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Chapter 206: Xiao Qier, Bulldozer

Chapter 206: Xiao Qier, Bulldozer

Li Qianer took Xiao Qier to a Korean barbecue restaurant.

She is responsible for baking and Xiaoqier is responsible for eating.

The immature little Qier who is not material and worships gold can only refuse to eat.

Not long after, my girlfriend Sun Sihan came to the box, and when she entered the box, she saw Li Qianer sweating.

Busy roast beef roast pork belly ...

Anyway, do n’t bake vegetarian dishes.

Waiting beside him, a handsome man who was suffocating, handsome and handsome, full of charming masculinity.

Sun Shihan has never seen a man with such a noble temperament.

Every move demonstrates alternative domineering.

The moment is heartbreaking.

"Ahem ..."

Sun Sihan coughed, took off the toad mirror and mask, a delicate and perfect face.

Can be described as all over the country.

As the young lady of the Sun's consortium of the four major consortiums in Jiangnan.

Sun Shihan not only has a beautiful face, but also a popular front-line film and television star in China.

The singing skills and acting skills have been well received, and various awards have been softened.

"Thinking ..."

Li Qianer is so busy that she hasn't eaten a bite.

It's really that Xiaoqier can eat too much. She must keep roasting for Xiaoqier to eat.

Can't stop at all ...

"Where's my little brother?"

"So handsome?"

Sun Sihan sat down and whispered into Li Qianer's ear.

When they were young, they talked about nothing.

Extremely good girlfriends.


"His name is seven ..."

Li Qianer blushed and whispered to Sun Shihan.

I told Sun Yuhan a series of unshameful events that happened when I met Xiaoqier.

It's a one-night stand, and the more you talk in private, the more shy you are.

Shame is too bad ...

Bang ...

"Woohoo, I want to eat ..."

The more Chi Xiaoer who ate more and more, seeing the two whispered a whisper instead of giving themselves barbecue.

Suddenly dissatisfied and patted the table.

No different from a child ...

"Sihan, help me barbecue, let's feed him first ..."

Seeing Xiao Qi'er losing his temper, Li Qianer hurriedly roasted the meat and piled up various secret sauces.

Xiao Qier eats alone, she is already busy.

I can't get busy at all.

"Okay, let's ... feed him ..."

Sun Shi Sihan aggravated his tone and looked at Li Qianer with a weird look.

Driving without warning ...

Immediately ashamed, Li Qianer was panicked.

"Handsome guy, do you know me?"

Sun Sihan frowned, and asked Xiao Qier who was eating and drinking.

As a domestic first-line film and television star.

It is a household name and a goddess of fantasy for countless men.

Xiao Qi'er raised his head, just glanced lightly, and became addicted to the barbecue.

Don't bother ...


Sun Sihan was stunned by Xiao Qi'er's eyes. From Xiao Qi'er's cold eyes, he can clearly see that his heart has no fluctuation.

No interest in her superstar goddess.

Not even as important as a piece of grilled pork belly ...

"Tired, help me soon."

Li Qianer wiped her sweat and said to Sun Sihan's dissatisfaction.

As soon as Xiao Qier patted the table, she panicked.

no way…….


Sun Sihan was very unconvinced. This was the first time she had been ignored in her life.

Even if this man is handsome and attractive.

For Sun Shihan, it is not possible.

Do n’t sign, do n’t take photos, even ignore her ...

Xiao Qi'er eats from morning till night. Two beautiful women, Sun Shihan and Li Qianer, have been waiting.

In the end they were exhausted ...

The key is that they have not eaten.

Hungry and tired, he waited for Xiao Qier to eat alone.

"What monster, can you eat this?"

Sun Sihan was exhausted, but there was no complaint in his heart, and he did not know what the reason was.

Anyway, waiting for Xiao Qi'er to eat and drink is also fun for her.

Maybe it's because Xiaoqier is the most handsome man she has ever seen.

"I can't get enough ..."

Li Qianer shook her head, and she felt very helpless.

Xiao Qi'er always eats and keeps eating ...

The two of them were waiting, and they had to keep barbecue for Xiao Qier, and both of them were exhausted and paralyzed, but Xiao Qier had not been satisfied yet ...

"You spend a total of three hundred and twenty-five thousand yuan ..."

This is a high-end Korean barbecue restaurant after all, and the ingredients such as beef are also excellent.

During the drink.

Xiao Qier also eats and drinks extremely massively ...

I ran out of storage in the store and made several urgent purchases, so the waiter reported an amazing bill.

"Hmm ..."

Xiao Qier was satisfied with the last piece of meat, although he was still not satisfied.

Eat more happily.

After all, there are people who wait, don't need to do anything, and eat naturally is extremely comfortable.

In the face of the bill, Xiao Qier was naturally unmoved. You must know when Xiao Qier paid for the meal.

Ask for money, no!

If you ca n’t do it, you can do it!

"Swipe ..."

Exhausted and exhausted, starving to star Venus Li Qianer, wearily pulled out his bank card from the bag.

After swiping the card and paying the bill, you are naturally ready to go back.

Li Qianer and Sun Sihan were exhausted.

The two stood up tremblingly and waited for Xiao Qi'er to eat and drink for a day.


Xiaoqier stepped up, hugged the two people directly, and hugged each other.

After all, eating people's mouths is soft, and Xiao Qi'er knows how to be grateful.

Sun Sihan exclaimed, and Li Qianer blushed.

Looking at Xiao Qi'er's beautiful face carved with a knife, their heart rate accelerated and their eyes were full of obsession ...

Holding two people out of the barbecue restaurant,

Sun Sihan's agent drove ...

Back at Sun Sihan's house, Xiaoqier put the two big beauties on the sofa, and he didn't bother to look at them regardless of their care.

I found food from the refrigerator and ate again ...

"Eat ..."

Sun Yuhan was dissatisfied, and he groaned silently.

Think of her and Li Qianer, they are both beautiful women, but Xiao Qier is not even interested in taking a look.

The stunner in the world does not know appreciation, but is only interested in eating ...

Who is this?

"I want to take a bath and take me ..."

Li Qianer really didn't want to move anymore, and she was so tired that she wanted to go to bed immediately after taking a shower.

Xiaoqier put down the food and went to the bathroom with Li Qianer.

Li Qianer returned to the bedroom after taking a shower.

I'm going to bed.

"I want to take a bath too, and take me ..."

Sun Sihan was too lazy to move, shouting to Xiao Qier who was eating.

Xiao Qi'er is a magic dragon with gratitude.

Sun Sihan was also carried to the bedroom ...

After eating, Xiao Qier found a bedroom by himself.

Prepare to rest, evolve into a dragon, lack of foundation and damage ...

Xiao Qi'er's memory is defective, and he wants to make up for the root and strengthen the foundation.

Just sleep!

Shortly after closing her eyes, Xiao Qier's room door was opened, and Sun Yuhan was wearing wet hair.

Climbed directly onto Xiao Qi's bed ...

With a scream, Sun Yuhan and Xiao Qi'er stared with big eyes ...

Shortness of breath, hormonal outbreaks, followed by a series of unexplainable.

No shame!

Xiao Qi'er didn't know shame, and directly pushed the big star on the bed like a bulldozer.

(End of this chapter)