Doomsday Queen Has Lit

Chapter 1865: Hard Time

Chapter 1865: Hard Time

Where the person who had not completely recovered his memory could answer his question, he turned his attention to Wan Yao, whose face became very bad.

This complexion made Mu Jing feel that things were not so simple.

Wan Yao looked at the light ball and said, "Go back."

"You are not my lord, you have no right ..." The brighter side of the light ball turned to Wan Yao, and when it saw the killing intention sweeping in Wan Yao's eyes, it flew back to the arsenal directly, and also transmitted ping-pong ping-pong, no Know how many weapons were knocked down.

"Wan Yao?"

With one look, Wan Yao, who had been intimidated by the light ball, converged, and changed back to a calm but disgusting look to the master, "What?"

"What happened to that thing just now? Make the little angel the master?"

"Blind things, let the master do not want you to grab all the rubbish back and throw the little world, but just don't listen."

Mu Jing blinked and looked down at Wan Yao. When he saw that he would continue to preach, he stretched his hands and twisted his cheeks, and pulled out his face excessively, deforming his face, saying: "The courage It ’s getting fatter and fatter. Addicted? ”

Wan Yao lifted her hand and grabbed her wrist with both hands to stop her from pinching her face. "Am I wrong?"

"Yes, but I don't like to listen."

Mu Jing raised her eyebrows. Before he was unhappy, he said, "Well, actually, it sounds interesting to hear you think so. In memory, you didn't seem to like to care about this before."

After hearing this, Wan Yao rolled his eyes. "You come here and kill the temple and make a mess, I don't care who it is."

He hugged his arm and looked up at her uneasily. "I do n’t know when I leave, I have to hide some of the barriers and spells to kill His Highness. One by one, when you fall, you want to come and occupy your area. A few of them were directly killed by those who violated the contract. Anyway, their ability is not good, and they keep in trouble. "

Following this opportunity, Wan Yao directly confessed to her that he had killed her several covenant beasts, fearing that she was unhappy, and said stubbornly: "Their ability is chicken ribs for you, and the level is very low, not worth doing Your covenant beast, your covenant beast should be like that dead fox and stupid fish. "

If it's not a hegemon, how can you qualify for her and follow her?

Those contracted beasts also became lazy after contracting with her. As a contracted beast, you should cultivate well, improve your strength, and protect your master.

They dared not practice because the master and son were too strong and did not need protection. When the master and son died, they directly violated the contract, preferring to destroy some practices, but also to destroy the contract and make a deed with others.

This is simply insulting its master!

In anger, they killed the few who still came over to make the contract, and smashed the skin and hanged outside the Temple of Killing God. Let those people and the beasts take a good look at the betrayal and despise the end of its master!

"Kill and kill. I trust your judgment and decision."

He poked at his forehead, then bent down and hugged him, "Is that a hard time?"

After losing the master, you still need to suppress the lost mood, guard everything that the master once had, deal with the rebels, or the people and beasts who want to rebel, and calm down the turmoil there. Several other powerful colossal beasts came together, but at the time, I was still a bit angry. I wanted to punish her, but after seeing her, I still couldn't resist the thoughts of her in my heart and became her help again.

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