Doomsday Queen Has Lit

Chapter 1861: Are You Going!

Chapter 1861: Are You Going!

"What is it?"

The people who thought they had left suddenly appeared behind them, before they could react, they were punched in the back!

The person wearing the ice-black armor kicked another person's back waist, and the momentum from his body was enough to make the action stagnant. I don't know what to do next!

Fist to the flesh, directly break the bridge of the human nose!

"Aren't you gone!"

One of them covered his stomach that felt kicked and penetrated, and hurriedly backed down, bowing his waist. Before he stood still, he was pulled down hard by something and pulled him directly back to Mu Jing. Unsurprisingly, Mu Jing kicked him on the head, and the whole person slammed on the ground after several laps in the air!

Mu Jing rushed forward, and when he lifted his feet to step on his head, he rolled quickly and let her step on the air, only hitting a few cracks on the ground.

He kicked his foot and punched him when the other party stood up. The person who had reacted took hold of her fist, but the other party had no power at all this time. That force directly put the bones of his entire arm. Shattered!


The severe pain caused him to fall to the ground again. Mu Jing bent over and clasped his collar. After slamming him up, he punched and punched him fiercely on his stomach and threw him up. After learning to faint, he clasped his neck and dragged him towards another person who had been frightened.

Kicked his calf, and when the other person was directly on his knees, the free hand took hold of the person's head, scattered the fox mask, and looked at the person who was about to be scared, his eyes darkened. : "Playing a shadow trick in the back, watching me worry about the troubles you created, isn't it nice?"

"I, we ..."


The neck bone of the person holding her neck broke and she was thrown aside.

"I didn't! Yes, they were all their ideas, and I was forced to helplessly!"

"In the organization, you are a traitor. You should kill."

"I, I, I, I'm sorry!"

The degree of weakness makes Mu Jing have no desire to kill him, but ...

He inserted an ice cone directly into his heart and said to him when his life was gone: "Even if you are forced, you are involved and you cannot forgive."

After crushing their undissolved souls as before, they looked at the cloudy sky again and said, "You should know that you punished me. It is not good for you. The end of the fishnet is to let this bit Change to another heavenly path, and you are likely to be swallowed up by other higher heavenly paths and disappear. Is this the result you want? "

There was a flash of thunder in the dark clouds, it seemed to be tangling what she said, and finally, when Mu Jing was about to move, she gradually dissipated, and no longer care about her excessive use of abilities.

For a long time, I have not seen her several covenant beasts, and the rebellious Wan Yao were attracted by her action. After seeing her operation, Wan Yao couldn't help but be worthy of her.

"Wan Yao, aren't you retreating?"

Wan Yao looked at Bao Lan. "She threatened the heavens. Why am I closed?"

Although the first few days of the day punishment have been shared by others, the last few days are not particularly powerful, but it should still be a bit difficult for her.

It is estimated that I want to give a deterrent to those who are playing tricks in the back, and then make this move.

While still thinking about how she could carry her body, she saw that she appeared in Xiaotiandi with someone ...

? ? ?

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