Hong En Mainland

Chapter 69 See Zhao Ziyang Again

Chapter 69 See Zhao Ziyang Again

The seal was undone again.

At the time, Zhao Ziyang left several seals and said that they would be unlocked one by one when appropriate.

In Zhao Xiaobao's spiritual sea, the two looked at each other.

"You're welcome to say nothing. The Nan Rong family has changed now, so be sure to rescue the people within their ability." Zhao Ziyang first spoke.

Of course, now he is just a disillusionment and can't see any expression.

"No problem, I'm a bit of a force now."

"It's hard for you. The Nan Rong family has changed. With your current ability, do your best. If the Nan Rong family is in charge, don't bump into him. That person is too scary ..." Expressionless Zhao Ziyang, at this time actually showed some worried expression.

"Rest assured, but I can run. I've learned a few forbidden skills in the Promise of Wuji, and I can still get my hands."

"Oh? Which forbidden surgery?" Zhao Ziyang also raised interest.

"Thunder Light Fist".

After that, Zhao Xiaobao was a little embarrassed. After all, Lei Guangquan is forbidden, and there must be side effects, especially if I do n’t know what side effects and why they are banned, so Zhao Xiaobao has always been a little worried.

"Oh, that! Did you practice the first form?"

"Hey, third!"

"What?" When Zhao Xiaobao said the third form, Zhao Ziyang was shocked.

"Is there anything wrong?" Zhao Xiaobao also panicked.

"It's hard for you. The reason why" Leiguangquan "is listed as a prohibited technique is because the killing is too heavy and it will affect the mind, but the peerless masters are all crawling out of the dead, so this is not the main reason. The second is because this "Lightning Fist" can only be upgraded when life or death exists. Most people have one, two, and no three, and those who can practice to the third form are rare. There are several masters in the Tiansha League because Cultivated by this fist and fell. This is the real reason why Thunder Light Fist is listed as a ban. "

At this point, Zhao Ziyang suddenly thought of something, his eyes turned black, and he stared at Zhao Xiaobao for a while.

"Ah!" Zhao Ziyang sighed.

"What's the matter? Just say something, I can stand it."

"Everything has a fixed number. You are fortunate enough to learn the first three styles of Thunder Light Boxing, but you have also overdrawn your luck for a period of time ... I'm afraid in the future ..."

"Don't be afraid, I rely on strength, not luck. I dare to oppress me, and I must pass a hole to heaven."

So murderous! Although Zhao Ziyang was just a remnant at this time, his strength was not as good as before, and his knowledge and feelings were not affected at all.

Zhao Ziyang not only cultivates in order to gain, but theology is also strong. Had it not been for the Nan Rong's family to oppose it too much and not allow outsiders to serve as patriarchs, Nan Rongtian would like to pass on to Zhao Ziyang directly.

"I don't have much time. Anything else to ask?"

"I found the Tiansha League, called Tianlong. It seems that there are many people in the Tiansha League. Can I summon them to speed up the reconstruction of the Tiansha League?"

"Tianlong, I don't remember much."

"He said it was the perimeter guard camp, the former guard Tianlong." Zhao Xiaobao was also puzzled at this time, did he encounter a fake?

"That's weird. The perimeter guard camp, or the front guard, I'm not impressed."

"Is this person reliable?"

"Reliable. The people in the guard camp are reliable, even in the outer guard camp. And the Tiansha League is like this, without any counterfeit value."

"How many people like that? Can I call them?"

"I'm afraid there aren't many. There are only a few people in Tiansha League, and I felt that many people had encountered calamity, so I can only rely on myself." After that, Zhao Ziyang's body was more illusory.

"That's ok. By the way, I also learned a forbidden technique, which is very easy to use. I don't know why it was listed as forbidden technique."

"Which?" Zhao Ziyang also smiled bitterly. It was really difficult for Zhao Xiaobao to run for himself.

"Wan Ji Yuan Xin Fa, good."

"What? That's the most dangerous level of forbidden surgery, don't learn ... don't learn ..." At the end, Zhao Ziyang was a little hasty, his body flickered, his thoughts scattered into a bit of light, and disappeared.

Looking at Zhao Ziyang that dissipated again, Zhao Xiaobao felt sad for a while.

Not practicing forbidden surgery? Do I have a choice?

No! I have no retreat.

I also want to sit in the classroom and have peace of mind, but is it possible? So I can only continue.

After sorting out her emotions and staying for a while, Zhao Xiaobao left the spirit sea.

There are so many things outside, so many people, smile and continue.

At the same time, in the corner of Wuji's ancestor, an unusually bright light in a corner also calmed down.

Inside the drunk Xiange house, Zhao Xiaobao opened his eyes and saw Tianlong guarding beside him, suddenly feeling more secure in his heart.

"Leader, Yin Qi and White Girl have been waiting outside for a long time." Seeing Zhao Xiaobao waking up, Master Tianlong said.

(End of this chapter)