Doomsday Queen Has Lit

Chapter 1862 In addition to killing

Chapter 1862 In addition to killing

The snake was suddenly taken to a completely strange place. When it saw several suspected beings looking at itself with hostile eyes, it chose to stay in the original place without figuring out what was going on. The ground does not move.

Mu Jing took off her clothes and jumped into the small pond of Royal Blue. Royal Blue came over to take her as a cushion, and after looking at the bank for a while, Yin Ze sat down and waited for her.

The other few did not come close, but rather recovered, the skull with no cracks and a cracked head came to the snake. The scared snake was stiff, thinking what kind of thing is the brain and the heart. Why? Only one skeleton is still active?

The blue sky lazily lay on the grass and continued to bask in the sun, and the tail fluttered, so that the bell also made a crisp sound following its movement, and there was a force in people's ears to relax.

Mu Jing's skin began to appear dark red lines, spreading from bottom to top, until the eyes stopped, dense and dense, looking like it was divided into countless pieces by a person with a blade, it may be cracked at any time, obviously pain It was a wound that was enough to faint, but here she seemed to be a trivial matter, her face closed with her eyes closed, and she felt the spiritual power in the pool enter her body, and repaired it as quickly as possible.

This process is very long. It is so long that the outside world has reached the evening, and those traces have only faded away a small part of the face, and most of them occupy the sides of the cheeks.

When Wan Yao saw her like this, she wanted to destroy the world. No matter where she was, the most annoying thing was the laws and regulations of heaven and earth, and she was punished even if she didn't do anything wrong.

Obviously those people want to kill her. She is just fighting back. Why should she be punished?

The more and more unhappy Wan Yao, the dark purple magic power emerged all over the body, so that the blue sky lazily basking in the sun has a sense of crisis, and the hair on the back has exploded.

The skull holding his head walked quietly behind Yin Ze, and it felt that it was the safest place at present.

But when it was about to squat down, the person who found it swiped out with his hands, hitting it on the head that was still being repaired with precision, and grunted and rolled it so far that it had to Chase it in case your head is kicked by the sky.

Yin Ze, who did not like having something behind him, looked at the palms of his hands, then raised his eyes toward Skeleton, who was chasing his head, and looked back indifferently, continuing to stare at Mu Jing's hair.

The little snake who saw this scene was the most terrified one ever since he was born. He thought it had great consciousness in the egg. I didn't expect that the outside world could evolve so fast that he could live without flesh and blood. , Head off, the body can still chase! ?

The self-confidence in front of Mu Jing was chased by the skeleton that was chasing his head. It even began to doubt that his ability was nothing, at most it was a miscellaneous person, such as cleaning up low-level zombies passing by. Or, after being molted, be a servant serving tea?

The little snake grouped herself, thinking hard beside Mu Jing, what else could it do besides serving tea and water.

After thinking about it for a while, then lay on the ground in disappointment.

It's so useless. It seems like it can't do anything other than kill.

(End of this chapter)