Wilderness Pet Evolution System

Chapter 207 Make Up For The Foundation

Chapter 207 Make Up For The Foundation

Early the next morning, Xiao Qier woke up earlier.

Sitting on the bed began to meditate.

Sun Sihan on the bed, at this moment was falling asleep, too tired to sleep.

It's not too light ....

"My name is Xiaoqier ..."

"I am a second-level boss, a five-pronged dragon ..."

There was a mess in Xiao Qi'er's mind, and he began to recover part of his memory.

Why, just after sleeping for one night, Xiao Qier recovered a little memory?

In principle, Xiao Qi'er should fall asleep, and it takes a long time to make up for the origin and foundation.

Or directly upgrade the boss to the third level.

But replenishing its roots and foundations is not the only way to sleep ...

Xiao Qi'er slept with Li Qianer and slept with Sun Sihan ...

In fact, this is also a very good way to quickly and effectively improve the foundation and make up for the root cause.

The mystery may be incomprehensible to most people.

Xiao Qi'er's memory has not recovered much ...

The bloodline evolved into a five-pronged dragon, and Xiaoqier was already able to speak.

Spitting words ...


Sun Sihan on the bed gave a humming sound, stretched out the jade arm and touched it on the bed.

You woke up and opened your eyes.

See a back with perfect lines and full of masculinity.


Sun Sihan sat up suddenly from the bed, remembering to sleep with Xiao Qier last night.

What happened without shame.

"Hurry up……."

Sun Sihan did not panic or scream, but hurriedly got up to get dressed.

After all, she volunteered last night ...

And Xiao Qi'er really did a good job, and she still had a bit of pressure on this.

Xiaoqier is a fierce man!

The only thing that embarrassed her and felt embarrassed was that she had fallen asleep to her girlfriend.

"Where did I come from?"

Xiao Qier was still thinking, as a bulldozer, he didn't even realize the consciousness of pushing the two women.

I don't know what Yanfu is.

"Get dressed quickly ..."

Seeing that Xiao Qier was still thinking, and still thinking about who I am and where I was, Sun Sihan couldn't help but remind him quickly.

How awkward it would be if Li Qianer got up to see it ...

Dressed in a hurry, as soon as she stepped out of the bedroom, she saw that Li Qianer was sleepy in her pajamas.

Stumbled down the stairs ....


Li Qianer said hello, and then began looking for Xiao Qier's figure.

I was so tired last night that I went to bed after taking a shower.

Soon fell asleep ...

After all, this is the big villa of Sun Sihan, so Li Qianer didn't think about how to do with Xiaoqier ...

"What about seven?"

I didn't see Xiao Qier one night, Li Qianer also missed it a little.

"Uh, go to the toilet ..."

"Well ... we haven't consulted for a long time, you little Nizi is definitely not my opponent."

Sun Sihan was panicked, and hurriedly took Li Qianer to discuss martial arts.

As the big lady of the Sun consortium of the four major consortia.

Sun Sihan is also a martial artist, just as talented as Li Qianer, and has achieved first-class martial arts status with his family's powerful resources.

"Haha, you must not be my opponent now."

Li Qianer is very proud, thinking that she has already achieved half-step martial arts realm now.

Also excited ....

Now Sun Sihan doesn't know she is a half step master.

Because yesterday, she didn't tell Sun Sihan that the martial arts realm broke through after spending the night with Xiao Qi'er.

After all, if you tell her, she is already a half step master.

Then she would definitely ask how to break through?

From the first-class martial arts realm, break into a half-step master.

This is really too bad ...

Li Qianer can't possibly say that it was because he and Xiaoqier stayed overnight.

It's too shameful, too absurd ...

"Come here, let you see how good I am."

Li Qianer was full of excitement and felt very excited and couldn't wait to pull Sun Sihan.

She wants to see now, after Sun Sihan knows that she has achieved half martial arts martial arts realm.

That exaggerated, that incredibly shocking look.

"Okay ..."

To cope with Li Qianer, Sun Sihan came to the backyard of the villa.

She mainly didn't want Li Qianer to know that she accidentally did not hold back and stole her little boyfriend ...


When he came to the yard, Sun Sihan was lucky, and suddenly felt that in Dantian, there was a large group of energy that was familiar with him and friendly.

This energy, tyrannical and domineering, yet reveals masculinity.

Instantly into the limbs and bones.

The whole body is comfortable, and there is an indescribable pleasure ...

"Why is this?"

Sun Sihan was shocked. The mysterious energy just now made her feel very familiar and friendly.

As soon as this feeling was connected, Sun Sihan knew immediately that this mysterious energy was related to Xiao Qi'er.

The inner air in Dantian began to grow rapidly.

Sun Sihan had to concentrate all his energy to run the exercises to digest this surge of inner energy.

There is no time to think about other things ...

The first-class realm has not yet reacted, and it has directly broken into the first-class realm.

There is no stagnation and crazy growth, which makes Sun Sihan's martial arts breakthrough breakthrough into a super-class.

Super-first period, Super-first period, Super-first period.


The rapidly growing inner spirit seems to be one with her, as if she had cultivated herself.

Breaking through is natural, there are no side effects at all, and there is no danger of going into magic.

Sudden momentum from Sun Sihan.

A series of breakthroughs and rising realms made Li Qianer look stupid and startled.

She was so familiar with this scene that it was exactly the same as what happened to her before.

But why is this happening?

She was because Li Qianer had spent the night with Xiao Qier.

It took a rocket-like breakthrough all the way until it reached the level of martial arts master.

What about Sun Sihan?

For a moment, Li Qian was stunned.

At this time, Sun Sihan, the momentum of his body continued to rise.

The martial arts realm is constantly breaking through.

The beginning of the extreme, the middle of the extreme, decides the later stage.

In the end, the martial arts realm has reached half a step ...

"Haha, I broke through the half-step sect ..."

"Little Nizi, how can you be my opponent ..."

Sun Sihan couldn't believe that one day he even reached the half-step sect.

Sun Sihan, immersed in joy, did not notice Li Qianer's weird look at all.

"Look at the punch!"

Li Qianer became more and more angry, and punched in the past with a punch.

This punch is terrifying ...

"Ah, how can you ...?"

The two men were fighting against each other, but they were fighting each other, and their martial arts strength was comparable.

Sun Sihan was shocked, but she was a half step master.

Why does Li Qianer also have half martial arts master martial arts strength?

Sun Sihan looked at Li Qianer and saw Li Qianer's weird look ...

Suddenly came to realize ...

It was because she and Xiaoqier stayed overnight that she had the martial arts strength of this half-step master.

Then naturally Li Xier ... ,

Thinking of this, Sun Sihan immediately buried his head.

His face was flushed with red ostriches ...

(End of this chapter)