I Use Game World To Farm

Chapter 335: Virtual World Update

Chapter 335: Virtual World Update

On the night of the Spring Festival, the Anwen family came to the scene of the Spring Festival Gala.

Although the program was selected by An Wen, he still doesn't want to watch, but just won't doze off.

Bored, An Wen turned to chat with Director Shen.

"Director Shen, how did the above solve the sewage discharge problem in the country of the country?" An Wen had nothing to say.

"How else can we solve it? Without making the country suspicious, we can only reduce the number of factory orders in the country." Director Shen said helplessly.

After listening to her lips, An Wen was a little upset about this.

"No way, the trend now is to abandon the planet, global migration.

Under such circumstances, the discharge of sewage is not normal. If environmental protection is also raised at this time, it cannot be justified.

Now the country of Mi is almost thousands of miles away, and there is no mention of environmental protection. They can only reduce their orders and make them contribute less. "

Director Shen naturally knew that An Wen was upset and he was upset, but there was nothing he could do.

For all human immigrants, can you make people not discharge sewage?

There is no reason at all.

"What about nuclear power plants? This can't be ignored." An Wen said unhappyly.

"That must be managed. According to the agreements signed by the countries, countries will shut down nuclear power plants by March.

Before the last batch of immigrants leave, countries will treat nuclear waste in a unified way.

In case the earth's environment recovers, we can still migrate back, so nuclear waste must be disposed of. "

After listening, An Wen nodded, and it was good to be able to dispose of the nuclear waste.

One night, the two talked for a while, until the end of the party.

After the party, the Anwen family went to Diaoyutai for Chinese New Year dinner.

Chen Ye's parents and old man also came. Everyone had a meal together. This was ordered before.

After eating, An Wen returned to the room, brought her virtual helmet, and entered the game world.

"Master brain, is the game version updated?"

An Wen appeared in the void of the universe and said to the air.

"Report to the commander that the game version has been updated and is open at any time."

"Open then."

"Okay, commander."

With An Wen's order, all players with game helmets received a system prompt and the game version was updated.

This game version update is completely dominated by Anwen.

At present, the strongest player power has also restored technology to the level of the real world.

Even in some technologies, because the technology is climbing too fast, it has not yet reached the actual level of technology, but in general the game world has entered the 21st century.

Under normal circumstances, the development of game players will stagnate.

Scientific and technological theories and special technologies will limit the player's technological climb. Players want to point out spacecraft, even if there is a systematic acceleration in the game, it will take at least five years.

However, in order to select talents, Anwen has to deal with possible dangers in the future.

So he directly updated the version of the game and added a copy of the prehistoric ruins to it.

As long as the player clears the prehistoric ruins, he can get various parts of the spaceship, and then make the spaceship by assembling.

As for the models of the spacecraft, they are all models from a different world.

Even the various accessories and even the parameters of the spacecraft are exactly the same as in the other world.

This has the advantage of waiting for him to take out the spaceship from a different world. Many people will be able to drive without the problem of equipment and operation.

As for space war?

There is no rush now, the infrastructure of the other world is about to be completed.

Wait for the player to copy, mining, and with the complete Star Fleet, he will also encounter the Zerg in the other world.

At that time, he can add the actual parameters of the Zerg to the game.

In this way, he can screen out a group of geniuses for combat in the universe.

How to fight a space war?

An Wen didn't know.

The military staff did not know either.

No one has ever fought a space war. Who knows how to fight a space war.

Although our history is a history of war, the genes of battle are inherently in the blood.

The problem is that the ancestors fought plane warfare, modern warfare of trinity of sea, land, and air, and how to fight the future interstellar war, everyone can brag, but in fact, no one knows how to fight.

Therefore, Anwen updated the version of the game and joined Star Wars to let players figure out a way.

In the EVE Star Wars, our Chinese players swept the world.

Although that was the operation of the mouse and keyboard, instead of using virtual games, Anwen believes that the creativity of our Chinese players is endless, and we can still go on.

Soon, more than 300 million people went online.

The number of players in the Second World was 2.1 billion.

It's just that, in this case, many people have no time to play games.

At present, there are more than 300 million players, most of them are our Chinese players, and only a small number are foreign players.

"Oh, this version of the update is very powerful. It opened the private planet, opened the prehistoric relics, and opened the interstellar war. This is a sign of full entry into the interstellar era."

"If you look at the updated information in the version, our immigration carrier is actually a starship, and it is the closest one."

"Attention, brothers, are you focusing on the wrong point.

ZT's games are games that completely simulate reality. All the equipment that can be manufactured in the game can be manufactured in reality.

Many people used to study industrial design in the game, and even applied for industrial design patents.

What excitement you see when transporting ships, you should not click the list of starships, see the starship motherships again.

If the parameters in the game are true, wouldn't it mean that the star-level mother ship can also be manufactured in reality, do you say that ZT Company has a star-level mother ship? "

"Upstairs, you're out of number. Hurry up and give us the resources."

"Yes, your account is gone, and it is useless to keep resources, so you should contribute to us."

In the player forum, after everyone read the announcement of the game update, they all rushed to post.

Then ... soon the building was crooked.

An Wen didn't pay attention to the situation on the forum. He was watching the factual images of several guilds challenging copies of prehistoric ruins.

More precisely, he is looking at various annihilation positions of several guilds.

Although he opened up the prehistoric ruins, it does not mean that he can get players to get the spaceship formation soon.

If the player has only set up an interstellar fleet after only one month, it will be a hair.

His interstellar zerg parameters have not been set yet.

Therefore, he can only embarrass the player.

It's not difficult, after all, there are high-tech weapons in prehistoric ruins, isn't it normal?

After watching the annihilation posture of each guild for a while, An Wen was relieved to go offline.

After he went offline, a post made waves in the forum.

"The original essence was lost after the game was updated."

In this post, a foreign player is blasting ZT.

Because after the game was updated, the high-tech weapons and firearms they got in the prehistoric ruins could not be analyzed.

It is not because the weapon has a high degree of science and technology that it cannot be analyzed, but it cannot be analyzed by definition.

The second-time physics engine ensures the scientific nature of the game.

But now this foreign player, after receiving high-tech weapons, using equipment analysis, he was unable to analyze the physical parameters of the weapon's material, strength, age, etc.

Even if you know that the gun is made of alloy, but you use equipment to analyze, the results obtained are unknown.

This is Anwen's blockade of technology from the logic level of the game.

After all, after the game was updated, the technology in the prehistoric ruins was all four poles, five levels and even six levels.

Even if you do n’t understand these technologies, as long as you analyze some things, they can be very enlightening.

For this kind of technology, Anwen directly blocked, making it impossible for players to study.

You do n’t need to know how it is made of a spaceship, you just need to be able to drive it.

It's like a car. You can drive. Can you still build a car?

Uh ... it's hard to say.

(End of this chapter)