Doomsday Queen Has Lit

Chapter 1864 My Lord, Long Time No See

Chapter 1864 My Lord, Long Time No See

As soon as I thought about it, I heard Baolan gloated, "Hey, do you remember the days when you called giaogiao?"

Blue Sky's ears shook, pretending not to hear.

"It seems to remember."

Bao Lan laughed: "I thought you were a good-tempered person with a stable personality in the contract animal of the master, but I never thought you would hide this side?"

"You still don't talk."

It doesn't know why it became that way, but ... this kind of thing can't be explained clearly, the more it is explained, the more it will be ridiculed, it will not give Baolan this opportunity.

"I said the last sentence would work?"

"Say it."

"Don't lie on Skull's poor head. The bone fragments that healed so hard. If you are crushed by such a crush, it will have to go to the graveyard it dug out for a few days to sleep , I don't want to hear it cry. "

"It just rubs its teeth on purpose, not crying."

Blue Sky pushed the pressing thing out directly, and while waiting for it to lose his head, the skeleton ran to pick it up in a hurry, holding his head and ran to his own little place to lie down.

"Look, it really lay down."

Royal Blue rolled her eyes. "It must be deliberately grinding teeth at night."

"Just pulling it out."

The human voice made by the blue sky is very easy to give a very gentle feeling, but the words made the blue fish skin tight, "Anyway, it's bones, no pain."

"... I take back your good temper."

Blue sky shook his tail, walked to his own small garden and lay down, and did not take Libo blue again.

There are many areas in Xiaotiandi, each of which is quite unique. She thought that she had planned the Xiaotiandi before, and was told by Wan Yao that each area was a territory divided by the contracted beast she threw in. For example, sapphire pools, blue sky gardens, caves of 10,000 monsters, and graveyards without skeletons.

"... As a master, don't you have a shelter?"


Wan Yao pointed to the foggy place in front of him and said, "After the poisonous fog is where you live, and your weapons are also inside. Now you can't enter."

"Why do I live behind poisonous fog?"

"Oh, this poisonous mist is the domain of the insect king. You went there before the insect king pulled the poisonous mist away."

"Meaning that if I want to get my belongings in the past, do I still need to find the King of Bugs?"

"Well, there is nothing strange about where you live. If you want to use the weapon you have, there is an arsenal over there, which contains everything you don't want after you grab it, and Qihuang is also inside."

Wan Yao took her to the arsenal. After sensing the strength of the master, the arsenal opened the door lock by itself. Two towering gates slowly opened to the sides with heavy sounds. Qihuang rushed directly from the inside. Come out, "Lord--"

Before rushing to Mu Jing, Qi Huang was slammed back into the arsenal by Wan Yao.

"Without a contract, even if you are an artifact of the artifact, you are not allowed to call those two words in front of me."

At this point, Wan Yao insisted very much.

Qi Huangqi almost pulled his strings!

Just when it wanted to slay Wan Yao, a golden light flew over his head, and then he heard—

"My lord, it's been a long time."

Yin Ze looked at the golden light ball floating in front of her, shook Mu Jing's hand, and looked into her eyes, all blank, what was it?

(End of this chapter)