I Use Game World To Farm

Chapter 334

Chapter 334

In a blink of an eye, it was another two months.

Seeing that it was less than a month before the Chinese New Year, but the rehearsal for the Spring Festival Gala began.

This is the first time to take into account the Spring Festival Gala of the two planets, so Yang Ma has worked out several plans and only recently decided.

The reason why the delay is so late is not because of the problem of the plan, but because An Wen is going to attend the Spring Festival Gala.

Several plans have been rejected by An Wen.

There is less singing and dancing, and more comic sketches, otherwise he is afraid that he will fall asleep at the Spring Festival scene.

"Did you tell the old man? My parents will also go to Beijing for Chinese New Year this year?" An Wen asked Chen Ye.

"Well, I said it before, and the old man prepared specially." Chen Yan said with a smile.

They have been together for more than a year.

It happened that this year Anwen's father's business was completely quit, and there were not so many things in the New Year. I took the opportunity of the New Year to go to the Chen Yi family to talk about the two children.

After all, you ca n’t let Chen Ye ’s parents come here.

That's not the case.

Therefore, An Wen's parents told him this before and asked him to tell Chen Yun.

Chen Ye was glad when he heard the news.

The old Chen family is also very happy, and finally this matter has a result.

"That line, we will get married when global immigration ends next year," An Wen said directly.

"... Okay." Chen stunned for a long time before finally nodding.

If someone gets married, how can they have a proposal?

At Anwen, there was nothing.

But what can she say?

It would be nice for An Wen to take the initiative to get married, what else is required.

Finished at night.

"Let's go and see the stars."

An Wen took Chen Kun with her in a spaceship to see the stars in outer space.

"Do you have something in your heart?"

Looking at the dazzling starry sky, Chen Kun turned to ask.

"You see it."

An Wen smiled and did not deny it.

"Looking out, if you are not in a bad mood, you should go to the disc to play, or play a game, instead of showing me the stars," Chen said helplessly.

"Uh ... it's not a big deal."

An Wen didn't say what it was.

Seeing An Wen didn't want to say anything, without asking, Chen Lei quietly leaned into An Wen's arms and looked at the starry sky in the distance.

They watched the star for an hour and went home.

Back home, Chen Yan went to do his own thing, and An Wen came to the control hall.

On the huge holographic projection screen in the control hall, a star map is displayed, but this star map is missing a corner.

"Master brain, show where the last message from Deep Space Explorer 7 came."

"Okay, commander."


A dark cosmic void appeared before An Wen.

The last disappearance of the Deep Space Explorer 7 was not in any star system, but in a void of cosmic space.

This location is 11,800 light years from Earth and 47,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way.

"There are no black holes around, no neutron stars, tremors, and nothing special, but the deep space probe just disappeared."

An Wen looked at the data of the star chart and muttered with a pout.

The data sent back by the deep space probe is the data of this cosmic void, which is normal without any problems.

But at this moment, even a fool knows there is a problem here.

"It's a bit far from the earth, and it's still unknown. Be careful."

Originally, Anwen wanted to launch several deep space probes in the past, but gave up after thinking about it.

Scanning from deep space probes started with a four-pole civilization.

After all, when he launched the deep space probe before, the technology tree in the other world had not been continuously upgraded.

But even so, he is definitely not able to shield the scanning of deep space probes without the technology of Level 4 civilization.

At the moment, this is not a good idea.

If it is not caused by a special universe imagination, but the unknown civilization has killed the deep space probe, then the other party is likely to be a fifth-level civilization.

This level of civilization, even if he is open, is not so easy to deal with.

Not to mention, the main energy of the other world is still in the infrastructure.

When the construction is finished and he starts wandering with the planet, he can be a violent soldier and send real warships to see the situation.

What is he trying to test now?

Transport ship?

Forget it, it's not the same as giving away a header.

"Let's talk about it later. Anyway, it's not anxious anymore, it's work out. I still have a way out."

An Wen murmured at last, then turned and left the control hall.

The next day, at noon.

An Wen rode the disc to the company's villa area.

The villa area has been built a long time ago, and several of them have not been occupied yet, and his parents came here to stay in one of them.

"Mom, I'm back for dinner."

An Wen pushed open the door of the villa and shouted into the dining room.

"Come back when you come back, just shout, you have a loud voice."

There was a distaste from the mother in the kitchen.

Anwen didn't care about this at all, he was used to it.

Also understand.

Before my parents came here, I saw him very close, the son is the oldest and the son is short.

After three days, you have n’t yet gone to work, what are you doing at home, and when are you still asleep?

It's not like his family, it's like this all over the country.

"Mom, what about my dad?"

Lying on the sofa in the living room, An Wen waited for a while, but did not see his dad come out, asking curiously.

"Your dad went fishing."


Going fishing, it seems that Dad is adapting very well, and he is now enjoying his retirement.

After a while, my mother prepared the meal.

"Just three dishes?" An Wen was speechless when she saw the three dishes on the table.

When I came back, I cooked three dishes, two of which were vegetarian, one with a little oil and water, and a few diced meats.

"Three dishes are not enough for you?"


An Wen is here with a rice bowl to eat, while the disc is lying on the subject watching TV.

Then he saw his mother take out a pile of cakes and snacks and eat them on the disc.

"Come on, eat this cake on a disc. I ordered it yesterday. If you taste it, I'll buy it later." My mother squinted and looked at the disc with a smile. cake.


The disc shouted happily.

"Okay, just like to eat, eat slowly, don't hold back."

An Wen looked at his mother and the disc, and then looked at the pile of pastries. The food in front of him suddenly disappeared.

After eating, An Wen went home by herself, and the disc was kept by her mother to accompany her.

"I'm too difficult."

The elderly live a boring life after retirement, even their mothers.

On the way back, An Wen decided to find something to do for the retired middle-aged and elderly people.

It's not work or work, it's about giving them time to pass things off, otherwise it's boring every day.

Just one chapter today, don't wait.

The reason ... was talked, so the outline was revised.

The original chapter should be the beginning of the establishment of a biotechnology tree. Through various experiments ...

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