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Chapter 338 What is your future goal?

Chapter 338 What is your future goal?

"Can't use a curvature engine, it's really irritating."

An Wen was helpless looking at the scene outside the porthole.

Don't look at the speed now, just like the space jump, it will disappear and it will appear.

But this navigation technology has long been eliminated.

To put it bluntly, this is to find the intersection of two gravitational fields in space, and then sail close.

The speed is still that speed, but the distance has become shorter and it seems to be fast.

In fact, this short-distance navigation method is not much faster.

The recommended speed of conventional engines can reach two-thirds of the speed of light, which is already very good.

With this approach, the speed of navigation can reach 10-20 times the speed of light, but it is still too slow for the scale of the entire universe.

At present, the first resource point that Anwen is going to is more than twenty light years away from his original stellar system.

At present, such a short-distance voyage has a distance of 680 million kilometers. Although it is less than one light year, it takes more than 4 months to reach it.

It would be much faster if you switched to curvature navigation or space transition.

Just a moment, you're here.

"so boring!"

Lying in the star control room, An Wen was bored.

There was a little passion before, but as the scenery outside the window basically remained unchanged, he became bored.

Real interstellar travel is so boring.

"Dawn, show the list of warship manufacturing."

"Okay, commander."


A holographic projection screen appears, full of Star Wars.

"Don't watch satellite-level ones, just look at star-rated battleships."

An Wen muttered, and clicked on the list of star warships.

He also wanted the star warships, but the problem was that there were not enough resources. Even the starship mother ships, he couldn't make it.

Therefore, he can only look at the starship battleships.

"What kind of frigate or cruiser will make a battleship."

Click on the battleship list, and before he looked at the specific parameters of the battleship, he saw that the battleship icon was red.

"Sorry to bother you."

There are not enough resources, and he can't build even the lowest-ranking battleships.

Take a step back and click on the list of satellite-class battleships.

It can finally be made here.

"Well ... satellite-class battleship, is it 100 kilometers from the start?"

An Wen froze for a moment, and then thought about it.

The star-level space battleships have reached a longest 5 kilometers, and satellite-class battleships start at 100 kilometers. No surprise.

Turning to the column of other ships, he looked at it.

20 kilometers of satellite-class frigates, 50 kilometers of cruisers, battleships of 100 kilometers is not much.

Returning to the column of the battleship, he started browsing.

"This shape is too ugly ... this firepower is a bit weak ... this shield is too thin ..."

This is a wayward way, the battleship is still picky, look at this is not pleasing to the eye, look at that is not pleasing to the eye.

After looking for more than ten minutes, he finally saw a pleasing one.

Looking at the parameters, not to mention anything else, the length alone reaches 360 kilometers. This data can explain the problem.

Can you compare a 100km battleship with a 360km battleship?

The firepower configuration is definitely different.

"The requirements are a bit high. In fact, to build a battleship, it is better to build dozens of small warships and the entire fleet."

After calm down, An Wen finally wanted to understand.

If you don't have enough resources, if you want to build a large building, let it be.

after an hour.

An Wen finally came up with the fleet configuration.

"100 assault ships, 30 frigates, 10 shield ships and 10 fire support ships, 5 cruisers, an integrated command ship, this configuration should be considered good."

In fact, he wanted to get more cruisers, but resources were not allowed.

Unless an integrated command ship is not manufactured, but it does not have maintenance, no supplies, and no command, it is not good.

"That's it, Dawn, Anwen, I gave the configuration, and began to build the fleet."

"Okay, commander."

On the planet in absolute space, the factory started again and the robots moved.

"Except for the star-rated mothership, even if it is a star-rated mothership, it is even better than my planet. Although the planet does not have firepower, the logistics support is still very good.

Looking at the busy robots on the planet, An Wen was still very satisfied with the idea of ​​wandering with the planet.

An additional planet is not an additional mothership.

The mothership does not have a survival point, but the planet can produce a saving point. At this point, the two sides are not a heavyweight.


At night, An Wen came back from another world, waiting to eat.

Chen Ye came home from work and was surprised to see An Wen in the living room.

Recently, An Wen has basically been in retreat and rarely goes out to eat.

Even when eating, the robots are ready and sent to the laboratory.

"The retreat is over?" Chen Yan asked.

"Well, it's over."

An Wen responded casually and continued to brush up on the news.

During this time, he didn't pay attention to the situation in the real world, and just happened to be okay now to see the news.

At the end of the meal, Chen Yan suddenly said, "What should the company do next?"

"What? The company's development? Isn't it very good?" An Wen didn't understand what Chen Yan meant.

"It was good before, but in the past year, the company has not only failed to develop, but has gone backwards.

If it were not for state subsidies, the consumption of scientific research and experimental areas would be enough to bring down the company. "Chen Yun said helplessly.

"How is that possible?" An Wen didn't believe it.

"With global immigration, national trade has begun to decrease, and most of the company's previous profits have been made globally through cosmetics and daily necessities.

In this case, do you still expect cosmetics to make money? When the global population migrates to Hope, international trade will be interrupted.

At that time, depending on the spending power of the people in our country, we will not be able to support our company.

It's not that profits are too low, but that costs are too high. Chen Chen said in a deep voice.

"Uh ... then the interstellar trade?" An Wen replied with a momentary stun.

"Interstellar trade can be done, but you don't think everyone is uniting the planet. Is there any use for us to earn foreign currency?

As for the layout you arrange now, in the future we will not even need imported equipment, nor agricultural and sideline products. Since we do n’t need anything, what do we need to do in foreign exchange? "

This one……

An Wen looked at Chen Yan, not knowing what to say.

After all, the problem of national trade has touched his knowledge blind spot.

"So what you mean, international trade is not needed?" An Wen always felt that something was wrong.

"International trade is still needed, but the future international trade is different from the previous international trade." Chen Yi said.

"Well, what on earth do you want to say?" An Wen was dizzy.

"My question is whether the company will form interstellar transportation or the interstellar fleet in the future.

In the future, whether the company aims to make money or have other goals.

After all, the company is not a company anymore. "

After listening to An Wen, he finally reacted.

"Is this what you want to know, or do you want to know above?" An Wen asked.

"I want to know, when the New Year, the old man asked me to ask you, but I didn't ask.

Although there are many external factors in our marriage, we are now married together.

I also want to know what your goals are.

I will not interfere with your decision, even if your goal is the most worrying, I will stand by your side. "

Chen Yan said sincerely.

"Well ... I didn't even think about the question you asked."

"..." Chen Yan.

(End of this chapter)