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Chapter 336 The human body has problems in designing other organs except the brain

Chapter 336 The human body has problems in designing other organs except the brain

The next day, An Wen was called by her mother and had breakfast together.

After breakfast, bring the gift and go to Chen's house together.

This time it was settled on the matter of An Wen and Chen Yan, that is, engagement.

"Brother, believe it or not, I'll give you the discs you previously collected."

Antu Niubi said, courageously, please come and look for me.

This is Antu's big move, he hesitated for a long time.

As for what kind of compact disc, in fact, it is not a big deal, that is, some 18X game discs, when Anwen went to school to buy a friend from Dongliao.

After he finished playing, he hid and later forgot about it.

After college, he didn't need the CD.

As a result, these discs were found by Antu before moving.

"Oh ... Believe me or not, I will let your sister-in-law give you eighteen or eight Tsinghua deputy high school education experts to teach you specifically, and then tailor-made seventeen or eight sets of extra-curricular extension papers for you."

An Wen skimmed Antu and said with a smile.

"I don't believe it," Antu said, gritting his teeth.

Although he was afraid, he did not believe that An Wen would die with him. He did not believe that An Wen was not afraid.

"Don't believe it, then you try."

An Wen said indifferently.

"Well, try it."

Half an hour later, the Anwen family came to the courtyard house of the old Chen family.

When my in-laws are here, they must be treated warmly.

Everyone was familiar with each other, and Chen Ye washed the fruits and brought them up.

"Sister, my brother has a lot of compact discs at home, and the covers are ... uh ..."

Before Antu finished speaking, her mother hugged her waist and dragged him around.

"An Wen, you take a short walk to the party, don't let him make trouble here." Mom said with a smile.

"Okay, Antu may be broken. I'll take it out."

An Wen pulled An Tu out of the room and came to the side courtyard of the courtyard house.

Wow ... wow ... wow ...

At this time, Antu was crying, he was wronged, why did his mother punish him today instead of punishing Anwen.

"My stupid brother, when did you sue badly, you have to pick today.

As the saying goes, those who don't fight hard, don't fight lazy, and those who don't have long eyes. "

An Wen said to An Tu, who was crying.

After a while, Chen Huan came to the side courtyard, watching An Wen playing with his mobile phone there, An Tu wiping tears beside him.

"Antu doesn't cry, obediently, tell your sister-in-law that you are bullying you."

Chen Yan gave Anwen a vacant glance, wiped Antu's tears, and comforted Antu patiently.

"Sister-in-law, let me tell you, my brother ..."

Antu glanced at finding the mainstay of his heart, all of whom had been oppressed by An Wen over the years, all told Chen Ye to add jealousy.

An Wen listened next to it and did not stop it.

Hit the child early, and it wo n’t be easy to finish.

After lunch at noon, An Wen and Chen Yan went to get their marriage certificate.

Don't ask Mr. Shen to get the marriage certificate on the first day of the New Year. Where did you get it?

After the marriage certificate is collected, the wedding banquet is not in a hurry, and it is not the time.

They stayed until the third day of the new year, and Anwen did not return home.

During the Chinese New Year, immigration in China was suspended until 15 years later.

However, foreign immigrants have not stopped, and there are three flights a day.

Coupled with the transport ships vacated by Hua Guo, the speed of foreign immigration has accelerated in the past half month.

Normally, even if it is hoped that the immigrants of Xing can build their own houses, they will also be short of food.

It is impossible to transport food from the earth.

The food on Earth is just enough now, and it is impossible to give it to Hope.

Not to mention, it is impossible to waste precious capacity on food transportation.

Therefore, no one knows where Xingxing's food comes from.

Western countries have also asked before.

ZT company said that these grains are produced in the submarine biosphere, and there is absolutely no problem.

Although countries expressed doubts about this, after inspection, there was no problem with food, and they did not continue to follow up.

In fact, these foods are produced in the hope of the galaxy.

But it was not planted, but spawned.

Pork, beef, and mutton are all produced by biological means.

In fact, the cell reproduction speed is much faster than people think. If there is sufficient nutrition, take pig muscle cells as an example, it can grow 200-300 kg per day.

No one has done it before.

After all, if everyone is biochemical meat, then there is no need to engage in breeding, and people are not short of meat to eat, how good.

In fact, this operation is not possible.

Because the cells that divide in this way have no metabolism.

You really can eat as long as it is meat.


Think about why shark meat is not eaten, and you know what the disadvantages of this biochemical meat are.

However, although the technology used by Anwen is a low-end life science and technology, it also loses the shortcomings of biochemical meat.

As for what happens when people eat it?

Theoretically, it's not so good, but it's healthier than feed-fed pork.

Actually, I don't know.

Now people have good food, so don't picky eaters. Anwen took out this kind of meat. On the one hand, it solved the food shortage, on the other hand, it was equivalent to doing market research.

For the time being, these biochemical meats are indeed as flawless as the theoretical data.

"Sister Xue, after six months of biochemical meat testing, you haven't found any problems. You have succeeded." An Wen said to Xie Yuxin.

During the Chinese New Year, Xie Yuxin returned home for seven days and returned on the eighth day of the new year.

"It's normal, as long as it simulates the metabolism of normal cells and does not adapt to hormone nutritional solutions, there is no problem with biochemical meat." Xie Yuxin nodded.

"Sister Xue, where is Pandora planning to go now?" An Wen asked.

"The virus immunization agent has been tested for 3,000 times, and all viruses known to humans have been tested. The test subject is completely immune to the virus without any side effects."

"Apart from viral immunizations? What happened to the genetic enhancement program?"

An Wen is not interested in immune drugs. After all, it is a complete formula from another world. As long as it can be produced manually, there is no problem. He cares about genetic enhancement.

"Progress is fast, but the current genetic enhancement project is divided into several parts, everyone has different ideas." Xie Yuxin frowned.

"Well? What do you mean by different ideas?" An Wen was puzzled.

"The core of the gene fortification medicine you brought out before is to improve the expression of genes and increase the strength of the human body to achieve this goal.

At present, everyone's research on gene reinforcement has been divided into extended life, allogeneic rejection, cross-species gene transfer and human function adjustment. "

After listening to An Wen, he understood the first few.

He knows about longevity and allogeneic rejection, and he knows about gene transfer across species. That's not Spider-Man.

But what does it mean to adjust body functions?

"Adjustment of human body function is to readjust some of the organs of the human body that are currently considered to have evolved incorrectly in medicine.

For example, the heart, eyes, lungs, respiratory tract and esophagus ... "

Xie Yuxin said the names of a bunch of human organs and systems, and An Wen was very aggressive.

"According to you, no human organ is good except the brain?" An Wen was a little speechless.

"Well ... you can't say that, it's just that the design of human organs is a bit weird. In your words, the software is powerful, but the hardware problem is serious." Xie Yuxin nodded and answered.

(End of this chapter)