecy and handed the watch up.

Clearly grabbed a man with Li Qianer.

It is clear that he wants to occupy Xiao Qier.


Xiao Qi'er's face was bewildered. It's like eating now.

Feeling boring ...

Xiao Qi'er is really not material or worship!

Lao Tzu is a Shenlong, and he can sell sky-high prices.

substance? Worship?

Believe it or not, Xiaoqier sprays your face?


Li Qianer was anxious, and couldn't bear to slap the fan directly on the rich lady's face.

This slap is not light, you must know that Li Qianer is a half step master.

When I was angry, the momentum on my body ...

The frightened eldest sister was so pale that she was frightened.

My face hurts a lot ...

Scared, scared ....

Take out the phone immediately, ready to call someone to support the scene.

The manager of this mall is one of her acquaintances and a business partner.

Soon, a bald middle-aged man hurried over.

Behind him were dozens of celebrities and strong security guards ...

"She hit me ..."

The rich lady pointed at Li Qianer, and said savagely.

"Miss, are you all right?"

The bald manager, without looking directly at the rich lady, asked Li Qianer humbly.

He wiped his sweat in a hurry.

The Lee's consortium is the major shareholder behind this mall.

"Let her go!"

Li Qianer was so angry that she always knew her well.

I've never lost my temper like this.

This time it was really intolerable, and she was forced to beat her face only when she had to.

The eldest rich woman and the small fresh meat around her were rushed out by the security guard before responding.

When Li Qianer took Xiao Qier to buy the finished product, she left the mall and went to eat.

the phone is ringing…….

The girlfriend said she had an offer to eat, so Li Qianer had to take Xiao Qier to see the girlfriend.

(End of this chapter)