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Chapter 337 Departure! The goal, the stars and the sea!

Chapter 337 Departure! The goal, the stars and the sea!

Three hours later, An Wen walked out of Xie Yuxin's laboratory in a spirited manner.

After three hours of science popularization, Anwen had a new understanding of the human body.

This understanding is not a good thing, because the more Xie Yuxin said, the more he felt that the human body was garbage, and he didn't want to be a person.

Eyeball junk, the vascular network is blocked in front of the optic nerve cells. When the sky is clear, humans can vaguely see the white blood cells in the blood vessels.

Moreover, in theory, human eyes are actually not so good, not because human eyes can see things clearly, but because the decoder of the brain is too good, and all the missing information is made up for the brain.

This is when you read a novel, the order of the Chinese characters is not fixed and can be read and read. For example, after you read this sentence, you find that the characters here are all messy.

Why is there such a situation?

Brain tonic!

The brain automatically corrects errors, and it's awesome.

In addition to the eyes, the design of the heart is also very crap.

Among all mammals, humans have the highest incidence of heart disease.

And, counting all mammals, humans die of cardiovascular disease more than all mammals combined.

Known to be able to use the heart for 300 years, the failure rate is so high.

The same is true of the respiratory system and digestive system, not to mention the lungs, stomachs and intestines. It means that humans can eat into the lungs. This design is simply simple.

Drinking saliva can suffocate, which can only appear to humans.

After listening to these strange and unpopular knowledge, An Wen was not good.

Although he is superhuman in humans, the design flaws are there, even if the hardware performance is better than others.

"It seems that genetically enhanced agents from other worlds also change the gene sequence and cause a fundamental change in the body's functional organs. It seems that life science and technology has come to this stage to adjust the body."

"So does it mean that the original evolution of humans, or the original genetic design of humans, has not been assembled and assembled with low-profile versions?"

An Wen muttered, thinking of this, he thought of assembling a computer.

The current hardware configuration of human beings is obviously a quantum chip with Xiaoying Ba 750Ti graphics card, Seagate 4G hard drive, Kingston 256G memory module, Meijie's motherboard, 200W power supply and mainframe with different shapes.

Some of them have installed a sound card, some have not installed a sound card, and some have not even installed the system properly. There are bugs everywhere and they often crash.

Overall, this is the configuration.

Anwen is a little bit better than them, but it is also a high profile, such as replacing the graphics card with the eye of the prodigal, but it is essentially the same.

"Forget it, think about so much, let them study slowly."

After a while, he was too lazy to think.

Anyway, the life science and technology of the other world has already been high. Although there is no science and technology theory, the results are still great.

If he wants to, he can stop being a man right away.

Time is like a white horse crossing the gap, and it's April in a blink of an eye.

As of April 2nd, the cumulative number of immigrants worldwide has exceeded 3.2 billion, of which 500 million are Chinese immigrants and 2.7 billion are global immigrants.

However, over time, the rate of global migration will become faster and faster.

It is expected that in October, the global population will be able to be transferred.

At this time, plant viruses have spread throughout the world. From the map of space, there are bare lands everywhere.

Just like the skin disease on the earth.

But the people around the world are still optimistic. After all, I hope that the construction of the star will be fast, and the speed of immigration will not be slow.

As long as there is hope for survival, no one wants to die.

An Wen was very quiet during this time. She didn't go out to do things. She kept hanging the retreat sign and went to the other world every day.

Things on Earth cannot be ended in a short time.

Many plans and projects had no way to start, and he was too lazy to toss.

But on the other side, the project has been completed.

The Doji ring rotates around the planet. The real star ring rotates around the equator. The absolute space separation device rotates around the planet's rotation axis.

At both ends of the planet's rotation axis are a huge thruster and a huge muzzle.

"Dawn, how long will it take for the two satellite forts to be built?" Anwen asked.

"Reporting to the commander, 87% of the two satellite forts have been completed and it is expected to be completed within half a month." Shuguang replied.

"A month and a half ... I'm too lazy to wait, consume special resources, and build it directly."

An Wen thought about it and gave an order.

As the length of the ball, the open players who are about to start with the planet, there is no shortage of survival points.

While on the road, normal players cannot get survival points, but he can.

In that case, why should he wait half a month.

Besides, the one-year deadline is getting closer and closer. It is better to leave early.

Why drag it to the end, something completely out of the question?

"Okay, commander, the construction of the planet fortress is complete."

"Very well, from now on, five days will be counted down, and the Robot Corps will be ordered to fully exploit the resources of the galaxy and start on time five days later.

"Okay, commander."

After giving the order, An Wen rode to the location of the Starring Cannon.

In fact, this huge gun was temporarily installed by An Wen.

Originally, this position should be a large mother ship connected to the star ring. If something goes wrong, the mother ship can leave the star ring and go straight.

However, as a Chinese player in the late stage of fear of severe firepower shortage.

After seeing the firepower configuration of the Star Ring, An Wen was not very satisfied.

Normally, players in this period set foot on the cosmic starry sky, taking away the Star Fleet, and the firepower of the Star Ring is obviously stronger than that of the Star Fleet.

But Anwen is different. How can firepower be enough?

Firepower is never enough.

In order to enhance the firepower, he added a huge cannon with a range of 10 light years and a power comparable to a gamma-ray burst.

Of course, the consumption of this giant artillery is also very large, and it must not be used under normal circumstances.

Therefore, Anwen asked Shuguang to build two satellite forts.

As for the Star Fleet?

Sorry, I do n’t have time to make it. After I set off, I slowly built it.

Anyway, as long as there are resources for warships, there is no problem when they are manufactured.

Five days later.

Hundreds of billions of robots returned to the planet, and all the collected resources were also piled on the planet's continents, forming several huge mining mountains.

"Report to the commander, everything is ready."

"Enable absolute space, deep space scanning, satellite fortress gravitational shielding, engine warm-up, 30 seconds countdown."

"Okay, commander, on mission ..."

"Absolute space starts, planetary space is closed, and the gravitational field disappears."

"The satellite fortress gravitational shielding is completed, the engine is warming up ..."

"Deep space scanning turned on, and we found that the space curved laminated channels are calculating the optimal path ..."

"The engine is warmed up, the countdown to start 29 ... 28 ..."

When the countdown reached 1, An Wen ordered.

"Departure, goal, star sea!"

The huge thruster on the star ring spewed a tail flame of 1.8 million kilometers in length.

The strange Doji ring began to accelerate, and the satellite fortress next to it followed closely.

"The expansion of the space-twisted laminated warped channel is completed, and it will soon enter the space shuttle ..."

A few seconds later, the ring of stars disappeared into the orbit of the galaxy.

In the next second, when the ring appeared again, it was already on the edge of the galaxy.

After a few more minutes, the star ring disappeared again.

When the ring of stars reappeared, it had left the range of the star system and appeared in the cosmic void.

(End of this chapter)