Doomsday Queen Has Lit

Chapter 1863: That's A Soft Bun

Chapter 1863: That's A Soft Bun

When Mu Jing came out of the pool, it was already three days later. In her pajamas, she was holding the medicinal tea brewed by Wan Yao, and she had a sweet mouth. She couldn't help but take two more sips. kind?"

Since it fell asleep, it hasn't paid much attention to its condition. Now Xiaotiandi has opened up and is full of spiritual power, which should greatly help its hatching.

Wan Yao, who was sitting on the stone bench, glanced at Hulu and said, "It's going well. The process of incubation of the elven tribe is long and difficult. If it is not the master's little world, then its qualifications can all die in the egg. . "

The demons who are not in a good mood are also ruthless when talking, and have always maintained the appearance of a child boy without affecting his momentum. "You still have some marks on them, and they must already know that you have caused the punishment. Maybe just waiting for you to go out, it ’s best to keep your body and go out. Do n’t put two swords on the body like before and fight with people. "

Wan Yao would like to say she can't help it. She can think of her being seriously injured and hitting the opponent a half-death at that time, and even cast a shadow on the way of combat of a melee attack. Since then, she has been reduced to a blacksmith. The word swallowed back, only giving her a look of contempt.

Once again, the person who was suspected of being abandoned by his contract beast put down his tea cup, picked up a few cakes on the stone table, and ate a few, "Xiaotiandi is so big, will you show me around?"

"You allow them to follow you?"

Wan Yao felt that Xiao Tiandi belonged to them, and now suddenly outsiders came, making him somewhat unaccustomed.

I have always told myself that the other party is the partner of the master, but I still have some difficulties in receiving.


Mu Jing knew what Wan Yao was thinking, but did n’t say much, but she filled her belly, wiped her hands, and got up. She rubbed Wan Wan ’s head still sitting on the stone bench, "I wo n’t ignore you because of my partner. , And the addition of new partners will not affect your position in my heart. "

Knowing that she chose to temporarily put everything down there to this plane, but they still used them to come over. The loss and determination in it made her realize how deep the bond between her and them was, and she thought she was proud. Unruly they will disappoint her and choose a new owner, but in the end ...

Squeezing his soft cheek, he said, "I have crossed the space, and I have also entered the cycle, so in this way, we are also divided between the two masters and servants."

Wan Yao froze slightly, slap her hand away, and turned her back: "Did the idiot hurt his brain by the punishment?"

Mu Jing reached out and held his head again, "Oh, right."

Wan Yao with red cheeks walked straight forward and said without looking back: "Follow me, take you to Xiaotiandi to see, you will get lost when you save, and we will take the time to find you."

The sapphire lying on the edge of the pool listened to Wan Yao's desperate compromise and said to the blue sky lying on the skull without a head: "Look at me, I say, Wan Yao is the most powerful of us, but in front of the master , That's a soft bun. "

"It's as if your Siren is not soft."

The clear and soft voice made the sapphire fish scales stand up. After smoothing it, he said to the blue sky where he could speak, "You recovered?"


The aura in Xiaotiandi made it well restored, and it would be better if it could erase the silly ones.

(End of this chapter)