Hong En Mainland

Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Allied? Zhao Xiaobao thought to himself, is this Master Tianlong also a member of Tiansha League? If it does, then a lot of things can be explained.

However, Master Tianlong is unfathomable, so be careful, in case of engaging in oolong, it will not end well.

"Are you sure, you did not recognize the wrong person?" Zhao Xiaobao asked carefully, if the situation was not right, first put a thunderbolt, hold the other side, and then ran quickly. Anyway, the other party is still kneeling, and he is not disadvantaged.

Master Tianlong is mature and sophisticated. At a glance, he can see Zhao Xiaobao's doubts and careful thinking, and he can only smile a few times.

"Leader, everything else can be faked. Only the unique word" 天 "can't be faked by anyone. You are the leader of the Tiansha League. The outer guard camp of Tiansha League, the former guardian Tianlong, see the leader."

"Master Tianlong, please get up soon." Zhao Xiaobao said quickly.

Master Tianlong was unwilling to stand up and said, "Tianlong is a helpless orphan. Thanks to the rescue and training of Tiansha League, he has learned a skill that can stand in this troubled world. Tiansha League is the warmest home in our hearts. "

At this time, Zhao Xiaobao was not good enough to let Tianlong continue to kneel, and he hurried to help him. Tianlong refused to get up, and he got up with ninety-nine sounds.

"Do you know the leader? I heard that the headquarters of the Tiansha League disappeared strangely, and I tried to find no results. All the contact methods were broken. At that time, my heart was dead. I can see the leader today, and I have no regrets! "


In a flash, three days passed.

Within three days, Zhao Xiaobao asked Master Tianlong and Bai Juanju to arrange for his men to inquire about how to treat Yin Zhengtai's condition.

Although the number of people involved in the inquiry is several times that originally thought by Zhao Xiaobao, the information obtained is like snow flakes, but there is still no useful information.

After another seven days, it remained the same.

On the third floor of Zuixian Pavilion, inside the house, Zhao Xiaobao stood at the window and looked at the city, his thoughts rolled in his heart.

Bai Juan Juan stood behind him and stood by. In the past few days, she has taken care of Zhao Xiaobao with little detail, making Zhao Xiaobao feel a lot easier.

Even Zhao Xiaobao felt that it was good to have such a helper.

At this time, Master Tianlong knocked on the door.

"League, there is still no useful information."

Both Bai Juanjuan and Master Tianlong have joined the Tiansha League, so in front of Bai Juanjuan, Master Tianlong also directly called Zhao Xiaobao as the leader.

"Oh, I see."

Zhao Xiaobao's answer is as usual.

For ten days, from the beginning full of hope to the present hopelessness, Zhao Xiaobao had painful blood in his heart.

"Stop it," Zhao Xiaobao said.


"it is good."

Bai Juanjuan and Master Tianlong replied successively.

In fact, they all know that in ten days, many people have already inquired about all possible news.

"Yes, lord, there are two things to tell you." When Bai Juanjue went out first, Master Tianlong said again.

"what's up?"

"The first thing is a trivial matter. According to the disciples who reported below, someone had been asking about the whereabouts of" Zhao Xiaobao "yesterday. I wonder if I was looking for you?"

"It's unlikely. I don't know anyone here. Oh, by the way, what's his name?"

"Yin Qi, a teenager."

"Haha, it's him! Great, let him come here soon."

Hearing Yin Qi coming, Zhao Xiaobao swept away the depression in his heart and quickly said that he would come over.

At the time of the Heifengzhai crisis, it was Yin Qi who first supported them with people.

Later, for a period of time, Yin Qi also performed well, being diligent, talented, well-connected, and real. To be honest, Zhao Xiaobao impressed him very well.

When Master Tianlong saw Zhao Xiaobao's long-lost smile, knowing that Yin Qi was unusual, he quickly instructed people to find Yin Qi to bring it.

"What about the second thing?"

"This ... is about Mr. Yin's treatment."

"Say!" Seeing Master Tianlong's slurping look, Zhao Xiaobao had a bad feeling.

"Mr. Yin was condemned because he was trying to figure out a hexagram. I am afraid that ordinary methods cannot be cured."

"I know this. Sometimes scammers do better." The scammers Zhao Xiaobao refers to are the old man who talked about the guilty tales and cheated riches. He did n’t ask for condemnation, and the life was pretty good. Many people bought it. Not to mention a few properties, but also married a couple of wives.

"However, there is a family in this world. The divine power is granted by God. It calls the wind and the rain. It goes to the earth. Knowing the ancients and judging the present is omnipotent. They should be able to treat Mr. Yin's disease."

"I'm afraid this road is not easy, otherwise you won't say it now."

"It's more than simple. This family is the Nan Rong family. They are amazing, most people don't know where they are. This is one!"

"The patriarch of the Nanrong family, Nan Rongtian, disappeared mysteriously. It is said that the Nanrong family also changed due to the lack of heads of the dragons. A strong figure inside the family cleansed the family, so many people have hid. It is even more difficult to find them now. . This is two! "

"Now the people in power of the Nan Rong family have always been at odds with the Tiansha League. Now I am afraid that people who meet the Tiansha League will directly kill the killer. This is three!"

At this time, Zhao Xiaobao felt a familiar feeling, the feeling that the seal was going to be untied, and quickly stopped Master Tianlong, saying that he had to rest first.

After speaking, Zhao Xiaobao sat down and adjusted his interest rate.

Suddenly, Master Tianlong didn't dare to walk away, so he could only take care of him.

(End of this chapter)